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Our Caravan Costa Rica travel blog provides a wealth of information on what to see and things to do when vacationing in beautiful Costa Rica. Learn more about Arenal volcano near La Fortuna or this country’s Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. From plantation and rainforest tours to turtle nesting beaches and Manuel Antonia National Park, Costa Rica is a Natural Paradise with so much to discover and explore!

Planning a family vacation can be tricky, especially if you have young kids. There’s much to consider, from where you’ll eat to where you’ll stay. As you plan your vacation, you’ll want to fill your itinerary with kid-friendly activities that both you and your children can enjoy.

Luckily, Costa Rica has much to offer families with kids. From exploring museums to exploring the thrill of ziplining, there’s something for everyone in this Central American Paradise. In this blog, we’ll explore nine things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica with kids to help you plan a memorable itinerary.

1. Visit the Museo de Los Niños

The Museo de Los Niños, or the San Jose Children’s Museum, is a fascinating stop for kids of all ages. It used to be a prison but has since been converted into a bright, vibrant museum packed with fascinating elements and interactive exhibits.

The historic building is hard to miss, given its remarkable stature and bright yellow paint. Inside, you’ll find a host of exhibits and activities that teach children about various subjects, from art, history, and culture to science and technology.

While much of the exhibits and activities are in Spanish, this museum is a fun way to immerse your kids in the rich culture and local language of Costa Rica. From the life-sized recreation of the classic “Operation” game that educates kids on the human body to the interactive earth and space exhibit, there’s no shortage of things to do and sights to see in this museum.

2. Enjoy a Float Down the River

A float down the river is a fun way to immerse you and your kids in the nature and wildlife native to Costa Rica. There are plenty of tours, each with different intensity levels, so there’s something for families with kids of all ages.

If you have younger kids and want to enjoy a soothing, informational paddle down the river, consider a tour that floats down the Class 1 section of the Sarapiqui River. Or, if you have adventurous kids who want an invigorating excursion down the rapids of the Pacuare River, consider a tour that takes you through its assortment of rapids and past the flanking rainforest.

There’s something for everyone, whether you want a calm ride or one that is sure to get your adrenaline flowing.

3. Visit the Butterfly Gardens

The Spirogyra Butterfly Gardens are a must-see, especially if you’re visiting with kids. The gardens are teeming with a diverse variety of butterflies that flit freely about the space. While many of the butterflies are on the smaller side, the diversity and vibrant colors make the gardens well worth a trip.

You can meander through the gardens yourself, observing the butterflies go about their day, or you can embark on a guided tour to immerse yourself in a learning experience. The gardens offer educational programs, too, so pick whatever works best for you and your family!

4. Oxigeno Human Playground

The prospect of visiting a large shopping center with kids can be daunting, especially if your kids are on the younger end, but the Oxigeno Human Playground is worth a stop. Nestled in the Heredia suburb, this sprawling shopping center has much more to offer than shops and good eats.

It boasts an assortment of things to do, including a trampoline center, climbing walls, an indoor pool, a track, a gym, and a seasonal skating rink. The trampoline center and climbing walls are often kid favorites, although the pool and skating rink are also popular for kids of all ages.

Visiting this center is a great way to help your kids burn off extra energy, whether by scaling the climbing walls or zipping around the skating rink when it’s available.

5. Sample All of the Eats

Don’t miss Costa Rica’s delectable cuisine! As you embark on your journey and enjoy all sorts of excursions, remember to stop and sample all that Costa Rica has to offer. The San Jose Mercado Central is a great place to start, as it’s teeming with countless stalls and restaurants offering an assortment of local foods.

We love the local dishes and flavors, each worth a try on your Costa Rican vacation. For example, sample gallo pinto, a mouthwatering combination of rice and black beans seasoned with aromatic spices and seasonings and served over eggs. Or try Tres Leches cake, a must-try dessert made with sponge cake soaked in three types of milk and topped with whipped cream.

