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Mexico City is a vibrant and exciting destination for people from all walks of life. But as with any destination, planning an itinerary for traveling with kids takes extra effort. Fortunately, Mexico City has much to offer families with children of all ages!

From discovering the fascinating history of ancient civilizations to exploring Mexico’s rich culture to enjoying the adrenaline-pumping rides at amusement parks, there’s something for everyone. If you’re planning a visit to Mexico City with your kids, here are a few activity ideas to add to your itinerary.


1. Book an Xochimilco Tour

Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well worth a stop while visiting Mexico City. While it can be touristy, this canal system features an assortment of beautiful agricultural sites. At the docks, you’ll find a myriad of colorful boats that you can rent out for a trip around the canals.

These boats, often used by the locals for birthday parties and other get-togethers, are a great method of transportation to spend an afternoon exploring the intriguing history of Xochimilco. These canals date back to the Aztecs, who built floating gardens around the lake of Xochimilco, which is the southern arm of the drained lake of Texcoco. Today, parts of these canals are an ecological reserve.

Sitting on a boat for a while might drive young kids stir crazy, but this activity is a fun addition to the itinerary for families with older kids.

2. Visit Papalote Museo del Nino

The Papalote Children’s Museum, or Paplote Museo del Nino in Spanish, is an entertaining experience for families traveling to Mexico City with kids. This dynamic museum features an array of interactive exhibits and activities that encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination in a fun and educational environment.

The displays cater to kids of all ages, making it an engaging and inclusive experience for families with diverse interests and preferences. The exhibits in this vibrant blue building cover everything from science and technology to art and culture, each subject boasting intriguing interactive displays.

Whether your children want to immerse themselves in the LEGO area, delve into the inky depths of the ocean room, or explore the agriculture of Xochimilco, there’s something for everyone. You won’t even need to leave the museum to feed your brood – there’s an impressive food court ready to fill your bellies for an afternoon of exploring!

3. Spend a Day at Six Flags

Have a few adrenaline junkies in your clan? Spend a day at Six Flags Mexico, the most visited theme park in Mexico City. If you’ve been to Six Flags before, you’ll know what to expect. If not, there’s something for everyone.

There are massive roller coasters with breathtaking drops for those seeking an adrenaline rush and spinning teacups, bumper cars, and laser tag for those who prefer to steer clear of heights. The park is located just south of Mexico City at the edge of the Tlalpan Forest, so it’s not technically in the city, but if you have kids who want an adrenaline-pumping experience, it’s worth a visit.

4. Explore the Acuario Inbursa

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Inbursa Aquarium, or Acuario Inbursa in Spanish. This enchanting stop boasts a beautiful range of sea life, with more than 14,000 specimens of 350 species residing in its exhibits. From sharks and stingrays to jellyfish and seahorses, there’s much to see in Mexico’s largest aquarium.

It’s an interactive aquarium, which makes it a great experience for kids. It meshes science and tech into a fun experience, making learning about the fascinating underwater world entertaining. For example, there are VR experiences that allow you to navigate the deep sea, swim with sharks, and watch humpback whales!

When you’re done, visit the sea laboratory across the street for an interactive experience viewing jellyfish, stingrays, and seahorses.

5. Relax in Chapultepec Park

Enjoy a day in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, one of the largest and oldest urban parks in Latin America. It’s even one of the oldest urban parks in the world!

Known as the Bosque de Chapultepec, this 1,600-acre park is a sight to behold. Its sprawling acreage boasts a diverse assortment of activities and sights, from the Chapultepec Castle, situated atop a hill with outstanding views of Mexico City, to paddle boat rides on Chapultepec Lake.

Its diverse activities and sights make it a favorite among families with children, as there’s plenty of space to run around and plenty to do. If you have kids old enough to ride larger bikes, take a spin around the park on a biking tour. This is a great way to get some exercise and see the park without walking everywhere.

Or, if you and your kids appreciate history, take a tour through the Mexico City Anthropology Museum. This sprawling museum boasts nearly two dozen exhibition halls covering over three thousand years of history, from the Olmecs and Toltecs to the Maya and Aztecs.

The museum offers an English tour, but since it’s only an hour long, it barely covers the high points of the museum’s diverse historical offerings.

6. Visit the Teotihuacan Pyramids

If your kids love history, the ancient city of Teotihuacan is another place to add to your itinerary. The city, now nothing more than a handful of ruins, once stood among the largest urban centers in the ancient world. At its zenith, it took up approximately eight square miles.

