In the past few decades Caravan vacation packages have become one of the most popular and economical ways to travel.

With tourism today, travelers have plenty of options. Once you have an idea of where to go there is no shortage of options including;

  • Self-guided vacations
  • Customized vacation travel
  • Fully escorted vacation packages
  • All inclusive tours
  • Group vacations
  • Budget vacation travel
  • And practically any combination of these

Caravan vacation packages are designed for pampering guests, making them feel special, and providing guests with the ultimate vacation experience.

All Inclusive Vacation Packages

All inclusive vacation packages are very popular with group travelers as all arrangements for hotel stays, airport transfers, and ground travel are taken care of. Most often, hotels and lodges are three and four star quality.

Many vacation packages are also fully escorted so language and local currencies are not an issue for travelers.

All inclusive packages are extremely convenient since every detail is handled for you and included for one affordable all inclusive price. This type of vacation package usually includes all itinerary sightseeing activities and activity fees, and in many cases, gratuities as well.

Specialized Vacations

There are a myriad of specialized vacation packages available for the avid traveler. These may include family getaways, senior holiday packages, or theme based vacation packages such as;

  • Adventure travel
  • Arts and culture tours
  • Ruins & archaeological interest packages
  • Beach holidays
  • Vacation packages for singles or couples
  • And guided travel for special interest groups

Many of these specialized and special interest vacation packages can be customized to suit your requirements and the entire holiday can be set up according to your personal or group needs.

There are even vacation packages centered on specific holidays and events like Mardi Gras or the Olympics. These vacation packages usually include entry to the event as well.

Caravan All Inclusive Tours

Today, most reputable tour companies can be easily researched online offering tours to suit virtually any taste and budget. Tour operators that have been around for a while and are well established generally offer the best value for the money.

Since 1952, Caravan Vacation Packages have given travelers a complete holiday experience at truly affordable prices. Because Caravan deals in volume, hotels and vendors generally offer us excellent discounts. Price breaks such as this allow our tour operators to offer amazing tours. Our Discount Costa Rica Vacation package is a prime example. You can enjoy this tour for much less than what you would pay if you had to book the same activities and hotels on your own.

Caravan vacation packages are all inclusive, fully escorted tours starting as low as $1,195. Come travel with Caravan Tours to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, or Canada and US destinations like California and New England.

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A Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica tour is the ultimate tropical vacation with all the exotic trappings that you would expect and more.

The name “Costa Rica” means “Rich Coast” and the pure, untamed beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coastlines reveal unspoiled eco diversity like nowhere else on earth.

This diversity is possible partly because Costa Rica abolished the military decades ago and used that funding for the preservation of their natural heritage. Today, over 23% of Costa Rica is now protected in National Parks, refuges, and wildlife preserves.

In this article we will answer four of the common questions about our Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica Tour.

What does “Fully Escorted” Mean?

“Fully escorted” simply means that from start to finish, your tour in Costa Rica will be conducted by a professional Caravan tour operator. The same tour operator stays with your group the entire time. We use very knowledgeable and experienced local tour operators who take our travelers through Costa Rica’s best attractions. Each tour director is also fluent in English and will work with your bus driver, plus other local tour guides at specific attractions. With a fully escorted tour you can relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation.

Because every detail of our all inclusive Costa Rica tour is taken care of by your tour director, these full escorted Costa Rica vacations have become very popular in recent years. This is especially true for budget travelers and those who want group tours, senior tours, or all-inclusive family vacations.

What is Included on Caravan’s All Inclusive Costa Rica Tour?

Caravan Tours is an all-inclusive Costa Rica tour operator providing affordable, fully guided tours of beautiful central American country.

All inclusive means virtually everything is included for one low price. Tours are fully escorted and all ground transportation is provided. The tour also includes all itinerary meals, accommodations, activities, and activity fees. Caravan will even provide bottled water on their restroom equipped, air conditioned Mercedes motor coaches.

Your Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica tour also includes airport transfers to and from your hotel. As well, your tour price includes all gratuities for local guides, hotel staff, and restaurants.

With Caravan Tours, you know what your costs are up front. There are no add on features or surprise option sales, making Caravan Tours the most convenient and affordable way to enjoy this amazing eco-friendly country.

What Are Some of the Tour Highlights?

For one low all inclusive price, vacationers can enjoy this Natural Paradise all-inclusive Costa Rica tour with visits to some the country’s most popular attractions. You’ll visit tropical rainforests, volcanoes, plantations, Colonial cities, and incredible National Parks.

From the moment you arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, you will understand why this quaint little country of just over four million people is so popular. Your Costa Rica all inclusive vacation tour will be accompanied by local naturalist guides who are eager to share the country’s natural beauty and heritage with world travelers.

You will travel north from San Jose through banana, sugar cane, teak, and orange plantations and take a guided coffee plantation tour. Every all inclusive tour includes visits to Manual Antonio National Park and Leatherback Turtles National Park.

