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Vasco Balboa Explorer of Panama

This Caravan Tours’ blog will explore some interesting Vasco Nunez de Balboa facts. The Port of Balboa Panama is Central America’s busiest port and is located on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal in the Balboa District, which is part of Panama City. Both the town of Balboa and the Port of Balboa were […]

5 Things You Should Know about Lake Atitlán Guatemala

Prior to booking an all inclusive Guatemala Tour with Caravan Tours here are some Lake Atitlan facts you should know. Lake Atitlan Facts Some interesting Lake Atitlan information that will make you want to visit Guatemala soon: The locals refer to Lake Atitlan Guatemala as Lago de Atitlan Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in […]

Massachusetts New England Vacation Attractions

Caravan fall foliage tours include some of top vacation sightseeing in New England like these Massachusetts attractions highlighted below. Of the six New England states, Massachusetts is the most heavily populated. Its significant role in the American Revolution makes Massachusetts a very popular vacation destination that features plenty of sightseeing, educational tours, and quaint villages […]

Things to Do and See at La Fortuna Arenal, Costa Rica

If you seek spectacular scenery with a panoramic view of Costa Rica’s most active volcano (Arenal Volcano), the city of La Fortuna de San Carlos (La Fortuna Costa Rica) may be the place for you. Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, La Fortuna is one of only a few sizeable towns and small […]

Visiting Arenal Volcano Hot Springs & Lake

Like most of Costa Rica’s tourist destinations and natural wonders Arenal volcano (Volcan Arenal) is a sight to behold. It is perhaps the country’s most well-know attraction. Arenal is a very active cone shaped volcano in the northwest portion of Costa Rica, within an hour drive of San Jose, the capital. The volcano is located […]

Tortuguero Costa Rica Park, Conservation Area & Village Information

Located in Limon Province just north of Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is the small village of Tortuguero Costa Rica. Tortuguero Village relies mainly on tourism and since it is isolated on a strip of land within the Tortuguero canals the village can only be accessed by air or water. There are […]

Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica – Featuring Brand New J.W. Marriott Resort & Spa

Travel Costa Rica with Caravan and spend 2 nights at JW Marriott Hacienda Pinilla. There are many beautiful white sand Costa Rica beaches to explore, many surrounded by verdant valleys, undulating mountains, and nearby pristine lakes and rivers. Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica is surely one of the best beaches you can vacation on and it […]

5 Can’t-Miss Rainforest Costa Rica Tours

Travel all-inclusive with Caravan Tours and enjoy rainforest tours in Costa Rica. Costa Rica in Central America is home to over 10,000 species of different plants and trees making it one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. The forestation consists of unique flora and fauna in luscious virgin rainforests, mysterious cloud forests, and […]

What to Expect on a Guatemala Coffee Plantation Tour

Travel with Caravan all-inclusive and enjoy a fully guided Guatemala coffee plantation tour. Did you know that it takes about 100 pounds of Guatemalan coffee cherries to produce 20 pounds of green Guatemala coffee beans? Guatemalan vacationers learn facts like these while enjoying a local Guatemala coffee plantation tour as part of Caravan’s all-inclusive, escorted Guatemala […]

Costa Rica Pineapple Plantation Facts

In the event that you should ever decide to visit a plantation in Costa Rica, here are some pineapple plantation facts. Pineapples are grown in many parts of the world including Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines. Temperatures and other conditions necessary to produce pineapples limit their growth to tropical and sub-tropical regions.