Much of its history is lost to time, with little known about the city or its inhabitants. However, historians have pieced together the information that remains, shaping a guess of its history. They estimate approximately 100,000 people resided in the city, which flourished in its early years. About 1,400 years ago, the city began its decline, eventually fading into oblivion.

Over the years since its collapse, Teotihuacan has crumbled, many of the structures becoming nothing more than rubble. However, a handful of buildings still stand, including several impressive pyramid complexes that tower over the long-dead city.

Whether you go to immerse yourself in the fascinating remnants of the city or to simply see the towering heights of the Pyramid of the Moon or the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan is well worth visiting.

You can visit on your own in a self-guided tour or book a tour with a local guide. Choosing the latter is a great way to make the most of your visit and enjoy an educational and memorable experience.

Whether you visit on your own or with a guide, remember to bring plenty of water and dress for the weather. Wear plenty of sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. There’s almost no shade in the Teotihuacan, so ensure you plan ahead and are ready for the unrelenting sunshine.

7. Savor All the Authentic Eats

While tacos, guacamole, and salsa might be the first things that come to mind when you think of Mexican cuisine, there’s much more to it. From tamales and chilaquiles to enchiladas and pozole, Mexican cuisine has much to offer.

If you and your kids enjoy familiar favorites, indulge in delicious burritos, tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas. For example, sample Tacos al Pastor. These tacos are bursting with authentic flavors, packed with marinated pork, pineapple, onions, and cilantro atop a soft tortilla.

If you want to branch out with Mexican favorites, try tamales, a delicacy made with meats, cheeses, and vegetables wrapped in corn husks. If you’re visiting during the holidays, try Chiles en Nogada, a traditional culinary delight boasting poblano chiles stuffed with meats, fruits, and nuts, topped with a creamy walnut sauce, cilantro, and pomegranate seeds.

Quench your thirst with Agua Fresca, a mouthwatering beverage made with fresh fruit, water, and a splash of sweetness. Satisfy your sweet tooth with creamy caramel flan, spicy cinnamon cookies, or crispy churros (this one is a kid favorite!).

8. Visit Aztlan Parque Urbano

Opening in March of 2024, the Aztlan Parque Urbano is slated to be a worthwhile addition to a Mexico City travel itinerary. The park is situated on the grounds of an old amusement park called La Feria de Chapultepec, which was another popular stop for families with kids visiting the area.

However, the previous park has since been shut down, and the Azlan Parque Urbano has taken its place. Once complete, the park will have a museum, souvenir shop, food court, and various attractions. Rides include a Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, and various roller coasters. Several attractions are under construction at the time of writing, but many rides and activities are expected to open in March.

In addition, the park will offer a multi-user VR experience and an immersive experience with a 720-degree projection covering the Mexica worldview and the history of the Tenochtitlan. While the park has yet to open, it looks to be an entertaining stop to add to your Mexico City itinerary.


Make the Most of Your Mexico City Vacation With Caravan

Planning a trip to a foreign country can be overwhelming, and when you add kids to the mix, planning can become even more complicated. From finding kid-friendly hotels to packing your itinerary with family-friendly activities, there’s a lot to plan for. That’s where Caravan comes in.

We make it easy by planning your trip for you—all you need to do is book the trip and show up! We welcome families with kids aged five and older and craft fun, engaging itineraries for people of all ages. So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating wonders of Mexico City and much more, book a trip today!

We offer three Mexico tours: Mexico’s Copper Canyon Train, Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations, and Mexico’s Colonial Cities. Our Ancient Civilizations and Colonial Cities tours start in Mexico City, allowing you and your family to experience the wonders and sights in the area. Ready to embark on a vacation? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-98000 to book your excursion today.

Guadalajara is a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant food scenes. With food stalls lining many streets and countless restaurants scattered throughout the city, it can be tricky to pick where to eat. So, we narrowed it down to nine restaurants with mouthwatering dishes worthy of a try to make it easier for you to select where to eat.

9 of the Best Places to Eat in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is home to dozens of restaurants that offer outstanding food. However, a few stand out among the swirling pool of options. Here are our top ten picks for the best places to eat in Guadalajara:

1. Pig’s Pearls

If you’re not an adventurous eater, you may find yourself searching for familiar favorites. If that sounds like you, this cozy restaurant, nestled in the heart of Guadalajara, is a must-visit. The menu offers a blend of familiar dishes with more innovative dishes inspired by Mexican and international cuisines.