You’ll enjoy the splendor of cascading waterfalls, natural hot springs, active volcanoes, lush tropical rainforests, cloud forests, and the country’s many wildlife refuges and reserves. It all adds up to an amazing, unforgettable holiday experience.

Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica tour also includes river cruises, a visit to a butterfly garden, a bird sanctuary and a beach hike along the Pacific coast Leatherback turtle nesting beaches. There are also unforgettable aerial tram tours through the virgin rainforest canopy, where you can observe the canopy wildlife up close and in their natural setting.

Why Do Costa Rica Tours Book Up So Fast?

At such a great price point, these tours are filled with all the most popular things to do in Costa Rica. The simply can’t be beat! Caravan’s Costa Rica vacations book so fast because travelers get the best possible value for their money.

Visit Caravan’s Costa Rica tour reviews page to read what others have said about Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica tour.

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Come travel to Costa Rica with Caravan Tours! You will soon understand why this peaceful and friendly little country (with a thriving democracy) was voted one of the best places in the world to live.

Costa Rica is one of those delightful places where you can truly enjoy your vacation, whatever your preferences may be. This tropical paradise is full of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible varieties of exotic flora and fauna, plus rare birds and wildlife.

Top Industry – Tourism

So many international visitors travel to Costa Rica each year that tourism is the number one industry…and for good reason. Costa Rica is a safe, eco-conscious country and home to many of Mother Nature’s natural wonders including rainforests, volcanoes and the Pacific coast turtle nesting beaches.

Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Caribbean Ocean to the east and the warm Pacific Ocean to the west. In fact, the literal translation for Costa Rica is “Rich Coast.”

Literacy in Costa Rica is very high and Costa Rica’s culture is a pleasing combination of European and Latin American influences.

Travel to Costa Rica for an Eco Tour

In recent years, Costa Rica eco tours have flourished thanks to Costa Rica’s continued commitment towards the preservation and conservation of its natural habitats, birds and wildlife. Over 23% of Costa Rica is now protected through:

  • Wildlife refuges
  • Reserves
  • And national parks

Caravan Tours has made every effort to keep your travel to Costa Rica as eco-friendly as possible. You will have the rare opportunity to see the natural wonders of this amazingly beautiful country in a very eco-friendly way.

Family, Senior & Group Tours

Costa Rica tour companies like Caravan Tours are all inclusive Costa Rica tour operators. Caravan Costa Rica tours are fully escorted and everything is included for one low affordable price.

When you travel to Costa Rica for a Caravan tour, even your ground transportation is taken care of. Tours are accompanied by knowledgeable local guides and the tour itinerary also includes all meals, activities, activity fees and Costa Rica hotel accommodations.

Caravan’s  Costa Rica tours make ideal tour packages for senior holiday travel or for families that want all inclusive family vacations.

Call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to ask about a Costa Rica tour for a large group.

Tour Highlights & Attractions

When you travel to Costa Rica, San Jose is where each Caravan tour starts. San Jose is situated in central Costa Rica and is the capital of this beautiful eco-friendly country.

From San Jose, Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica tour will guide you on many unique excursions to see Costa Rica attractions like Arenal Volcano, Cloud Forests, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Leatherback Turtles National Park.

Other attractions you’ll see when you travel to Costa Rica include:

  • Virgin rainforest hikes
  • A bird watching cruise on the Tarcoles River adjacent to the Carara Biological Reserve
  • A wildlife crocodile cruise down Rio Frio in the Cano Negro wildlife reserve
  • And a cloud forest hike near Poás Volcano
  • There’s even a fully escorted coffee plantation tour!

Affordable Costa Rica Tours

Caravan’s fully escorted 9 day Costa Rica tours are exceptionally priced and a great way to visit this top rated eco-friendly country in Central America!

Visit Caravan’s Costa Rica tour reviews page to read what others have said about this tour or check out the FAQ page for answers questions you may have.

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and travel to Costa Rica for your next vacation!

Lagoon and sandy beach in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

After leaving the JW Marriott Hotel in Guanacaste, our Costa Rica tour took us south towards the province of Puntarenas where we get to enjoy a guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park. Along the way we stopped to take a bird watching riverboat cruise on the Tarcoles River (Rio Grande de Tarcoles), which was next to the Carara Biological Reserve. Also known as the River of Crocodiles, this Tarcoles River area of mangrove forest is literally a bird watchers’ paradise for anyone who loves birds.

River crocodiles near Jaco Costa Rica

Our tour guide Paul gave us a bird guidebook that had photos of no less than 58 different bird species that can be found in the area. I’m sure we saw nearly 2-dozen of them including the Scarlet Macaw. Many of the birds migrate here from the United States and other parts of Central America. We also saw dozens of caiman (crocodiles), plus green turtles, iguanas, water walking lizards, and even a boa constrictor nestled in the riverbank!

