Top 4 Sedona Arizona Landmarks

Explore the many unique Sedona Arizona landmarks that attract visitors looking for a unique, relaxed, and yet very interesting USA town.

Although not as touristy as many other places in Arizona, Sedona still has its fair share of attractions that bring in visitors each year.

The area is famous for its red rock formations, one of the Sedona Arizona landmarks that most tourists come to see. The red sandstone hills of the area offer spectacular surroundings providing a unique backdrop for all kinds of Sedona activities.

Many visitors come to Sedona for the outdoor activities including mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking along the hundreds of trails that meander through the sandstone cliffs. Others come for more esoteric pursuits such as exploring the many unique Sedona Arizona landmarks like Bell Rock Vortex.


1. Bell Rock Vortex

Sedona is reputed to be the home of a number of electromagnetic fields or centers, the most notable of which is the Bell Rock Vortex. Many believe that the energy emitted by the “funnel shaped” vortex has the ability to affect us positively. In fact, Sedona is home to a growing “new age” community that regards Sedona as a spiritual power center where the spiritual and the metaphysical can unite. There is also a large artist colony in Sedona AZ.

2. Oak Creek Canyon

Nature is the main attraction, which is evident in the Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock Country near the town of Sedona. This is one of the great Sedona Arizona landmarks for any visitor who is travelling from Sedona to Flagstaff, and on to the Grand Canyon National Park.

Oak Creek Canyon is located along one of the most scenic routes in the entire state of Arizona. The meandering road through the deep canyons and rock formations is an admirable feat of engineering. The Oak Creek is found in the depths of the canyon. There are plenty of accommodations in the area for tourists who wish to stay and enjoy numerous activities on either side of the Oak Creek Canyon floor.

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is the result of a passionate artist who wanted to sculpt a church while paying homage to architecture, art and nature. The heiress, Marguerite Staude, pulled out all the stops and dedicated her life to building this arts chapel. The combination of art and nature took a year and half to build and is a true blend, full of harmony. The interior is quite unique in that nature has been incorporated as a part of the architecture of the entire structure. A gift shop completes the picture.

4. Tlaquepaque

This is a village built for the artist community. Tlaquepaque is styled after a Spanish colonial town that is woven into the Sycamore trees that dot the landscape. The antique look of the village is heightened due to the fact that traditional methods were used in its construction, giving this exciting and vibrant village a beauty all of its own. Restaurants, shops, and galleries, as well as farmers’ markets and festivals abound in this village with December being the best time to visit.

Other Sedona Arizona Landmarks and Attractions

Sedona Arizona is a haven for the arts and visitors here can visit the many galleries, as well as the Sedona Heritage Museum, to get a feel of the place. There are many galleries where a visitor is able to purchase anything from arts and crafts to jewelry. Shoppers are well catered to in Sedona with a variety of goods originating from the region.

In addition to these art related activities, hiking, mountain biking, and swimming at popular swimming holes, plus jeep tours and horseback riding are also offered for the more energetic and younger crowd.

Rainbow Trout Farm is a place where people can enjoy a spot of fishing while those with relaxation in mind can head to one of the spas in Sedona that offer therapy on the rocks.

Golfing is also available for enthusiasts while other visitors can choose from many types of available tours including trolley tours, stagecoach tours, helicopter tours, and airplane tours. Native American tours also make for an enjoyable and interesting day trip.

There is no better place than Sedona Arizona to have a relaxing holiday that allows guests to keep in touch with nature in all its beauty and diversity.

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