Keep it simple with a perfectly cooked hamburger or chicken burger atop a homemade bun with a side of fries. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try the bone marrow or jaiba croquettes. Quench your thirst with a refreshing cocktail, craft beer, or kombucha.

2. Restaurante Alcalde

For a taste of elevated Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist, look no further than Restaurante Alcalde. The well-balanced menu offers an assortment of dishes that incorporate the staples of traditional Mexican flavors.

If you want to sample it all, we loved the tasting menu, which offers nearly a dozen courses, each with something different to offer. From sweet and spicy coconut ceviche to the delectable truffle dessert, there’s something for nearly every palette here.

Wash it all down with cocktails, wine, or your favorite spirits. If you’re not sure what to sip on with your chosen entre, ask your server for recommendations – they’re known for suggesting excellent pairings!

3. La Chata de Guadalajara

While there’s almost always a line stretching out the door at La Chata de Guadalajara, the food is well worth the wait. We’ve found that the wait is typically 45 minutes or less, so it’s not too bad. The line moves pretty quickly, and once you get inside, the wait time after ordering your food is usually fairly short.

The menu boasts an assortment of traditional, mouthwatering Mexican dishes, from “La Chata” style eggs served at breakfast to Pozole Blanco, a soup made with hominy and meat simmered in a flavorful broth. Sip on horchata, fresh orange juice, coffee, or beer while you enjoy your meal.

4. El Terrible Juan Cafe

Don’t let the “terrible” in the name fool you–this cafe has delicious food! If you go for brunch, the salmon toast and chilaquiles breakfast are delicious, out-of-the-box options. Or, if you visit later in the day, the Terrible burger, roast beef sandwich, and bacon cheese sandwich are delicious options.

The coffee is excellent, adding a finishing touch to whatever meal you choose. Choose from an assortment of coffee options, such as Chemex honey coffee or mazapan lattes, to complete your meal. You can even buy the coffee beans by the bag if you decide you want to try your hand at making a cup at home!

5. Karne Garibaldi

No culinary journey through Guadalajara would be complete without a visit to Karne Garibaldi, home to the world’s fastest waiters to the renowned dish, carne en su jugo. This restaurant has multiple locations throughout the city, so you can pick the one closest to the day’s activities or your accommodations.

It’s known for its carne en su jugo, or meat in its juices, which comes out quickly. The menu isn’t long, but the options are done well, from the quesadillas al patron to the refried beans and corn you’ll receive upon arrival. Rapid service is a staple at this restaurant, so you won’t have to wait long, even for your entrees.

6. Birrieria las 9 Esquinas

For a taste of Jalisco’s iconic dish, birria, look no further than Birrieria las 9 Esquinas. This humble eatery specializes in slow-cooked goat or beef stew, both simmered to perfection with an assortment of spices. The house-made tortillas and condiments are the perfect finishing touch, creating a deliciously spicy dish that is sure to satisfy your birria craving (and then some!).

Pair your meal with a delicious agua fresca or horchata, which balances the seasonings in the entrees via a refreshing hint of sweetness. If you have room for dessert, be sure to try jericalla, a Mexican custard dessert with a texture similar to flan, and a burned sugar top similar to creme brulee.

7. El Pilon de Los Arrieros

Nestled in the historic center of Guadalajara, El Pilon de Los Arrerios offers a glimpse into Jalisco’s culinary heritage with its array of regional dishes and hearty meals. Like many restaurants in the area, this one offers delectable birria, complete with ready-made tortillas and fresh toppings.

Or, if you’re in the mood for something else, try the Mole Poblano, tortilla soup, or caldo de tlalpeno! There’s something for everyone!

Beyond the food, the ambiance is lovely. You can pick where you sit, whether you want a seat by the fountain or one on the back patio.

8. Restaurante Allium

If you’re in the mood for a sophisticated fine dining experience, Restaurante Allium is a good place to go. This restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a Mexican flair, each dish boasting the culinary creativity of the head chef.

From bold flavors that catch your attention to milder flavors that blend in a delectable harmony, the options at this restaurant can suit nearly any taste. Savor the catch of the day, served with varying sauces and toppings, or go with the out-of-the-box roasted octopus, complete with smoked cambray potatoes, crispy chorizo, and delicious sauces.

