Caravan All Inclusive Panama Vacations

All inclusive Panama vacations bring tourists to what many people call Central America’s “Hidden Treasure.

Panama is the small country near the equator that connects Central America to South America. Though relatively small in size, it is brimming with culture shaped by European and Spanish traditions and a friendly population generally made up of Spanish speaking Roman Catholics.

Panama’s strategic geographic location makes it a gathering place of people from all over the world. In recent years Panama has gone to great lengths to attract worldwide vacationers and tourists to its country. Many of these tourists are eager to witness the workings of the engineering feat that often claims the title as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Cruises

One of the most popular activities on Caravan all inclusive Panama vacations is a Panama Canal cruise. Getting to watch the gates in the canal open and close is exciting but there are also other great water adventures to take part in:

Gatun Lake Cruise

This man-made lake is one of the most important features of the Panama Canal. Strategically built in the Chagres Valley, Gatun Lake holds more than 5.2 cubic kilometres of water. What were once mountain peaks surrounding a valley are now hilltop islands. One of the highlights of this Panama boat cruise is a visit to Monkey Island.

Panama Locks Cruise

Travel with Caravan Tours, and see first-hand the opening and closing of the 6-foot thick steel gates of both the Miraflores Locks and the Pedro Miguel Locks. Be sure to check out Miraflores Visitor Center Museum. Transit and trade through the Panama Canal don’t slow down for tourists as tugboats guide large vessels through the canal.

Chagres Rivers Cruise

Get up close and personal with the wildlife that inhabit the land along the Chagres River. The river cuts through Central America, crosses the Continental Divide and drains into the Caribbean Sea.

Panama Canal Top Destinations

While enjoying all inclusive Panama vacations make sure to visit this country’s most popular destinations:

Panama Viego Panama
Known to many as “Old Panama” this Spanish Colonial city was founded nearly four centuries ago when the Spanish came seeking gold. Panama Viego is one of two UNESCO World Heritage sites to take in while visiting Panama.

Playa Blanca Panama
Located on the Pacific Coast, Playa Blanca is a popular tourist destination because of its five star resorts built along pristine white sandy beaches.

El Valle Panama
This small town is built in the center of a dormant volcano and features charming homes surrounded by lush green scenery. El Valle is the perfect step away from the hustle and bustle of Panama City.

Panama City, Panama
The hub of the country whose downtown core is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean; Panama City has many tourist destinations on its own such as the The National Institute of Culture Building, Las Bóvedas, Plaza de la Catedral, Teatro Nacional and Museo del Canal Interoceánico.

Panama Vacation Activities

All inclusive Panama vacations don’t have to solely revolve around the opening and closing of the gates of the great Panama Canal. The country is full of other rich heritage sites, cultural experiences and local marketplaces that will spark your interest:

  • See the dormant volcano situated in Central Panama near the town of El Valle.
  • Explore the rainforest biodiversity – Panama is home to over 100 mammal species, over 500 bird species, and over 120 reptile and amphibian species.
  • Experience an authentic Indian village of the Embera Indigenous people in the heart of Panama’s rainforests.
  • Shop for local Panama handiwork such as fibre baskets or tagua nut carvings.
  • Stay in touch with modern society and be inspired by Panama City’s skyline, which resembles Miami or Manhattan but with a Latin America flare.
  • Walk the Amador Causeway Panama
  • Enjoy Panama’s culinary delights, which are inspired by Spanish, American, Caribbean, and indigenous palates and feature fresh seafood and tropical toppings.

Caravan Panama All Inclusive

Fully escorted cruises on Panama Canal Vacations by Caravan Tours take you through the waterways and canals of Panama and let you explore the rich cultural heritage of this small Central American country.

The All Inclusive Cruise Packages include food, accommodations, activities and transportation while on this fully guided vacation.

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