There are plenty of restaurants in and around the city with kid-friendly menus. For example, Cafe Rojo has delicious local eats, including mouthwatering casado, and delicious dessert options, from carrot cake to peanut, lime, and chili cookies.

Whether you have a few picky eaters in your bunch or adventurous foodies, there’s something for everyone!

6. Visit the Arenal Volcano National Park

Spend a day in Arenal Volcano National Park (or more—there’s lots to do!). While you can embark on a self-guided tour of the park, there are also many guided tours that offer authentic, memorable experiences.

From horseback rides to hikes and waterfalls to hanging bridges, there’s plenty to do in Arenal Volcano National Park. Although the volcano is currently dormant, it’s still worth a visit!

If you’re visiting with young kids, be sure to look for the easier, kid-friendly trails for hiking. If you’re not up for hiking, horseback riding can be an excellent alternative, even for younger kids.

7. Go Ziplining

Ziplining is a favorite for kids of varying ages, especially the older ones. There are plenty of ziplining tours available in and around San Jose, each with something different to offer. While the heights can be daunting (especially if you’re scared of heights like me), many find that it’s great fun once you’re all strapped in!

As you and your kids zip down the lines, one at a time, soak in the lush jungle below and your bird’s eye view of the canopy. Some ziplines even sail over lakes or waterfalls, giving you a jaw-dropping view of the water below!

8. Cool Off in the Blue Falls

Costa Rica’s afternoons can escort in lofty temperatures, so if you need to cool off, visit the Blue Falls of Costa Rica. In the grand scheme of waterfall options in the area, these falls certainly aren’t the grandest, but they’re less crowded and undoubtedly beautiful.

The Blue Falls is a series of seven waterfalls and pools boasting stunning blue water flanked by lush foliage. The water is chilly, so be prepared for a refreshing experience, but after a morning of touring or activities, a swim in these pools and at the base of these waterfalls is a great way to cool off.

It’s important to note that these falls are just under two hours from San Jose, but if you’re looking for a fun thing to do with your kids on a hot day, it’s well worth the drive.

9. Peruse the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

If your kiddos love animals and want to learn more about the rescue process, make sure to squeeze in a visit to the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center. The animals housed here are rescued from illegal pet trades, orphaned, or unable to survive on their own in the wild.

The rescue center takes them in to give them a chance at a life they may not have had in their natural habitat, supplying them with the support and care they need to thrive. It’s an educational experience that educates kids about various animals, their habitats, and what kind of care they need to flourish in the sanctuary.

The animals residing in the sanctuary can vary from time to time, but you may see wildlife ranging from monkeys and sloths to macaws and owls. You can book tours for you and your kiddos to stroll through the sanctuary, viewing the animals rehabilitating throughout its grounds.


View of the City of San Jose Costa Rica

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At Caravan, we offer two Costa Rica tours: Costa Rica Natural Paradise and Costa Rica & Manuel Antonio. Choose the tour that best matches your preferences, book the dates that work for you, and get ready for an adventure! We welcome families with kids aged five and up, allowing you and your kids to soak up your excursions without sweating the details.

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Horseback Riding in Costa Rica at Samara Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costa Rica a Good Place to Travel With Kids?

Yes! Costa Rica is a great place to travel with kids, as there’s lots to see and do for families with kids of all ages. The country has a culture that caters to tourism; there are plenty of places to stay, and family-friendly activities are plentiful.

Is San Jose a Safe City for Traveling With Kids?

Costa Rica, including San Jose, is traveler and child-friendly. However, as with traveling to any city in any country, it’s important to remain alert. Keep your kids close when in public spaces, and avoid traveling with expensive items that display wealth.

What Part of Costa Rica is Best for Families?

There are plenty of places in Costa Rica with lodgings and activities geared toward families. San Jose is a great place to stay, but ultimately, the best place to visit with your family depends on what you want to see and do.