Or, skip the seafood and opt for a braised leg of lamb served with smoked mashed potatoes or Black Angus rib stew served with creamy sweet corn polenta. It’s important to note that since the restaurant works with small producers, the menu can change without notice, so you might find a few unique dishes on the menu during your visit.

9. La Tequila Cocina de Mexico Av Mexico

This authentic restaurant is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. The atmosphere is excellent, with a welcoming ambiance that sets the stage for an outstanding experience. If you’re a tequila connoisseur, this restaurant is a must-visit while you’re in Guadalajara.

Enjoy freshly-made salsa curated to your spice preferences, sip on sweet, refreshing cocktails, and savor the restaurant’s unbelievable collection of tequilas. From soups and salads to fish, meat, and poultry, the menu is diverse enough to satisfy many palettes.

If you have room after your meal, be sure to try the Neopolitan flan, which has a sweet, creamy texture paired with a smooth caramel. Or, sample the fried ice cream, which is coated in coconut and fried to creamy perfection.


Historical churc in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Guadelajara

As you eat your way through Guadalajara, you might come across a few dishes you’re unfamiliar with. Here are a few traditional staples you might encounter during your vacation:

  • Birria: A hearty stew made with a blend of spices and slow-cooked goat or beef, often served with fresh tortillas, onions, cilantro, and lime.
  • Carne en su jugo: Tender strips of beef simmered in a flavor-packed broth, often made with onions and cilantro and served with beans and tortillas.
  • Pozole: A traditional Mexican soup made with hominy and meat simmered in a richly seasoned broth. It’s usually garnished with shredded lettuce, onions, radishes, cilantro, and lime.
  • Tacos al Pastor: Thinly sliced marinated pork cooked on a vertical rotisserie, often served on corn tortillas with onions, cilantro, salsa, and pineapples.
  • Enchiladas tapatias: Corn tortillas bursting with shredded beef or chicken, rolled, and smothered in a rich and spicy tomato-based sauce. Generally, they’re topped with crumbled cheese, sour cream, avocado slices, and onions.
  • Sopes: Thick, handmade tortillas filled with refried beans, shredded meat, lettuce, sour cream, crumbled cheese, and salsa.
  • Tamales: Steamed corn husks lined with masa dough and filled with various sweet or savory fillings, such as chicken, pork, cheese, or fruits.


Enjoy the Best Mexican Cuisine With Caravan

From Michelin-starred fine dining establishments to humble, family-owned food stalls and restaurants, Guadalajara’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re craving traditional Mexican fare or contemporary fusion, there’s something for everyone within the city limits.

If you’re ready to visit the city and embark on a culinary adventure, we’re here to help!

Our Mexico’s Colonial Cities tour will take you to the streets of Guadalajara, giving you the opportunity to sample the city’s delectable cuisine. But if you prefer the fascinating history of Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations or an exhilarating ride on Mexico’s Copper Canyon train, we have tours for that, too.

Each trip takes you to the best sights and activities in different parts of Mexico, leaving ample opportunity for you to sample the best of Mexico’s cuisine. Ready to book a trip? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 today.

When planning a vacation, finding the perfect accommodations is crucial. After all, once you’ve finished a day full of entertaining activities and sightseeing, you’ll need somewhere to sleep and recharge for your next adventure. So, if you’re planning a visit to Mexico City, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and pulsating energy, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay.

When it comes to choosing the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring, the city offers an array of exquisite options, from high-end, luxurious hotels to cozy, budget-friendly hotels. Each offers something different, featuring a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

To simplify your search, we compiled a list of our few top picks, from the upscale comfort of the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma to the cozy Hampton Inn & Suites Mexico City.


Sofitel Mexico City Reforma

Nestled in the heart of Mexico City’s bustling downtown district, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma stands tall, boasting luxurious accommodations to keep you comfortable during your visit. The hotel sits in a prime location along the iconic Paseo de la Reforma, offering exceptional views of the city skyline and easy access to renowned landscapes in the area, including the Angel of Independence and the Chapultepec Castle.

It features a sleek, upscale, modern aesthetic throughout the common spaces and rooms. The hotel is home to a whopping five bars and restaurants, ensuring you won’t have to go far to enjoy good eats.

It’s equipped with various amenities, including a lavish spa, fitness center, pool, and meeting rooms. If you’re looking to stay in the lap of luxury, the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma might be the perfect place to kick back and relax during your stay.

Barcelo Mexico Reforma

Ideal for travelers seeking a blend of style and convenience, the Barcelo Mexico Reforma is a great place to stay during your visit. The rooms are comfortable, modern, and well-equipped with a safe, wi-fi, and minibar.