San Bada Hotel

We then headed down to Manuel Antonio National Park to stay at the Hotel San Bada, the Park’s closest hotel, right next to the park’s entrance. San Bada was uniquely situated, backed up against the rainforest and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A 3-foot lizard greeted us as we came into the hotel and just before dinner we watched a 10-minute video (another video produced by Caravan Tours) on the uniqueness of Manuel Antonio National Park. This gave us a lot of background information about what we would be seeing on our guided rainforest tour tomorrow.

Our most unique greeting here at San Bada Hotel, however, was perhaps the very loud wakeup call we got just before daybreak from the local howler monkeys (it seemed like they were just outside our window and my son even got up to go check). Although the howler monkeys were well camouflaged in the Manuel Antonio Park rainforest it certainly wasn’t a problem hearing them.

Sunset double parasail photo above Manuel Antonio Beach

Double Parasail Sunset Ride, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The San Bada Hotel is also quite close (just 4 minutes) to the local beachfront and open vendors in the area so we did get a chance to walk along the beach and do a little souvenir shopping before dinner. The top floor of the San Bada hotel includes a swimming pool, a wet bar, and an incredible observation deck with a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. Before retiring we enjoyed a free open bar and an absolutely beautiful view of the bay. With Manuel Antonia Park right behind us and an incredible Pacific Coast Lagoon before us, it doesn’t get any better than this! We even snapped a photo of someone double parasailing with an amazing Pacific Ocean sunset as a backdrop (see photo).

Beach Lagoon near Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Our tour guide Paul took us up to two different lookout points (overlooking the bay and beach area) as well as a quick hike down to the lagoon with an expansive white sandy beach. Paul gave us a very informative tour with detailed explanations of the different kinds of flora and fauna of the primary and secondary forest in Manuel Antonio, as well as information about the wildlife we saw including howler monkeys, toucans, bats, turkey vultures, lizards, a leafcutter ant nest, the 2-toed sloth, and the 3-toed sloth. Many of the Manuel Antonio Park animals were so well camouflaged that getting a good close up photo was nearly impossible (unless you have a telephoto lens) and certainly would have been missed without Paul’s help.

List of Costa Rica Wildlife Refuges, Parks, and Protected Areas

Important Facts About Costa Rica

Aerial Tram Ride

Following the Manuel Antonio rainforest hike, we had time for a quick lunch before heading off to take a guided aerial tram ride through the rainforest canopy not far from Jaco, Costa Rica. The tram offered exceptional views of the dry rainforest, the transitional forest, and the valley below, as well as a close-up view of a mountain waterfall.

At the beginning of the tram ride they had posted some important facts about Costa Rica and how 34% of the country was protected:
– 75 Wildlife Refuges
– 31 Protected Areas
– 28 National Parks
– 13 Wetlands and Mangrove Forests
– 9 Forest Reserves
– 8 Biological Reserves
– 5 National Monuments


We absolutely love this area of Jaco and we’re so glad that Caravan included Manuel Antonio Park as part of their Costa Rica tour. So sad that we have to back to our last hotel in San Jose to spend a final night before our flight back to Canada. Along the way, our guide Paul made a formal announcement that Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano (just 8-miles east of San Jose) had a small eruption the day earlier. Although westerly winds had blown volcanic ash towards the airport, only a few flights had been delayed or canceled. Thankfully, the wind direction had changed so the ash was blowing in the opposite direction from the airport.

We were able to check online and were relieved to find that our flight would be leaving Costa Rica as scheduled.

~ Lee K

Well, today we flew into Costa Rica to begin our Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica tour. It’s a beautiful sunny day with just a little cloud and about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). Not bad considering when we left Vancouver Canada to take this all inclusive Costa Rica tour it was about minus 3 Celsius (26 F) and we had about 15 or so centimetres of snow (6 inches) on the ground.

We were greeted at the San Jose airport by Caravan Tours’ friendly representative Sergio, who made sure we found our shuttle bus okay. Then, it was a quick 30-minute ride to the amazing Hotel Intercontinental. The staff here are excellent, and our rooms are perfect. This hotel deserves its 4 star rating. The dinner was really great with lots of choices…and we met with our own personal Costa Rica tour guide, Paul Valverde (pictured here), who gave us a quick orientation on what to expect on this all inclusive Costa Rica tour.

paul-valverde-tour-guidePaul has been a Costa Rican naturalist guide for the past 23 years and has been working with Caravan Tours for the last 12. He’s fun, and very personable, so I’m sure we will learn more than we could ever have imagined about this little Central American country called Costa Rica…really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I’ll write a recap of everything we experienced throughout the day. I’ll do the same in this daily blog for each day of the all inclusive Costa Rica tour so I have a running record of this amazing trip…hope you like it as well.

Photo of Caravan tour group for Costa Rica

Jan 2017 Caravan Costa Rica Tour Group

Here’s a photo of our entire Caravan Costa Rica tour group!

Until tomorrow…

~ Lee K.