Caravan All Inclusive Costa Rica Tour

A Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica tour is the ultimate tropical vacation with all the exotic trappings that you would expect and more.

The name “Costa Rica” means “Rich Coast” and the pure, untamed beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coastlines reveal unspoiled eco diversity like nowhere else on earth.

This diversity is possible partly because Costa Rica abolished the military decades ago and used that funding for the preservation of their natural heritage. Today, over 23% of Costa Rica is now protected in National Parks, refuges, and wildlife preserves.

In this article we will answer four of the common questions about our Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica Tour.

What does “Fully Escorted” Mean?

“Fully escorted” simply means that from start to finish, your tour in Costa Rica will be conducted by a professional Caravan tour operator. The same tour operator stays with your group the entire time. We use very knowledgeable and experienced local tour operators who take our travelers through Costa Rica’s best attractions.

Each tour director is also fluent in English and will work with your bus driver plus other local tour guides at specific Costa Rica attractions. With a fully escorted tour you can relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation.

Because every detail of our all inclusive Costa Rica tour is taken care of by your tour director, these fully escorted Costa Rica vacations have become very popular in recent years. This is especially true for budget travelers and those who want group tours, senior tours, or all-inclusive family vacations.

What is Included on Caravan’s All Inclusive Costa Rica Tour?

Caravan Tours is an all-inclusive Costa Rica tour operator providing affordable, fully guided tours through this beautiful Central American country.

All inclusive means virtually everything is included for one low price. All ground transportation is provided. The tour also includes all itinerary meals, accommodations, activities, and activity fees. Caravan will even provide bottled water on their restroom equipped, air conditioned Mercedes motor coaches.

Your Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica tour also includes airport transfers to and from your hotel. As well, your tour price includes all gratuities for local guides, hotel staff, and restaurants.

With Caravan Tours, you know what your costs are up front. There are no add-on features or surprise option sales, making Caravan Tours the most convenient and affordable way to enjoy this amazing eco-friendly country.

What Are Some of the Tour Highlights?

For one low all inclusive price, vacationers can enjoy this Natural Paradise all-inclusive Costa Rica tour with visits to some the country’s most popular attractions. You’ll visit tropical rainforest tours plus volcanoes, plantations, Colonial cities, and a Tarcoles River wildlife and bird watching cruise.

From the moment you arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, you will understand why this quaint little country of just over four million people is so popular. Your Costa Rica all inclusive vacation tour will be accompanied by local naturalist guides who are eager to share the country’s natural beauty and heritage with world travelers.

You will travel north from San Jose passing banana, sugar cane, teak, and orange plantations and take a guided coffee plantation tour along the way. Every all inclusive tour includes visits to Manual Antonio National Park and Leatherback Turtles National Park.

You’ll enjoy the splendor of cascading waterfalls, natural hot springs, active volcanoes, lush tropical rainforests, cloud forests, and the country’s many wildlife refuges and reserves. It all adds up to an amazing, unforgettable holiday experience.

Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica tour also includes river cruises, a visit to a butterfly garden, a bird sanctuary and a beach hike along Playa Tambor, a 4-mile beach on the Pacific coast that is also home to nesting sea turtles. There are also unforgettable the hanging bridges hike through the virgin rainforest canopy, where you can observe the canopy wildlife up close and in their natural setting.

Why Do Costa Rica Tours Book Up So Fast?

At such a great price point, these tours are filled with all the most popular things to do in Costa Rica. The simply can’t be beat! Caravan’s Costa Rica vacations book so fast because travelers get the best possible value for their money.

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