The hotel has three specialty restaurants, a wellness and fitness center, a pool, and a whopping 26 meeting and event rooms. So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, this hotel has spaces to accommodate your needs.

The location is perfect for business, cultural, and leisure tourism alike. It’s a short walk from the Revolution Monument and numerous shops and restaurants. The Benito Juarez International Airport is a short 20-minute drive away, ensuring you won’t have to travel far to reach your accommodations.

We like this hotel for its convenient location and ideal balance of luxury and value, so it’s a staple in our Ancient Civilizations and Colonial Cities tours.

Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

Steeped in history and grandeur, the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico is an excellent option for travelers who love history and luxury. This opulent hotel is housed within a meticulously restored 19th-century building overlooking the iconic Zocalo square, blending old-world charm with modern luxury.

From stained glass ceilings to intricate tilework to elegant furnishings, guests staying here are in for an experience. The hotel has a rooftop terrace that boasts panoramic views of the city’s historic skyline. It even has a restaurant on the fifth floor with an equally impressive view!

Emporio Hotel

If you’re seeking an escape from Mexico City’s hustle and bustle, the Emporio Hotel is a good option. This hotel is located in the upscale neighborhood of Polanco, offering a respite from the city’s business.

It’s surrounded by chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and cultural attractions, making it a great choice for those who want accommodations with nearby entertainment. The rooms are modern and outfitted with plush bedding, a safe box, air conditioning, climate control, a coffee maker, a minibar, and a TV.

Amenities include a 24-hour gym, transportation services, a business center, and parking and valet services.

Hotel Catedral

Perched in the shadow of the majestic Metropolitan Cathedral, Hotel Catedral offers one-of-a-kind accommodations in the heart of Mexico City’s historic center. The hotel is based out of a beautifully restored colonial building, exuding old-world charm and elegance at every turn.

The rooms are tastefully outfitted, clean, and comfortable, with some options featuring balconies overlooking the street below. The rooftop terrace offers exceptional views of Mexico City’s skyline, serving as the perfect place to wind down after a busy day.

The hotel has a restaurant and buffet, so you won’t need to leave to enjoy Mexico City’s cuisine. Amenities include a business center, meeting rooms, complimentary parking, room service, a pillow menu, and a concierge.

Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Like the Emporio Hotel, the Hyatt Regency Mexico City is located in the exclusive Polanco neighborhood. Its sleek, modern design screams luxury and sophistication, offering upscale accommodations for visitors who like to travel in style.

The hotel has a restaurant, a heated outdoor pool, a sundeck with outstanding views of Chapultepec Park, and a gym. The rooms boast crisp, modern touches and a minimalistic aesthetic, some featuring sprawling bay windows with excellent views of the city skyline and upscale Polanco neighborhood.

Given its central location, this hotel is perfect for travelers who want to see it all, from the historic buildings to the hidden gems nestled throughout the city.

Hilton Mexico City Reforma

The Hilton Mexico City Reforma, situated along the bustling Paseo de la Reforma, offers a stylish retreat in the heart of the city’s vibrant downtown district. It boasts a sleek, modern design throughout its spaces, with comfortable, well-appointed guest rooms and suites.

It features an indoor and outdoor pool, allowing you to choose whether to soak up the sun or stay in the comfort of a controlled indoor environment. The outdoor pool sits on the rooftop, giving you spectacular views of the city below. Additionally, the hotel has a fitness center, spa, on-site restaurant, executive lounge, meeting rooms, and business center.

The hotel is a short walk or drive from nearby shops, restaurants, and sights, ensuring you don’t have to travel far to see and do the various activities on your itinerary.

Hampton Inn & Suites Mexico City – Centro Historico

Conveniently located in the heart of Mexico City’s historic center, Hampton Inn & Suites offers modern comfort and convenience amidst the city’s rich cultural heritage. Many nearby attractions, including the Zocalo Square, Metropolitan Cathedral, and National Palace, are a short walk from the hotel.

When you’re done exploring for the day, kick back and relax in the cozy rooms, which feature basic amenities, from plush bedding to TVs. Amenities include complimentary WiFi, a fitness center, an on-site restaurant, a business center, and complimentary hot and cold breakfasts.

While this hotel isn’t the fanciest on this list, it’s a comfortable and conveniently located option for your stay in Mexico City.


