El Valle Panama Vacation

The town of El Valle Panama is an outstanding invitation in and of itself, beckoning tourists from around the world to come vacation in the quiet little village located in the world’s largest inhabited volcano crater.

Indians from surrounding Panama Mountains first inhabited El Valle over 11,000 years ago. What used to be a volcanic crater lake is now a popular ‘Old Panama’ destination. Many Americans choose to retire here and the small village is a popular getaway for Panama City residents. Many affluent Panamanians also have weekend homes in area.


Located only 120 kilometers or less than 2 hours from Panama City, El Valle Panama is a must see destination and included in most Panama guided tours.

El Valle Panama Tour

The charming small village of El Valle Panama is a stark contrast to Panama City. The first noticeable difference is that it is considerably cooler since it is located at an elevation of 2,000 feet. Yet, this unique town of 7,600 people boasts some of the best cultural, environmental, and culinary assets of Panama.

One of the best ways to be acquainted with the village is to take a short home tour that shows off the unique architecture and style of Old Panama. Most homes are shaded by a green layer of trees bringing nature into everyday life.

Local Markets

One of the best places to take in the local markets is right in El Valle Panama. Tourists can purchase fresh local fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers as well as local souvenirs featuring ceramics, wooden trays (called bateas), woven baskets, hats, and keepsakes made from acorns. The local artisans love to show off their handiwork.

El Nispero Zoo

El Nispero Zoo was never intended to be an actual zoo. It started off as a small nursery run by an agronomist with a large collection of animals and birds. Over time people donated sick or abandoned animals to the shelter and as it grew in size people naturally wanted to visit. Eventually it was officially opened to the public and named the El Nispero Zoo.

Today the zoo is home to a wide variety of birds – 55 species to be exact. The zoo features birds native to Panama that are not housed in zoos outside of the country. The zoo also features exotic imports from Asia and Africa such as the golden pheasant and white peacock.

El Nispero Zoo is also home to a wide variety of endemic animals such as the white-faced capuchin monkey and spider monkey that are naturally found in the wild on Panama’s Monkey Island.

One of the unique features of Panama’s El Nispero zoo is that there are no protective railings between the cages and the path. The simple chain link fence lets visitors get up close glimpses into the habitat and behaviors of the birds and animals. The beautiful grounds are a great place to explore, observe nature, enjoy the shade trees, or to get some quiet relaxation.

Other Activities in El Valle Panama

There is a long list of things one can do in El Valle Panama that could keep a tourist busy for days. Bird watching, visiting the Gaital National Reserve, taking a walking tour up to Chorro El Mach Waterfall, doing a canopy adventure tour in El Macho and enjoying a volcanic mud bath or soaking in thermal water pools are just a few of the most popular Panama activities.

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