Travel enthusiasts, tour groups, and family adventure seekers that want to vacation to Grand Canyon have a choice of many different tour companies. It’s possible to explore the Grand Canyon by bus, by helicopter, on horseback, or by river rafting through one of the world’s largest and most famous gorges.

An Arizona vacation to Grand Canyon is always very popular. In fact, Grand Canyon tours are some of America’s most popular by far. In fact, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the entire world.

Whether you witness the majestic views of the Grand Canyon’s North Rim from a helicopter tour or from one of the Grand Canyon lookouts, which are frequented on many of the Grand Canyon bus tours, you won’t be able to escape the incredible feeling of being just a very small part in the grander scheme of things.

Summer Vacations to Grand Canyon

Summertime seems to serve up the best Grand Canyon experiences. The weather is bright and appealing during summer with plenty of opportunities for guided tours or all inclusive Grand Canyon vacations.

One can even enjoy a summer ATV vacation to Grand Canyon, plus horseback riding and hiking tours. Knowledgeable local tour guides operate these guided Grand Canyon experiences. They possess a wealth of knowledge to help you understand the geology and history that has helped shaped the present day Grand Canyon.

Horseback riding and hiking in the Grand Canyon are the closest one can come to experiencing the old west as you explore the local Native American culture and their influence on the Grand Canyon.

Winter in the Grand Canyon

North Rim – For the winter months, the North Rim is closed. Many of the roads, pathways and tour activities on the North Rim of Grand Canyon are closed by late October or early November due to the weather and snow accumulation. The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park reopens in the spring on May 15th.

South Rim – The South Rim remains open all year and visitor services are still available. While reservations to vacation to Grand Canyon are not required during the winter months, they are strongly advised throughout the rest of the year.

Geology & History of the Canyon

A vacation to Grand Canyon is like nothing else. From the Canyon’s summit to the raging waters of the Colorado River below, the most daring adventurers will descend more than a mile, passing up to 40 layers of major sedimentary rock formations that date back between 2 and 3 billion years … even before the age of the dinosaurs. The Grand Canyon is something that must be experienced in person.

River Rafting Vacations

One of the best Grand Canyon vacations is an exciting river rafting tour down the Canyon’s Colorado River. White water rafting provides some of the best opportunities for viewing the Grand Canyon wildlife, the many migratory birds, and the sheer majesty of the Grand Canyon walls as they rush by.

Vacation to Grand Canyon with Caravan

Caravan Grand Canyon tours are truly memorable and like nothing else you will ever experience.

Caravan’s 8-day, all-inclusive vacation to Grand Canyon also includes visits to Sedona and excursions to nearby Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. All three American national parks offer astounding scenery that allow you to witness up close, what most North Americans have only seen in the movies or on television.

For more information, check out our tour Reviews page to read what others have said about our Grand Canyon tours.

To check availability or to book your own vacation to Grand Canyon, call Caravan Tours toll free at 1-800-227-2826.

Grand Canyon vacation packages attract over 5 million visitors each year to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon holds the title as the most popular tourist spot in the entire continental United States.

Imposing, exhilarating, and definitely a destination not to be missed, the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable vaction experience.

“Must See” Grand Canyon

Ask any tourist who has read about the Grand Canyon in travel books or magazines, or viewed pictures of the Grand Canyon online or on television, and they will tell you nothing compares to the real thing. For most, the Grand Canyon is one of those “must see before I die” places.

You can find many different Grand Canyon vacation packages available to suit your budget and adventure needs, including groups and family vacationers to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Walkway

Visit the Grand Canyon and be sure to check out the Grand Canyon Walkway, popularly known as the Skywalk.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass bottomed viewing platform that extends 70 feet out from the edge of the Grand Canyon, providing the visitor with jaw-dropping unobstructed views of the Canyon and the Colorado River almost a mile below.

Stand at the outer edge of the C-shaped Grand Canyon Skywalk walkway and you are standing directly above the Grand Canyon; there’s simply no better way to experience the majesty of this naturally carved mile-deep gorge.