When is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s dry season is between December and April, while its wet season spans from May to November. September and October tend to be the country’s rainiest months of the year, so it’s best to travel during the dry season if you want to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities.

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for solo travelers, couples, and families alike, offering the perfect oasis to unwind and relax or experience lively adventures. This Central American country has plenty to offer, from stunning white sand beaches and lush rainforests teeming with abundant wildlife to luxurious spas and resorts.

However, given the sheer volume of hotels and lodges scattered across the country, choosing the perfect fit for a family vacation can be tricky. In this post, we explore the top places to stay with a family in Costa Rica. From sprawling resorts to cozy lodges nestled in the rainforest, there’s something for everyone!


Best Hotels for a Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no shortage of hotels, resorts, and lodges ready to host you and your family while you experience all the country has to offer. However, since some hotels are adult-only or more adult-friendly, choosing a family-friendly resort is essential to ensure you and your kids enjoy the vacation.

Here are a few excellent options for when you and your family visit Costa Rica:

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

The Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica resort is a hidden gem nestled within the tropical rainforest on Playa El Jobo. It’s flanked by lush vegetation and boasts beautiful panoramic views of the white sand beach below, with the sparkling blue waters stretching out in front.

Numerous pools dot the landscape around the hotel, providing the perfect opportunity to bask in the balmy sunshine. Various on-site facilities, including a spa, fitness center, and restaurant, provide everything you need to relax on your vacation.

The resort also features various offerings kids love, including jungle waterslides that deposit them into various pools and multiple clubs set up for hours of fun for kids and teens alike.

The Westin Reserva Conchal Resort and Spa

If you appreciate all-inclusive family holidays, look no further than the Westin Reserva Conchal Resort and Spa. This beachfront resort is among the best all-inclusive resorts for families, serving as an excellent choice for families seeking a mixture of relaxation and adventure.

The Westin Reserva Conchal Resort and Spa has something to offer everyone, from sprawling pools for soaking up the sun to over a dozen restaurants and bars scattered across the property.

The massive resort grounds are teeming with amenities and on-site activities, including complimentary buffets, snacks, beverages, two tennis courts, a luxurious spa, aerobic or yoga classes, and 18 holes of golf. If you and your family want to kick back and soak up the sun on white sand beaches with a few rounds of golf, massages, or tennis matches sprinkled in, this resort is the perfect fit.

Magic Mountain Hotel

The Magic Mountain Hotel, one of the larger accommodations near La Fortuna, is a worthwhile consideration for families. It offers a sprawling resort-like feel, with 108 guest rooms and exceptional views of the nearby Arenal Volcano.

The hotel is conveniently located with easy access to plenty of activities, including the Arenal National Park, hot springs, and the town of La Fortuna. It can be a great place for adventurous families to stay while exploring the area.

Occidental Tamarindo

Located just outside downtown Tamarindo, this resort is an excellent choice for families. It’s close enough to the action to provide easy access to all sorts of fun but quiet enough to enjoy peace and serenity on your vacation.

It offers various amenities standard in a resort, including complimentary drinks and snacks, meals, and an assortment of activities. It even has an incredible spa that offers multiple therapeutic and beauty treatments, making it an excellent option for those who want a relaxing combination of adventure, comfort, and relaxation.

Lapa Rios Lodge

Nestled on the Osa Peninsula and surrounded by rainforest, the Lapa Rios Lodge is perfect for families who love to explore. The lodge has 17 accommodations, each complete with a sprawling veranda, indoor and outdoor showers, and hammocks. Some even have a private plunge pool!

The surrounding rainforest and nearby beaches provide ample opportunities for adventure-loving families, including hikes, surfing lessons, wildlife spotting tours, and cooking lessons!


Kick Back and Relax on a Guided Costa Rica Tour

Planning a vacation to a foreign country can be a daunting task. Between flights, accommodations, activities, and language barrier concerns, you may begin to feel like you need a vacation from planning your vacation. A guided tour might be the perfect solution if that sounds like you.