Skip the Planning and Enjoy a Vacation With Caravan

Booking a vacation to Mexico can be daunting. Between ironing out transportation details, finding suitable accommodations, and selecting entertaining activities, the planning stages can feel overwhelming. This is where Caravan comes in.

At Caravan, we offer fully guided tours that explore the wonders of Mexico, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your vacation without sweating the small stuff. From food to activities, lodgings to transportation, our tours have you covered.

For example, consider our Colonial Cities tour, which brings you on an eight-day adventure through the beauty of Mexico’s history and culture. You’ll visit the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, a once-great city reduced to near rubble, and Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trip winds through Mexico, hitting must-see spots that create lasting memories.

Or, consider our Ancient Civilizations tour, which starts in Mexico City and ends in Cancun. On this trip, revel in the splendor of the long-gone civilizations of the Olmec, Nahua, Aztec, and Maya. meander through the streets of once-great cities, marveling at the architecture that remains standing to this day. Throughout your journey, enjoy included meals, transportation, and accommodations – we do all the big planning so you don’t have to.

Of course, you’ll still have plenty of free time to do your own thing. Saw a food stall while shopping that emanated mouthwatering scents? Grab a bite for lunch! Want to embark on an afternoon activity during the tour’s downtime? Go for it! While the main details (think lodging, transportation, and activities) are planned, you can still squeeze in a few activities and sights on your bucket list.


Book a Trip to Mexico City Today!

If you’d love to visit Mexico City (and more) but don’t want to deal with the details, we’re here to help. Simply pick a tour that interests you with dates that work for your schedule, and we’ll handle the hard parts of planning. All you’ll need to do is book your flights and arrive on time for the tour’s start. We’ll take care of the finicky details, like transportation and lodging.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 to book your trip today!

Situated a short drive from Mexico City sits a remarkable and mysterious archaeological site: the Teotihuacán Pyramids. These towering ancient ruins tell a story of a people long forgotten, offering a glimpse into the fascinating civilization that once thrived in this region.

From towering pyramids to intricately carved stone monuments featuring ancient gods, Teotihuacan is a testament to the craftsmanship of its builders. Whether you’re a history buff or simply a curious traveler visiting Mexico, the wonders of Teotihuacan are a must-see.


Understanding the History

Teotihuacan, now a crumbling city reduced to ruins, was once one of the largest urban centers of the ancient world. It sits approximately 30 miles out of modern-day Mexico City, taking up about eight square miles at its peak.

Little is known of the city and its inhabitants, but historians estimate it was home to more than 100,000 people. It flourished during its early construction, around 2,100 years ago, but began to decline around 1,400 years ago.

While many cities like Teotihuacan faded into oblivion, becoming “lost” to the outside world, this city was never truly lost. Instead, people still visited its soil in later years, although its glory was long gone. In later periods, the Aztecs made regular pilgrimages to the site, naming it Teotihuacan, which means “the place where the gods were created.”

While parts of the city were lost to a fire in its decline, many structures still remain standing. The city’s main street, known today as the Avenue of the Dead, stretches for over two miles and is home to a handful of major pyramid complexes.

The Pyramid of the Moon, situated at the northern end of this avenue, towers over the street at approximately 150 feet high. It boasts various elevated platforms that are thought to have been used for rituals and several tombs within the structure that house the remains of human and animal sacrifices.

The Pyramid of the Sun sits about half a mile from the Pyramid of the Moon, standing at about 200 feet high. This pyramid, completed around 200 AD, remains one of the largest structures created in the pre-Columbian New World.

Situated south of the Pyramid of the Sun is the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, also known as “La Ciudadela.” This structure is a smaller six-stepped pyramid, likely completed in the 3rd century AD. It features various alternating heads of Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent god, alongside Tlaloc, an ancient storm god.

Throughout the complex, there’s a myriad of colorful murals adorning the city’s numerous apartment compounds, palaces, and temples. Alongside the murals, there are pictographic figures that may have been the people’s writing system, although this is debated among professors and historians.



5 Tips for Your Teotihuacan Pyramid Excursion

If you plan to visit the Teotihuacán Pyramids during your trip to Mexico, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are five tips to help you make the most of this cultural experience:

1. Start Early

Mexico’s midday temperatures can be unforgiving, especially on outdoor excursions. So, when planning your trip to the Teotihuacán Pyramids, plan to start early. This way, you can beat the heat, exploring all these ruins have to offer before the temperature reaches its peak.