There’s even a guided Grand Canyon walkway tour that is part of many all-inclusive Grand Canyon vacation packages. Photos and video are not permitted on the Skywalk but tourists can purchase Skywalk postcards and snapshots separately. Check out the many different Grand Canyon package tours available to find a vacation tour that suits your needs and budget.

Grand Canyon Aerial Vacations

A breathtaking and unique experience (and perhaps the most amazing way to view the Grand Canyon) is to get a “bird’s eye” view of the Grand Canyon by taking an escorted aerial ride on a helicopter or airplane.

This is truly an amazing experience…to be able to see the whole expanse of the Grand Canyon on an aerial ride accompanied by a well-versed tour guide. Grand Canyon aerial vacation tours allow tourists to see more of the inaccessible areas that could not be reached or experienced in any other way.

Alternative Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

River Rafting Packages – Another unique way to tour the Grand Canyon is to take one of the many fully guided Grand Canyon river rafting vacation packages. These river rafting trips are available in varying degrees of difficulty and conducted by expert river rafting guides. Some river rafting vacation packages take you down the Colorado River on motorized boats. There’s also the paddled river rafting trip that provides thrill seekers with a thorough workout as well as an amazing sightseeing adventure.

Hiking the Grand Canyon – Some Grand Canyon vacation packages also include hiking trails and tours custom-designed to suit hikers of all ages and skill levels. There are easy, medium, and difficult adventure hiking trails that the tourist can choose from.

Caravan Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

Escorted Grand Canyon bus tours are included in many Grand Canyon vacation packages, which is another refreshing way to explore the grandeur of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

Caravan Grand Canyon bus tours include skilled and well-versed tour guides who offer narration and commentaries during the whole bus trip, to give vacationers a good overview of the history and geology of this National Park. Caravan tour buses all have state-of-the-art facilities and amenities including air-conditioning and full on-board rest rooms, and the tour includes photo opportunities at special sites throughout Grand Canyon Park.

Enjoy all-inclusive, fully guided Grand Canyon Vacation Packages by Caravan Tours that include visits to SedonaBryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Caravan’s current Grand Canyon tour itinerary includes 2 nights stay at the Grand Canyon Park Thunderbird, Kachina, or Maswik North Lodge. This vacation package also includes a full day for you to explore the Grand Canyon at your leisure and according to your interests.

Be sure to read fellow travelers’ reviews of the Grand Canyon with Caravan Tours.

Grand Canyon vacation package tours always book up quickly! Call Caravan Tours toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to check availability or book your spot today!

The 1.2 million acre Grand Canyon National Park is one of America’s earliest national parks and was established in February of 1919.

There are very few places on earth that are as profound or can evoke such feelings of awe and wonderment like the Grand Canyon in Arizona does. Whether you are first time visitor or a returning enthusiast, the vastness and the unique landscape of Grand Canyon Park will simply engulf you.

Onlookers to Grand Canyon National Park are held spellbound by the sheer size of the Grand Canyon plus its immeasurable beauty and haunting vistas. The views from the Grand Canyon’s south rim, west rim, and north rim are overwhelming and can easily make you feel rather insignificant.

In this article we will explore more about Grand Canyon National Park, including how the Canyon came to be, popular activities at the Grand Canyon, and your tour options.

Grand Canyon Formation

Formation of the Grand Canyon began many a millennia ago as the powerful Colorado River waters carved a path for itself through the Colorado Plateau, exposing beautifully preserved layers of ancient rock and sediment dating back over two billion years.

The elevation of the north rim of Grand Canyon is approximately 8,000 feet above sea level. The north rim also gets much more annual precipitation and snow. The resulting runoff feeds into the Colorado River that cuts a swath through Grand Canyon for nearly 280 miles.

In places, the Colorado River has carved out the Grand Canyon walls greater than a mile deep. The width of Grand Canyon is also impressive, ranging between four to eighteen miles wide in places.