At Caravan, we offer fully guided Costa Rica tours, complete with all the details. By choosing one of these tours, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff – we have the details under control. We offer two Costa Rica tours, the Costa Rica & Manual Antonio and the Costa Rica National Paradise tour. Each tour takes you through different parts of Costa Rica, hitting the must-see spots and activities along the way.

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Paradise, it’s what people imagine when they go on a vacation. It’s their ideal environment for escaping their hectic and dull schedules. That’s why many travelers visit Central America because it’s abundant with places that many people already consider paradise. And one of them is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a Latin American country that is generally safe for travelers. As long as you’re wary of your surroundings, you will experience unique cultures, diverse cuisine, and historical architecture that you would want to experience. 

From lush rainforests to sandy-white beaches, it will never fail to give you the feeling you’ve longed for happiness. But what to do in Costa Rica once you get there? Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

What Makes Costa Rica So Special?

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and its people are renowned for their hospitality. It is a great place to visit, with many attractions that make it truly special. 

One of the things that makes Costa Rica unique is its biodiversity – it has more species per unit area than any other country in the world! It also has incredibly diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains to stunning beaches. What’s more, Costa Rica boasts some of the best surfing spots in Central America, making it an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. 

Aside from the natural attractions Costa Rica provides to weary tourists, they also have wildlife far from Western countries. For instance, they have macaws and sea turtles, which animal lovers will want to see.  

It’s best to put Costa Rica on your list. This country won’t disappoint you, especially when looking for activities everybody can enjoy. From food to nightlife, this paradise is worth spending money on. It’s where you can soak in its culture and make memories to last for a lifetime. So don’t miss the best things to do in Costa Rica and explore its astounding beauty.

The Top Things to Do in Costa Rica Right Now

With so many things to discover in Costa Rica, deciding what is there to do in Costa Rica can be challenging. So if you’re planning to go there, you should have a list to check if you’ve exhausted all your ideas once you’ve arrived.

To give you some beautiful things to do in Costa Rica, check out the list below.

Breathe In the Fresh Air on the Caribbean Coast

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Costa Rica is the northern part of the Caribbean Coast. It’s teeming with national parks, which you and your kids will love to see. Of course, it’s filled to the brim with beaches that the younger generations and even older adults can enjoy because it’s the ideal place to laze around and get the perfect tan.

One of the national parks you must go to is Tortuguero National Park. They have a marked trail, primarily used to watch the sea turtles without disturbing them. You can also rent a canoe or a kayak if you want to get your muscles worked out.

Visit Costa Rica’s Highlands

The highlands is where you’ll find the Cloud Forest. It’s humid up there but also moist due to the consistent cloud coverage the area gets. It’s prevalent for birdwatchers as hundreds of species of birds live in the area. If you love to watch and just discover what kind of birds are out there, visiting these cloud forests should be on your bucket list.

Another activity you can do is to go ziplining at Monteverde Rainforest, which is just one of the many cloud forests in the highlands. But if you’re not a fan of ziplines, you can just walk on the long suspension bridges and admire the greenery surrounding the area.

Don’t Forget About San José

San José is the capital of Costa Rica, and it’s located in the middle of the country. Here, you will discover tons of things that make Costa Rica spectacular. So if you’re wondering what to do in San Jose, Costa Rica, you no longer have to doubt since it’s rich in nightlife and street foods you’ll enjoy.

Apart from that, many young entrepreneurs and brewers are opening their restaurants and bars in the city. So there are literally tons for you to check out. Apart from that, art and history enthusiasts will fall in love with the museums, art galleries, and historic buildings the country is preserving.

In addition, the city is seeing an influx of new eateries and watering holes from young business owners and brewers. Aside from that, the country’s museums, art galleries, and historic buildings will win over the hearts of art and history buffs.