Plus, by leaving early, you can beat the crowds! Many folks arrive midmorning or later, so you’ll have time to explore the ruins in relative peace and quiet. The serene quiet, paired with the remarkable remnants of rich history, creates a mystical atmosphere that is truly unforgettable.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Expect to do lots of walking during your excursion, so wear comfortable shoes. Teotihuacan is a sprawling complex of ruins that once covered about eight square miles, so there’s a lot of walking involved in exploring it. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes that can handle the uneven terrain around the pyramids and steep stairs up each structure.

Of course, you don’t have to climb the pyramids, but given that the terrain is rough around the structures, choose shoes you can trek around in comfortably.

3. Bring Plenty of Water

Dehydration is a major concern on outdoor adventures in Mexico, as the sweltering heat of the arid climate and altitude where the pyramids are located can become problems. This is especially true of the Teotihuacán Pyramids, as there’s little to no shade around the site.

So, ensure you bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout your visit, especially if you visit during the warmer months.

4. Take Your Time

With so much to see and explore at Teotihuacan, you might be tempted to speed through the site in an attempt to see everything. However, in rushing, you may miss certain facets of the ruins, so take your time. Soak up the atmosphere, taking the time to learn more about each structure along the way and absorb the marvels of this ancient architecture.

 5. Hire a Local Guide

Teotihuacan boasts a rich history, so if possible, hire a local guide to enhance your experience. Your guide can walk you through the ruins, conveying the remarkable history and significance of each structure through fascinating anecdotes. They may even have stories that can bring the long-gone ancient civilization to life.

Or, if you prefer the laid-back nature of a group setting, look for group day tours to the pyramids. Plenty of tour companies offer Teotihuacán Pyramids tours, and some even pair the excursion with another adventure to make a full day of it.


Explore Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations on a Guided Tour

Exploring the Teotihuacán Pyramids takes you on a journey through time, a time capsule that offers a glimpse into Mexico’s pre-hispanic past. The mysterious history and remarkable structures are well worth the visit, even if you aren’t a history enthusiast.

At Caravan, we offer a nine-day guided tour that takes you on a journey to the glory of old Mexico, exploring the splendor of years gone by. In addition to other ancient civilizations and colonial cities, you’ll visit Teotihuacan and soak in its mysterious wonders. Ready to embark on a trip to explore Mexico’s ancient civilizations? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 today!

Nestled within the ancient city of Uxmal in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, we find the Pyramid of the Magician, an age-old structure towering over its counterparts. This remarkable pyramid is a testament to the ingenuity, artistry, and spiritual beliefs of the ancient Maya civilization.


From its unique shape to its alignment with celestial events, each tidbit surrounding the pyramid offers a glimpse into the complexities and legends surrounding this iconic structure. Here are five Pyramid of the Magician facts to prepare you for your visit and help you wow your friends.

1. Unique Architecture

The Pyramid of the Magician is unlike other Mesoamerican pyramids due to its unique shape. Unlike the typical rectangular or square pyramids common in this region, this particular structure features a rounded shape that forms an elliptical.

The rounded edges set it apart from the rest, giving it a distinct appearance that raises questions about its origins and the thought behind its construction.

2. Fascinating Local Legends

Ancient stories passed down through generations tell of the legends of the Pyramid of the Magician. While there are many different versions of the story, the most well-known version was told to John Lloyd Stephens by a local Maya native in 1840.

The story weaves a tale of how the pyramid now stands where a hut used to be, owned and lived in by an old woman with no children, said to be a witch. One day, she began to mourn over her childless home, so she decided to use her magic to make a child.

The child, said to be a dwarf, was born from an egg and magic. This mythical figure, known as Itzamna, possessed magical powers that allowed him to construct the pyramid with extraordinary speed, hence the name “The Pyramid of the Magician” or “El Adivino” in Spanish.

3. Celestial Alignments

The Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal, like many ancient Mesoamerican structures, is thought to have been constructed with careful consideration of celestial alignments. Twice each year, the doorway of the temple on the top aligns with the setting sun. These dates, April 12 and August 31, are important on the Mayan astronomical calendar for tracking the sun’s zenith.

4. Remarkable Size and Scale

The Pyramid of the Magician is a towering structure, dominating the architecture around it with its sheer size and scale. It measures approximately 227 by 162 feet at its base and stands over 90 feet tall. Its tallest section houses a temple featuring a doorway that forms the Chac mask.