Grand Canyon National Park was first protected as a Forest Reserve back in 1893 but received its full Park designation in 1919. Today, more than five million visitors from around the globe visit Grand Canyon Park.

The Grand Canyon is fairly arid and the rock formations and sand dunes combined with the different lighting during different times of the day reveal the intricacies of landscapes woven in the warmest of pastel colors and greys. Visitors are as enthralled by Grand Canyon sunsets as they are mesmerized by Grand Canyon sunrises.

Accessing the Grand Canyon

The entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is near the park headquarters on the south rim. This is the most commonly used access point for most Grand Canyon tours since it has the most popular views from the south rim of the canyon. Visitors to the south rim of Grand Canyon can view the Colorado River from the many viewpoints as it meanders one mile below.

Mornings at Grand Canyon National Park can start off with some of the best sunrises that you may ever witness. The days here are taken up by sightseeing from the many lookout points reserved for visitors. There are also free shuttle buses that operate within Grand Canyon Park that are ideal for visiting the West Rim and places such as Hermit’s Rest Lookout.

Grand Canyon Tour Options

There are many escorted Grand Canyon Tours available to help you make the most out of your visit to the Grand Canyon. If you plan on doing a self-guided tour you should plan your route and cover as many interesting places in the park as possible. The best way to enjoy the many tourist opportunities offered is by staying at the Grand Canyon lodge or camping for a few days inside the park.

Grand Canyon Activities

Visitors can hike on the bright Angel Trail or along the many trails on the Grand Canyon rim. There are many historic buildings within the Grand Canyon Park that should not be missed. To get the most out of your visit it is best to stay over a couple of days inside the park itself as this will allow ample time for you to enjoy other Grand Canyon activities such as white-water rafting, mountain biking, boating, camping, and helicopter sightseeing.

Visitors involved in Grand Canyon activities must be fully aware that the Grand Canyon can experience extreme inhospitable conditions. Heat exhaustion is a common occurrence and the challenging trails should be tackled with due care and attention.

Grand Canyon Train & Skywalk

One of the best ways to experience Grand Canyon National Park and all the fantastic vistas it offers is to take the 90-minute train ride that traverses through 24 miles of the canyon.

Another unique way to view the canyon is by the Grand Canyon Skywalk located on the Hualapai tribal land. The skywalk is a glass-bottomed structure that juts out over the canyon allowing visitors to walk 70 feet past the cliff edge. This is something that is sure to take your breath away.

Grand Canyon helicopter rides are also very popular allowing tourists to explore Grand Canyon National Park by air plus other points of interest like Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Valley of Fire, and the Bowl of Fire.

Tour the Grand Canyon with Caravan Tours

Current Grand Canyon vacations include visits to the Grand Canyon’s south rim and north rim, as well as a full day to explore the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon in whatever way you choose.

This Caravan tour is a fully escorted, all-inclusive 8-day package tour that also includes visits to Sedona, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, all at one exceptionally low price.

Visit Caravan’s Grand Canyon Tour Reviews page to read what others have to say or call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to check availability and reserve your spot today.

Things to do in Bryce Canyon Utah.

Visiting Bryce Canyon Park in Utah brings you to one of those landscapes that defy description and speaks to the soul of the onlooker. It’s a place like no other with its spellbinding views of the most colorful and scenic rock formations found anywhere.

Bryce Canyon National Park, consisting of nearly 37,300 acres, is a desert wonderland with its own diverse fauna and flora. Human intervention at Bryce Canyon Park has remained at a minimum due to the canyon’s lack of water.

In this Caravan blog article we will explore the history of Bryce Canyon’s intricate valley landscape as well as the animals, the climate you may encounter while visiting, and things to do in Bryce Canyon Utah.

Bryce Canyon Utah History

What is so unique about the Bryce Canyon landscape?

The formation of Bryce Canyon is a geological wonder. Spires and unique pinnacle rock formations have drawn tourists from all over the world since the early 1900’s.