Dive Into the Mouthwatering Cuisine

Another reason to visit Costa Rica is due to its delicious food. Unfortunately, many tourists need to pay more attention to the different types of food they offer. However, you’ll never want to look back once you dive into these dishes. Moreover, they have lots of choices you can try.

Some of the most popular dishes are pejibayes and arreglados. And as mentioned before, many young chefs are opening their restaurants or breweries in the capital to give locals and tourists something to look forward to after a day of traveling to Costa Rica.

Relax in the Hot Springs

Apart from beaches, Costa Rica has some of the most remarkable hot springs you will ever see. One example is the Tabacon Hot Springs, which is near Arenal Volcano. However, there are plenty of less crowded hot springs for you to check out, especially if you want to relax.

Many claims that hot springs provide numerous health benefits, particularly for the skin. Find a hot spring in Costa Rica that you’ll want to visit if you’re up for this kind of experience.

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Have you ever wanted to explore stunning rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife or perhaps lie on powdery white Caribbean and Pacific beaches? Then visiting Costa Rica is a must! With its vibrant cultures, incredible flora and fauna, tropical climate, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities – this Latin American country offers something for every type of traveler. 

With so many attractions in this Latin American country, choosing the best places to visit in Costa Rica might be challenging. You might be unsure where to begin, especially if you’re a first-time visitor staying as a retirement gift or for a brief vacation.

So, if you’re considering visiting this Central American country, compile a list of places to visit in Costa Rica before flying. It’s always wise to be prepared, especially if you want to make the most of your experience.

What Makes Costa Rica Stand Out?

Costa Rica is one of the most popular countries that many people consider paradise. You can never go wrong here with its lush tropical jungle, fantastic wildlife, delicious food, and pristine beaches. Plus, they have numerous attractions that you should check out to make your time worthwhile.

Apart from the culture Costa Rica offers, the people here are welcoming and warm. So you won’t have difficulty adjusting and just making friends with the locals. They can even give you some solid advice as a traveler there. So if you’re looking for the best places in Costa Rica to visit, don’t hesitate to ask them.

Overall, Costa Rica is a wonderland for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Plus, the younger generations and even older adults can enjoy its beaches, which this country is most famous for.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica 

As someone unfamiliar with Costa Rica, you must bring a list to know which ones you should take advantage of. Of course, you want to ensure that your time there is well-spent. So consider some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica with your family. Check out our short list below.

Manuel Antonio National Park

National parks are abundant in Costa Rica, and there is so much to visit if you stay there for a month or more. But if you only have a few days, don’t hesitate to explore Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s a top destination if you’re into admiring their local wildlife. It’s located at the edge of the town called Manuel Antonio, which is also home to soft-sandy beaches.

Some animals you’ll encounter in this national park are howler monkeys, capuchins, sloths, and squirrel monkeys. They live there peacefully, and they are purely for viewing. It’s also the best place to take your family, especially if you have kids, as they can learn many things here.

Volcan Arenal

If you’re into volcanoes, then don’t hesitate to get a taste of Arenal Volcano. It’s located at the Cordillera de Tilarán, one of the most popular hotspots tourists visit to view the infamous volcano. However, you might be alarmed by the ashes that frequently steam from the mouth of the volcano.

Arenal Volcano became dormant in AD 1500. However, it erupted on July 29, 1968. This dangerous eruption killed a total of 82 people and destroyed two villages. Since then, it has become active, and tourists occasionally see a cloud of ash or glowing red lava flowing from the crater.


Are you looking for a place to relax or unwind for a day? Then Cahuita is the best place to be. It’s a little town near a national park with the same name. In this town, one bar is usually filled to the brim with either locals or tourists. So after a day of hiking, day tripping, swimming, or just lazing around, Cahuita is where you should go to take a breath and relax.

Afro-Caribbean tastes also influence their dishes. You might notice it in the food they serve. It’s the best town to stay in if you want a simple day without all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Playa Minas

Sea turtles are nature’s stunning gift, which we should treasure. They can live for hundreds of years, and they’re very gentle. In Playa Minas, you can get a closer look at these creatures by visiting the local hatcheries. You’ll be able to marvel at the beauty that is already ingrained in their nature.

