Best Surfing Destinations in Costa Rica


Are you looking for the perfect waves, relaxation, and a legendary surf session? Look no further than Costa Rica! This stunning country is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for avid surfers. With miles of coastline boasting beautiful beaches with epic waves, sun, and sand, there’s something for everyone in this amazing South American paradise.

Whether you are an experienced surfer or just starting out learning how to ride the waves – Costa Rica has it all. Read on to learn more about where you can find the best beaches for surfing in Costa Rica.


Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa is the place to be if you want to catch your first wave. It is one of the best surfing destinations in Costa Rica for beginners, located on the stunning Northern Pacific coastline.

Many beachfront areas have become too commercialized, but Playa Santa Teresa has avoided this. This means you can enjoy the beauty of the area without feeling like you’re in a tourist trap.

The beach is one of the best for folks just learning to surf, with its long stretch of soft, sandy goodness and crystal-clear blue water. When you’re not out in the waves, take some time to admire the green jungle that meets the beach, creating a scenic backdrop that will take your breath away.

The December/January timeframe is the best time to visit if you’re a beginner surfer, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the shorts-and-t-shirt weather that’s present year-round. Just remember that the dry season runs from December to April, while May to November is the rainy season — but even that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the wonders of this surf town!


Pavones is the place to be if you want to ride some epic waves! Known as the second-longest left point break in the world and one of the best beaches for surfing in Costa Rica, this spot is not for the faint of heart.

Only intermediate to advanced surfers need to apply. Need to know what point-break etiquette is? You better learn before you paddle out! If you follow the rules, the wave is consistent, and there’s enough for everyone.

On big swells, things get busy, but with some patience, you might catch the best wave of your life. Wax up your board, throw on some sunscreen, and get ready to shred some serious gnar at Pavones!


If you’re looking for the best beach for surfing in Costa Rica for beginners, Playitas should be on your radar. Located in the stunning Manuel Antonio, this beach offers a fairly empty lineup with friendly locals to help you improve your skills. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and lush rainforest, including the National Park, you’ll feel like you’ve found paradise.

When is the best time to visit? March to October is perfect for beginners. Don’t worry if you’re not a newbie – the shorts weather all year round with an average temperature of 30ºC makes it a great spot for anyone who loves the surf.

Just bear in mind, Playitas has a dry season from December to April and a rainy season from May to November, so plan your trip accordingly. Trust us; this beach is a real hidden gem!

Playa Tamarindo

As one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica, Playa Tamarindo caters to both novices and seasoned surfers alike. The beach is home to several breaks, including a river-mouth break that can produce incredible waves. What’s more, the bay is well-protected and catches most swells, so there’s almost always a great wave to catch.

Thanks to the sand bottom, it’s also an excellent place to learn how to surf, with numerous schools and camps offering lessons. If you’re wondering where to find Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica, you can quickly locate it as one of the best surfing destinations on the Costa Rica map. Grab your board and head to Playa Tamarindo for unforgettable surfing experiences!

Playa Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a little gem of a surf spot located in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. This laid-back town is a favorite among surfers, offering several breaks suitable for all levels. You’ll find:

  • Surf camp
  • Surf schools
  • Surf shops

These make it easy to catch waves or learn to surf. Taking a surf lesson is a great idea for first-timers, as the ocean can be quite powerful. Remember to respect the local surfers when you’re out there. Santa Teresa is definitely one of the best surfing destinations in Costa Rica, and if you’re planning a surf trip, make sure to include it on your map!

Playa Naranjo

Playa Naranjo, known as Witch’s Rock, is a must-visit surf spot in Costa Rica. Located to the north, it is a 45-minute boat ride from Playas del Coco. This beach is perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking the country’s finest breaks.

Witch’s Rock boasts world-class waves with beach breaks on both the left and right sides. The sandy floor is an ideal surfing spot during mid to high tide.

The best months to surf here are from December to April, offering 1-3 ft waves and bigger swells. From May to November, get ready for more giant waves. Witch’s Rock is the ultimate destination for surfers for these sceneries:

  • Golden sands
  • Stunning mountain backdrop
  • Impressive tubes and barrels

Once you arrive at Witch’s Rock, be prepared for constant waves that cater to surfers of all levels. The A-frame waves break both left and right, providing plenty of options. During the dry season, smaller waves are consistent, while the rainy season brings larger waves.

Swells are frequent, causing an increase in both wave height and frequency. Take advantage of the incredible and memorable surfing experience offered by Witch’s Rock, one of Costa Rica’s most iconic and best surfing spots in Costa Rica!


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