Early pioneers, who settled around the Paunsaugunt Plateau rim just above Bryce’s Canyon, were the first settlers to discover the spires and pinnacles. The spires, which rise up from the ground, are also known as ‘hoodoos’, and were named by the Paiute Indians who inhabited the area long before America’s early settlers.

Christian emissaries who developed many a small community throughout Utah eventually displaced the native Paiute Indians. In fact, Bryce Canyon is named after Ebenezer Bryce, a Mormon farmer who settled there in 1875.

The place names of Bryce Canyon however, still reflect the Paiute Indian heritage and include:

  • Paunsaugunt, which means the ‘home of beavers’
  • Paria, which means ‘muddy water of elk water’
  • Yovimpa, which refers to the ‘point of pines’
  • Panguitch, which stands for ‘big fish’

Hoodoos & Spires

A hoodoo is a pillar like rock that has eroded into a fantastic spire type rock formation. Colorful hoodoos seem to cast a spell. They can be exquisitely subtle sometimes, yet amazingly harsh at other times. Over centuries, the Claron limestone, mudstone, and sandstones were continuously eroded revealing a series of horseshoe shaped formations akin to amphitheaters.

The erosion in Bryce Canyon is due to many reasons. Ancient rivers combined with gravelly rushing waters made thin long ridges called ‘fins’. These same fins eroded further to form the spires or hoodoos, which were created due to a combination of rain, melting snow rushes and the expansion of freezing waters within the cracks.

The thawing of spring ice is also credited for leaving behind natural arches, spires, mazes, and what is known today as the Grand Staircase. The “pink cliffs” of these rock formations often turn to a myriad of colors giving way to beautiful and sometimes whimsical landscapes in the morning sun. One of Bryce Canyon’s more popular attractions is Thor’s Hammer, a hoodoo that looks like a hammer.

Activities and Things To Do

There is no shortage of things to do and see in Bryce Canyon Utah and the panorama offers views of three surrounding states.

Hiking Bryce Canyon is always a popular activity, whether it’s backpacking during the day or moonlight hiking.

Other Bryce Canyon activities available to visitors range from camping, horseback riding, learning about the geological formations, and telescope stargazing, which is always popular. Because of its elevation, the air over Bryce Canyon is generally clear and the lack of any light sources makes this the ideal place for looking skyward.

Wildlife and Animals in Bryce Canyon

Wildlife thrives in this rather inhospitable landscape with surprising ease. There is a diverse range of mammals, many of which are now protected. Some were reintroduced to the wild in a bid to stem extinction.

Mountain lions, mule deer, black bear, elk, pronghorn antelope, foxes, and the rodent called the Utah prairie dog all roam the canyon freely. In addition, more than 160 bird species call Bryce Canyon home, making this area a virtual bird watcher’s paradise.

Elevation and Climate

The average temperature for Bryce Canyon Utah from June to August is between 45 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit while winter temperatures from December to February can range between 15 and 39 degrees. Since the elevation of Bryce Canyon ranges from 7,900 ft. to 9,115 ft. above sea level the air here is thinner and loses heat quickly.

The climate in Bryce Canyon can vary significantly and the weather can be rather chilly. Although Bryce Canyon National Park is open all year, discretion is advised and notifications of bad weather should be heeded for the traveler’s own safety.

Bryce Canyon Park is a place where you can savor the best of magical sunrises, although the sunsets may not be that vivid since the western ridge shields the canyon. Bryce Canyon is another one of Mother Nature’s wonders that is our privilege to visit.

All Inclusive Tours by Caravan

For over six decades (since 1952) Caravan Tours has offered all-inclusive tours to destinations across North and Central America.

A visit to Bryce Canyon, located less than 280 miles north of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, is included as part of Caravan’s all-inclusive Grand Canyon Tour. Other great destinations on this 8-day vacation include Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and Zion National Park.

Read FAQs about Grand Canyon vacation packages and then check availability to reserve your spot today or call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) and come discover Bryce Canyon in Utah!

