Guided Grand Canyon Vacation Tours

Grand Canyon vacation tours are very popular. In fact, the Grand Canyon is the most popular tourist spot in the entire continental United States attracting over 5 million visitors annually.

Imposing, exhilarating, and definitely a destination not to be missed, a Grand Canyon vacation is an unforgettable experience. You won’t be able to escape the incredible feeling of being quite small in the grander scheme of things.

Summer Vacations to Grand Canyon

Summertime seems to serve up the best Grand Canyon experiences. The weather is bright and appealing during summer with plenty of opportunities to see all of the attraction and highlights in Grand Canyon National Park.

From Grand Canyon helicopter tours to river rafting trips, jeep tours, bus tours, and self-guided biking or hiking trips, there is something for everyone and for every age.

Caravan offers fully guided, all-inclusive Grand Canyon tours that also include guided tours of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Winter in the Canyon

North Rim – For the winter months, the North Rim of Grand Canyon is closed. Many of the roads, pathways, and tour activities on the North Rim of Grand Canyon are closed by late October or early November due to the weather and snow accumulation. The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park reopens in the spring on May 15th.

South Rim – The South Rim of Grand Canyon remains open all year and visitor services are still available. While reservations to vacation at Grand Canyon are not required during the winter months, they are strongly advised throughout the rest of the year.

Hiking the Grand Canyon – During Caravan’s Grand Canyon vacation tour you will have ample time to check out some of the Canyon’s unique hiking trails. There are trails to suit hikers of all ages and skill levels.

Grand Canyon Geology

From the Canyon’s rim to the raging waters of the Colorado River below, the most daring adventurers will descend more than a mile into the Canyon. The canyon walls expose more than 40 layers of major sedimentary rock formations that date back between 2 and 3 billion years … even before the age of the dinosaurs.

“Must See Before I Die”

Ask any tourist who has read about the Grand Canyon in travel books or magazines or viewed pictures of the Grand Canyon online or on television, and they will tell you nothing compares to the real thing.

For most, the Grand Canyon is one of those “must see before I die” places. You must experience it in person to truly appreciate it’s grandeur.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Walkway

Visit the Grand Canyon and be sure to check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The Skywalk is a glass bottomed viewing platform that extends 70 feet out from the edge of the Grand Canyon, providing the visitor with jaw-dropping unobstructed views of the Canyon and the Colorado River almost a mile below.

Stand at the outer edge of the C-shaped Grand Canyon Skywalk walkway and you are standing directly above the Grand Canyon; there’s simply no better way to experience the majesty of this naturally carved mile-deep gorge.

There’s even a guided Grand Canyon walkway tour that is part of many all-inclusive Grand Canyon vacation packages. Photos and video are not permitted on the Skywalk, but tourists can purchase Skywalk postcards and snapshots separately.

Book A Grand Canyon Vacation Tour

Caravan Grand Canyon vacation tours are fully guided by skilled and well-versed tour guides who offer narration and commentaries during the whole bus trip.

Our tour buses all have state-of-the-art facilities and amenities including air-conditioning and full on-board rest rooms. The tour includes photo opportunities at special lookout points throughout Grand Canyon National Park.

Other attractions on our 8-day Grand Canyon tour include:

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