Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Each year millions of tourists choose to visit the Grand Canyon on their own however, Grand Canyon bus tours are your best bet if you want a Grand Canyon tour that is fully guided.

At almost 280 miles long, over a mile deep, and ranging between 4 to 18 miles wide, there is so much to see and experience in the Grand Canyon that a guided bus tour is simply your best option.

Our Caravan tour operators structure their guided Grand Canyon bus tours to include most of the Grand Canyon’s best features. Tourists enjoy our Grand Canyon motor coach tours because they can travel in comfort and not have to worry about parking or trying to decipher Grand Canyon maps.

Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus Tours

While there are shuttle bus routes within Grand Canyon National Park there are also many shuttle bus services that bring tourists from neighboring cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sedona, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Scottsdale.

Visitors who come to Grand Canyon Park without their own transportation can choose to ride on the free park shuttle bus service. There are many different bus routes and tour stops to choose from and buses are color-coded to serve the different routes. Visitors are free to hop on and off of these Park shuttle buses to enjoy specific sites within the Park at their leisure.

Hermit’s Rest Bus Tour

Hermit’s Rest Route is a Grand Canyon shuttle bus available between March 1 and November 30 and runs regularly every quarter or half hour, depending on the time of day and time of year. The Hermit’s Rest Route is considered the longest bus route in the Park and includes the most number of stops. The bus trip alone, not counting the stops, runs one hour and 15 minutes long. Several of the popular stops along the bus route in Grand Canyon National Park include the Abyss, Hopi Point, Trailview Overlook, and Hermit’s Rest.

Grand Canyon Village Shuttle Bus Route

The Village Route, which makes runs the whole year round, was not designed as a scenic bus route. The destinations on the Village Bus Route include the different Grand Canyon restaurants, campgrounds, parking lots, and hotels. The Village Route bus is also available every 15 to 30 minutes and the roundtrip is about an hour long. The bus trip begins at the Information Plaza with scheduled stops at the Train Depot, Maswik Lodge, Trailer Village, and the Mather Campground. The Village Route bus is your best choice if you bring your own vehicle to Grand Canyon National Park or if you are staying in the campgrounds.

South Kaibab Trail Bus

The South Kaibab Trail Route travels every half an hour and is available the whole year round. The two wonderful features of the Kaibab Trail bus route is that first, it is the only shuttle bus service that gives access to Yaki Point; and second, is the offering of the Hiker’s Express shuttle that would bring travelers to the South Kaibab Trail. The Hiker’s Express Grand Canyon is for night owls as this bus leaves the terminal between the hours of 4 and 6 AM.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Shuttle

The Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim Shuttle bus affords tourists a daily trip between the Grand Canyon North Rim and the South Rim. The Rim to Rim shuttle bus is a single-way trip. This route is also limited until the month of October when this Grand Canyon bus route is closed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon because of the winter season. Reservations are a must for this specific Grand Canyon shuttle bus route.

Guided Motor Coach Tours

Grand Canyon motor coach tours are for those who wish to have a more luxurious and more comfortable trip while touring Grand Canyon National Park. Our Caravan bus tours of the Grand Canyon are special, fully escorted bus tours aboard private, air-conditioned motor coaches that make sightseeing and travel through the Grand Canyon an absolute pleasure.

Professional tour guides accompany each Caravan Grand Canyon motor coach tour to explain the full background and history of the Grand Canyon. Caravan’s Grand Canyon tours are also all inclusive meaning that for one all-inclusive tour price the fully guided bus tour includes all ground transportation, Park entry fees, and all itinerary food and beverage, as well as Grand Canyon accommodations.

Book Your Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Caravan’s all-inclusive, fully escorted Grand Canyon National Park bus tours begins in Phoenix with a drive along Camelback Mountain and a stop in the artist colony of Sedona. The tour also includes guided tours of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

For current itinerary details please visit Caravan’s Grand Canyon Tours page. You can also read reviews for what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive tour of the Grand Canyon, Zion Park, and Bryce Canyon.

There’s so much to see and so many things to do in the Grand Canyon. Please call Caravan Tours toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to check availability or to book your all-inclusive tour.