Grand Canyon tours and activities are awe-inspiring journeys through earth’s early history. You’ll see visibly exposed layers upon layers of sediment and rock that walk us back through time, well before the time of the dinosaurs.

Over millions of years the Colorado River carved a mesmerizing, powerful, yet breathtakingly beautiful gorge called the Grand Canyon through Northern Arizona. Over time, the river exposed nearly two billion years of the world’s geological history.

The sheer size of Arizona’s Grand Canyon is overwhelming. The Colorado River traverses for 277 miles below the canyon walls, which at its widest are 18 miles across and at its deepest, more than a mile above the rushing waters.

The world’s deepest gorge is Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal. The world’s biggest and widest canyon is Capertee Valley in Australia. Even Mexico’s Copper Canyon is larger than the Grand Canyon, but none of them can match the colorful beauty and over empowering wonder of the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA.

Below is an overview of Grand Canyon tours and activities you can enjoy.

Grand Canyon Tour Companies

Over 80% of the 5 million annual visitors to Grand Canyon National Park are from the United States.

There are many tour operators that offer everything from Grand Canyon day tours and excursions to fully guided, all-inclusive Grand Canyon tours that can run from one to two weeks. Grand Canyon tour operators also offer guided tours to accommodate virtually all ages and all types of vacationers.

Many Grand Canyon tour companies include a variety of activities in their tour itinerary, from views of Grand Canyon’s north and south rims to a Lake Powell boat cruise or excursions to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Camping

Grand Canyon tours and activities also include camping! Camping is permitted in designated areas of Grand Canyon National Park, including on the North and South Rims. All Grand Canyon camping done below the rim require special permits, which have to be applied for months in advance since the park receives up to 30,000 camping requests annually.

Grand Canyon Activities

Many tour companies offer a variety of adventurous Grand Canyon tours and activities like white-water rafting, mule riding, and helicopter tours but depending on the weather, the time of day, and the season, tourists may also engage in self guided Grand Canyon activities like mountain biking and hiking.

Many of the more adventurous Grand Canyon activities require experience or the assistance of a knowledgeable guide since even the fittest of individuals may find the Grand Canyon challenging. One must respect the Grand Canyon’s vastness, steepness of the rocky trails, changes in elevation, and the possibility of heat exhaustion caused by the much higher temperatures that prevail at the bottom of the canyon.

Throughout the year, Grand Canyon National Park also offers a number of events and activities that visitors can participate in including guided walking tours, films, and free ranger programs.

Grand Canyon Train Tours & Skywalk

Visitors to the Park can take 90-minute Grand Canyon train tours on the Coconino Canyon Train for a more leisurely viewing experience. This Grand Canyon railway tour travels 24 miles through Grand Canyon National Park along historic train tracks built in the late 1800s.

Another unique way to view the gorge is by visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which was recently opened by the Hualapai Tribe on tribal land. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass-bottomed structure that juts out from the canyon rim some 70 feet in a horseshoe formation. The Skywalk offers visitors unparalleled views of the canyon below.

Grand Canyon by Air

A different perspective of the entire Grand Canyon can be seen from a helicopter or a small airplane. Many Grand Canyon tour operators offer flying trips with views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Bowl of Fire, and the Valley of Fire. Sunset and twilight flights show the Grand Canyon in a totally different light. Flying is perhaps one of the best Grand Canyon tours and activities you do to take it all in, from the red rock formations to the shifting sand dunes.

Grand Canyon Weather

Grand Canyon weather can change quickly and according to the elevation. Generally, cooler climates rule the Northern Rim while hotter temperatures prevail in the Southern Rim. Both rims of the Grand Canyon get heavy rains during the summer and road closures are common at this time.

All Inclusive Grand Canyon Tours by Caravan

Grand Canyon Package Tour by Caravan Tours offers tourists the absolute best value for the money.

Caravan Grand Canyon tours are exceptionally priced 8-day package tours that are fully escorted, and all inclusive. These Caravan tours also include nearby “must sees” like Sedona, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion Canyon National Park.