Make sure to schedule your plan ahead for the annual nesting season. It takes place at night, so you must arrive at sunset to see the stunning action live. It’s on a peaceful secluded beach, and the atmosphere is even more marvelous because there’s a blanket of stars upon you.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Resort

Costa Rica is home to cloud forests, which are humid but still covered in moisture due to their high cloud coverage. And one of the most special forests you must spend time in is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Resort.

This place is unique because you can isolate yourself from nature while being close to amenities that will maintain your comfort and overall experience. They have hiking trails and outstanding waterfalls that you might like to marvel at while seeing all kinds of animals.

It’s the perfect destination for outdoor lovers who love to see the lush rainforests while seeping on their delicious coffees. Yes, this resort has numerous charming cafes you can watch out for. It’s the ultimate Costa Rican experience you’ll never forget.

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costa rica

Traveling used to be so much fun till COVID-19 arrived. However, things are slowly getting back to normal. So now is the ideal opportunity to rekindle your wanderlust. Costa Rica is one of the top destinations to visit in Latin America. But, like everyone else, you may be wondering, “is Costa Rica safe?” and what this country has in store for you.

So if you’re considering a trip to this historical Latin American country, it’s best to know what’s new and if it’s a generally safe place to spend your vacation. Is it worth your money? How safe is Costa Rica? Well, now’s the right time to find out.

Is It Safe in Costa Rica as a Tourist?

As someone who’s not broadly familiar with Latin American countries, is it safe to travel to Costa Rica and if it has a high crime rate? 

According to the 2022 Global Peace Index, Costa Rica ranks 38th overall as the region’s most peaceful and safest place. On the other hand, the USA ranks 129th. But as a tourist, you’ll want to exercise some precautions since you want to be extra safe while you enjoy your surroundings.

Some essential travel advisories you can follow are the following:

These are just some preventive matters you must remember before traveling to the country for the best experience. It’s better to have a contingency plan than to have no clue at all if emergencies happen.

Becoming a Tourist in Costa Rica

You’ll want fresh air if you live in a city where all you see is concrete and bustling streets. Fortunately, Costa Rica has tons of fantastic scenery and experiences to offer. Mountain views, tropical jungles, streets filled with laughter, and breathtaking beaches are what you can expect when you visit this wonderful country.

No matter your budget, there are tons of fun activities for you and your loved ones. Costa Rica offers adventurous escapades you will love, even if it’s just for the thrill or if you genuinely want to try something new. Furthermore, it’s every nature lover’s paradise. Being thousands of miles away from a stressful environment will do you good once you plan to visit this wonderful country.

The best part is that there are hordes of retired Americans living in Costa Rica because of how affordable everything is. It’s the ideal paradise for someone who’s been living a hectic life and wants something new for a change. 

Common Scams You Might Encounter in Costa Rica

Even though Costa Rica is generally safe for tourists, there are still scams you must watch out for. Knowing beforehand will help you have an unforgettable vacation in this lovely country. But don’t worry; you must be wary of only a few.

Transportation Scams

If you’re traveling alone or with a family without using a touring company, you’ll need to rent a vehicle to make it easier for you to get around. However, once some transportation rentals find out you’re a tourist, they might take advantage of you.

Apart from that, there are slash-tire scams where two persons from a car behind you will signal that you have flat tires. But in reality, they already slashed your tires while at a red light or while you’re driving slowly. It’s their way of getting you to stop so they can rob you. For safety, check your tires once in a while in a parking lot full of people. Remote areas are not recommended.

Cheap-Tour Scams

Again, this applies to people who are traveling solo without the help of a reputable touring company. Cheap tour scams are prevalent. While sightseeing, a well-dressed individual approach you and invites you to their too-good-to-be-true tours. After that, they trick you into giving them 50% of the deposit.

