Costa Rica Pineapple Plantation Facts

In the event that you should ever decide to visit a plantation in Costa Rica, here are some pineapple plantation facts.

Pineapples are grown in many parts of the world including Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines. Temperatures and other conditions necessary to produce pineapples limit their growth to tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Costa Rica Pineapple Production

Costa Rica pineapple plantations have experienced tremendous growth in the past few decades. In 2001 Costa Rica pineapple exports exceeded 300,000 tons and now this small Central American country leads the world in pineapple production and exports.

In 2007 and 2008, companies who grow and export Costa Rica pineapples began to take steps to address the issues associated with the rapid growth of the Costa Rica pineapple industry.

Even though over 23% of Costa Rica is now protected within wildlife nature refuges, National Parks and reserves, thankfully, Costa Rica pineapple plantations do not encroach upon these protected lands.

Pineapples and the Costa Rica Economy

The Costa Rica pineapple industry has had a positive effect on the local Costa Rica economy annually contributing more than $500 million dollars. The success of the pineapple industry in Costa Rica continues to attract international investors and farmers.

The industry has grown to such an extent that agents for commercial real estate companies have been offering many listings for pineapple plantations for sale.

These Costa Rica pineapple plantations range from 99 hectares to 2,000 hectares in size (one acre equals about .4 hectares) with some in full production and others in the pre-production stage. Prices for each Costa Rica pineapple plantation seem to vary widely, depending on location and whether the site is producing or non-producing.

Costa Rica Pineapple Export

Did you know that Costa Rica is the largest supplier of pineapples to the US?

About 75 percent of the pineapples sold in the United States are Costa Rica pineapples. As early as 1996 there was more land used for pineapple plantations in Costa Rica than for coffee or banana plantations. Pineapples are now Costa Rica’s premier export crop.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is actively involved in pineapple production in Costa Rica, helping poor populations reap benefits from their native products.

Pineapple Plantation Tours in Costa Rica

Pineapple plantations in Costa Rica have since become a fascinating tourist attraction, in addition to being a major factor in the commercial economy.

Costa Rica pineapple plantation tours allow tourists to witness firsthand the handling and packing of this fruit for the world markets. Some Costa Rica pineapple plantation tours offer fruit salads and milkshakes in addition to samples of freshly picked pineapple. Whole pineapples are also available for purchase in some locations.

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