Visit Caravan Tours’ Grand Canyon Tour Reviews page to read what others have said about this all-inclusive tour of Arizona’s Grand Canyon and then call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to reserve your spot today.

Each year millions of tourists choose to visit the Grand Canyon on their own however, Grand Canyon bus tours are your best bet if you want a Grand Canyon tour that is fully guided.

At almost 280 miles long, over a mile deep, and ranging between 4 to 18 miles wide, there is so much to see and experience in the Grand Canyon that a guided bus tour is simply your best option.

Our Caravan tour operators structure their guided Grand Canyon bus tours to include most of the Grand Canyon’s best features. Tourists enjoy our Grand Canyon motor coach tours because they can travel in comfort and not have to worry about parking or trying to decipher Grand Canyon maps.

Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus Tours

While there are shuttle buses within Grand Canyon National Park there are also many shuttle bus services that bring tourists from neighboring cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sedona, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Scottsdale.

Visitors who come to Grand Canyon Park without their own transportation can choose to ride on the free park shuttle bus service. There are many different bus routes and tour stops to choose from and buses are color-coded to serve the different routes. Visitors are free to hop on and off of these Park shuttle buses to enjoy specific sites within the Park at their leisure.

Hermit’s Rest Bus Tour

Hermit’s Rest Route is a Grand Canyon shuttle bus available between March 1 and November 30 and runs regularly every quarter or half hour, depending on the time of day and time of year. The Hermit’s Rest Route is considered the longest bus route in the Park and includes the most number of stops. The bus trip alone, not counting the stops, runs one hour and 15 minutes long. Several of the popular stops along the bus route in Grand Canyon National Park include the Abyss, Hopi Point, Trailview Overlook, and Hermit’s Rest.

Grand Canyon Village Shuttle Bus Route

The Village Route, which makes runs the whole year round, was not designed as a scenic bus route. The destinations on the Village Bus Route include the different Grand Canyon restaurants, campgrounds, parking lots, and hotels. The Village Route bus is also available every 15 to 30 minutes and the roundtrip is about an hour long. The bus trip begins at the Information Plaza with scheduled stops at the Train Depot, Maswik Lodge, Trailer Village, and the Mather Campground. The Village Route bus is your best choice if you bring your own vehicle to Grand Canyon National Park or if you are staying in the campgrounds.

South Kaibab Trail Bus

The South Kaibab Trail Route travels every half an hour and is available the whole year round. The two wonderful features of the Kaibab Trail bus route is that first, it is the only shuttle bus service that gives access to Yaki Point; and second, is the offering of the Hiker’s Express shuttle that would bring travelers to the South Kaibab Trail. The Hiker’s Express Grand Canyon is for night owls as this bus leaves the terminal between the hours of 4 and 6 AM.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Shuttle

The Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim Shuttle bus affords tourists a daily trip between the Grand Canyon North Rim and the South Rim. The Rim to Rim shuttle bus is a single-way trip. This route is also limited until the month of October when this Grand Canyon bus route is closed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon because of the winter season. Reservations are a must for this specific Grand Canyon shuttle bus route.

Guided Motor Coach Tours

Grand Canyon motor coach tours are for those who wish to have a more luxurious and more comfortable trip while touring Grand Canyon National Park. Our Caravan bus tours of the Grand Canyon are special, fully escorted bus tours aboard private, air-conditioned motor coaches that make sightseeing and travel through the Grand Canyon an absolute pleasure.

Professional tour guides accompany each Caravan Grand Canyon motor coach tour to explain the full background and history of the Grand Canyon. Caravan’s Grand Canyon tours are also all inclusive meaning that for one all-inclusive tour price the fully guided bus tour includes all ground transportation, Park entry fees, and all itinerary food and beverage, as well as Grand Canyon accommodations.

Book Your Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Caravan’s all-inclusive, fully escorted Grand Canyon National Park tours also include guided tours of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

For current itinerary details please visit Caravan’s Grand Canyon Tours page. You can also read reviews for what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive tour of the Grand Canyon, Zion Park, and Bryce Canyon.

