Panama Canal Rainforest Vacations

Apart from the canal, your Panama rainforest vacation will also highlight the area’s colorful sights, sounds, and natural diversity of flora, fauna, and wildlife. Many argue that Panama’s rainforests are the most studied and observed in the world. Did you know that the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute is located in Balboa, Panama?

Unfortunately Panama rainforests have been seriously affected by Canal construction and use. When the canal was first built, large portions of the rainforests were flooded and incurred significant losses in both biodiversity and forest coffee.

Today, Panama rainforests cover approximately 58% of the country’s land area.

Panama Rainforest Biodiversity

On your Panama rainforest vacation you’ll discover that both sides of the Panama Canal are host to a diverse community of wildlife and plants. One reason these rainforests are home to such a rich biodiversity is because of their geographic location. Panama acts as a land bridge for animals moving in between North and South America. Many species tend to mingle with each other in Panama.

Some of the most popular rare and exotic species you would expect to see on your Panama rainforest vacation might include jaguars, tapirs, deer, anteaters, armadillos, capuchin and howler monkeys. On our Panama Canal cruise across Gatun Lake you will also pass by Monkey Island.

That is not to say there isn’t so much more lurking in the forests. Panama is home to:

  • 9,915 plant species
  • 218 mammal species
  • 302 bird species
  • 242 reptile species
  • 182 amphibian species

Panama rainforests are not only home to all these species but the rainforests also help to reduce erosion and sedimentation into the Panama Canal. Without these rainforests, Panama’s transport system and its biodiversity would be adversely affected.

Rainforest Hikes and Panama Cruises

All visitors enjoying a Panama rainforest vacation should take time to enjoy the natural biodiversity of this Central American country.

Caribbean Coast – The east coast contains the typical tropical rainforests where tropical rain falls all year round.

Pacific Coast – Alternately, the west coast features rainforests with very distinct dry seasons each year.

Regardless of what coast you are vacationing on, rainforest hikes and Panama canal cruises are a great way to take in the pristine condition of these natural rainforests. Whether on land or water, visitors can catch glimpses of howler monkeys, sloths, tropical birds, and a host of other exotic tropical wildlife.


Panama Rainforest Resorts

There are several resorts built in the heart of Panama rainforests. The Radisson Rainforest Summit in Paraiso, Panama is a popular resort for tourists. This Panama hotel and golf course is situated on nearly 160 acres of rainforest area.

While traveling with Caravan Tours you will stay at at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort located in Soberania National Park. The hotel is also in close proximity to the Metropolitan National Park. These parks offer ample opportunity to explore, hike, and take in spectacular waterfalls.

All inclusive Panama Rainforest Vacations

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