But while waiting for them to pick you up the following day, no one shows up. That’s when you realize that you have been scammed. To avoid this kind of fraudulent transaction, book with a reputable company that will take care of the itinerary for you beforehand. It’s best that you already have an itinerary to follow!

Choosing Caravan for Your Next Tour in Costa Rica

As mentioned above, the cheap tour scam has tricked countless tourists. Therefore, before even leaving your country, it’s much better to find a touring company that provides you with everything you need while you’re touring or vacationing without spending more than what you want to pay.

Caravan is the most trusted and reliable travel company, which offers the best rates. We’re the “Costco of All Touring Companies” and are well-known for our excellent travel and vacation packages. Plus, best value for money inclusions without the add-ons to worry 

What Caravan’s tour packages include:

  • Accommodations
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  • Food
  • Fun Activities

Moreover, it’s ideal for those on a budget who want to experience Costa Rica without the hassle. So if you’re looking for a reputable touring company, consider Caravan because of their excellent value, a wide range of destination offers, and broad appeal.

Time to Book that Tour to Costa Rica Through Caravan

The answer to the question, “is Costa Rica safe to travel to?” is simple. Costa Rica, in general, is a very safe country to visit among other Latin American countries. That’s why tourists flock to this paradise each year. And if you want a taste of this tropical country, it’s best to find a reliable touring company beforehand.

At Caravan, you can expect a lot of beautiful inclusions that will make your trip worthwhile. So if you have any questions or want to book for this year, contact us today at 1-800-CARAVAN or +1-312-321-9800! We’ll find the right option that will fit your budget and preferences.

Travel all-inclusive with Caravan Tours and enjoy rainforest tours in Costa Rica. Costa Rica in Central America is home to over 10,000 species of different plants and trees making it one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. As much as 5% of the world’s diversity can be found in Costa Rica! The forestation […]

In the event that you should ever decide to visit a plantation in Costa Rica, here are some pineapple plantation facts.

Pineapples are grown in many parts of the world including Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines. Temperatures and other conditions necessary to produce pineapples limit their growth to tropical and sub-tropical regions. Read more

Sufficient rainfall, moderately warm temperatures, and rich soil fed by numerous volcanoes help make Costa Rica sugar cane exceptional. These are also ideal growing conditions for a large number of agricultural products including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and of course, coffee.

Sugar cane has, in some minds, a history and reputation similar to that of coffee, gold, and a few other natural resources.

As was the case with many other indigenous crops, sugar cane was transported to dozens of locations around the globe from its native region of south Asia and India. Today it is planted and harvested in more than 100 countries, including Costa Rica in Central America. Read more

At present, the JW Marriott Hacienda Pinilla is not part of our Costa Rica tour by Caravan Tours. However, this world-class resort has plenty to offer travelers who visit Costa Rica.

There are many beautiful white sand Costa Rica beaches to explore, many surrounded by verdant valleys, undulating mountains, and nearby pristine lakes and rivers.

Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica is surely one of the best beaches you can vacation and it is home to the JW Marriott resort and spa.

JW Marriott Hacienda Pinilla boasts over three miles of pristine sandy shoreline with no less than six incredible beaches along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Hidden away in the province of Guanacaste in the Canton of Santa Cruz area, Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica is an area of incredible beauty that has been developed in harmony with nature. Read more

Costa Rica beaches hold a special place in the hearts and minds of beach lovers from around the world who have visited this tiny Central American country.

In fact, Costa Rica is famous for its many Pacific oceanfront locations that feature either brilliant white or incredible black sandy beaches all framed by lush tropical rainforests.

Incredible Costa Rica beaches can be found all along the 600 mile stretch of Pacific coastline. With a combination of warm tropical weather and warm tropical waters, they attract vacationers, snorkelers, scuba divers, and surfers from around the globe all year round.

In travel brochures and other Costa Rica visitor guidelines, the beach areas are loosely divided into several sections. Read more