There’s so much to see and so many things to do in the Grand Canyon, so to check availability or to book your tour, please call Caravan Tours toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826)!

(Editor’s Note – This original post from April 2010 has been updated to reflect current Grand Canyon vacation details.)

This post includes Grand Canyon tour information about Caravan’s fully guided vacation to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Grand Canyon National Park, just north of Phoenix, Arizona, is also a World Heritage Site and attracts nearly five million tourists each year.

In order to accommodate all the annual tourists, the Grand Canyon area is well developed with excellent hotels and accommodations for anyone wishing to enjoy a Grand Canyon tour on the South Rim or the North Rim.

It’s relatively easy to find Grand Canyon tour information and companies to help you explore this national treasure.

Whether you are looking for a helicopter tour, a river rafting tour or a chance to explore many of the other great activities within the Canyon area (such as the Grand Canyon Skywalk or the Grand Canyon Railway), your Grand Canyon National Park tour will be one that leaves a lasting impression.

Grand Canyon Travel Itinerary

Many tourists begin their Grand Canyon tour from Phoenix Arizona, which offers the best airport for easy access to Grand Canyon National Park. Caravan Tours begins all of its Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona. Upon landing at the Sky Harbor Airport, Caravan Tours’ guests stay one night in Phoenix before heading north to visit an artists’ colony in Sedona and then on to the Grand Canyon.

Two nights of the Grand Canyon tour are spent right at the Grand Canyon with accommodations at one of four Grand Canyon Park Lodges located inside Grand Canyon National Park near the South Rim. Apart from a short orientation session, tourists are at leisure to choose the Grand Canyon activities that interest them, such as hiking Grand Canyon rim trails, visiting historic buildings, or checking out the Lookout Studio.

After departing the Grand Canyon, Caravan tourists stay at Lake Powell Resort where they enjoy a boat cruise and take a jeep tour of Monument Valley. This Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon tour also includes one day at Bryce Canyon and one day at Zion Park. This nicely rounds out the tour experience before heading past the Grand Canyon west rim to Las Vegas, Nevada where the tour officially ends.

The Grand Canyon & Tourism

The 227-mile long gorge that creates the Grand Canyon naturally attracts tourists from around the world. As one of the most complete geological cross-sections visible on our planet, there are a number of archaeological sites that date back hundreds of millions of years.

The Grand Canyon National Park tour allows visitors to explore some of the over 1.2 million acres that are home to over 1,500 species of plants and animals including cougars, rattlesnakes, and Gila monsters. The enduring force behind sustaining the wildlife community, and is responsible for carving the Canyon over millions of years, is the mighty Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon is also in close proximity to three other natural tourist destinations, all included along Caravan’s Grand Canyon Tour bus route:

Lake Powell

Bryce Canyon National Park

Zion National Park

Family, Senior & Group Grand Canyon Tour Deals

As one of the top-rated full escort tour companies, Caravan Tours offers the best value for all-inclusive Grand Canyon Tours. The entire Grand Canyon bus tour is guided by a tour director with a depth of information and knowledge that pleasantly surprises all Caravan guests. The one low Grand Canyon tour price includes all itinerary activities, meals, and hotel accommodations while on tour.

Caravan Tours is very accommodating of special travel guests, making Caravan the ideal travel company for Family Grand Canyon Tours, Senior Grand Canyon Tours, and Group Grand Canyon Tours. Special groups, seniors, and children over five are especially welcome on these well planned and reasonably paced Grand Canyon tours.

Affordable Grand Canyon Tours

Caravan’s fully escorted Grand Canyon tour packages are unrivaled in both price and experience! There’s no other 8-day, all-inclusive Grand Canyon vacation tour out there with the same high level of activities, luxury hotel accommodations, and professional tour guides!

Call 1-800-CARAVAN (800-227-2826) to book your tour today or visit Caravan’s Grand Canyon Tour reviews page to read what other travelers have to say about this popular Grand Canyon tour.