Its dominating stature holds the title of the tallest in Uxmal, towering over other palaces and structures nearby. The size is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its builders, who constructed a structure that withstood the test of time.

5. Extremely Steep Stairs

The stairs leading up to the temple atop the Pyramid of the Magician aren’t for the faint of heart. The dozens of stairs up the face of the structure are incredibly steep, featuring narrow stair treads with just enough room to place your foot. The slope is about 60 degrees, a far cry from the 30 to 45-degree slope of standard staircases.


Soak in the Wonders of the Pyramid of the Magician on a Guided Tour

The mysteries and legends of the Pyramid of the Magician are truly fascinating, offering a sneak peek into years gone by. Whether you appreciate intriguing legends or architectural marvels, the Pyramid of the Magician is well worth a visit. So, if you plan to visit Mexico and immerse yourself in the wonders of ancient civilizations, don’t forget to stop here!

Or, simplify your journey by choosing a fully guided tour that brings you to the best of the best. At Caravan, we offer a nine-day tour of Mexico’s ancient civilizations that takes you from the wonders of Teotihuacan to the Mayan ruins at Palenque to the structures of Uxmal. Each stop explores the mysteries of old Mexico, serving as a window through time that creates memories to last a lifetime.

Ready to embark on a journey that will take you to the imposing heights of the Pyramid of the Magician and much more? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 today!

From stunning beaches with golden sand and sparkling water to ancient ruins that whisper of times gone by, Mexico has something to offer every traveler. The country is teeming with rich history, culture, and cuisine that stretch from corner to corner.

So, what’s the best way to explore the country’s offerings? Experiencing these wonders can come in many forms, from self-guided tours to fully guided tours that cover everything for you. Here are a few of the best ways to make the most out of your Mexico vacation.


Self-Guided Tours: Adventurous Independence

If you love taking an independent approach to your vacations, a self-guided trip might be the best option. While this avenue requires more research and prep than others, it can be an excellent way to explore all Mexico has to offer at your own pace. In some cases, it’s even cheaper than the other options, making it a great choice for travelers on a budget.

Research the country and pick your must-visit places and must-do activities, then plot your journey from there. Create a customized itinerary to fill your trip with entertaining activities and sights, creating memories that will last a lifetime. From the sandy beaches of the glittering Mexico coastline to its cavernous russet canyons, there’s plenty to see and do!

Whether you take a car, plane, train, or bus, self-guided tours can be a fun option.

Road Tripping: A Journey Across the Country

Mexico has a well-developed road network, so road-tripping is another outstanding way to explore the country’s charm. You can fly into one of Mexico’s airports and rent a car or make the trek across the border if you live nearby. This option is similar to self-guided touring, as the opportunities are endless!

Explore Mexico at your own pace, finding hidden gems and reveling in its authentic beauty and allure. Pick a route based on the sights and activities on your itinerary.

For example, if you want to explore colonial cities, visit ancient ruins, and relax on breathtaking beaches, the Yucatan Peninsula Circuit might be a good option. Or, if you want to stick to the coastline and soak up the ocean views, visit quaint fishing villages, and sample fresh seafood, take a drive down the Pacific Coast.


Daytime Tours: Balancing Independence and Guided Tours

A sprinkle of daytime tours in your vacation might be the perfect fit if you want a blend of independence and guided tours. As you make your way through the country, following your own itinerary, add a few tours.

These guided tours of Mexico are an excellent way to get an authentic, inside look into various excursions, sights, and activities. Since many tours only last a few hours or a day or two, they’re an excellent option for those who want a balance of structure and independent time.

If you decide to sign up for tours along the way, remember to plan ahead. These tours can fill up fast, so plan accordingly!

Fully Guided Tours

Planning a self-guided tour through the beauty of Mexico can be daunting, especially with everything you need to consider. From transportation and lodgings to safety and travel requirements, it can be a lot to take in. So, if you don’t love the idea of worrying about the little details, a fully guided tour might be the solution.

On these tours, you’re along for the ride. Everything is planned for you, from where you’ll stay and the adventures you’ll embark on to how you’ll get there. The days are structured, featuring an activity or excursion with a splash of independent time to give you time to wander and embark on your own adventures.

For example, at Caravan, we offer a handful of Mexico tours: Mexico Colonial Heritage, Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations, and Mexico’s Copper Canyon Train.

Our Colonial Heritage and Ancient Civilizations tours take you back in time, exploring the rich history of the country. Each tour features an assortment of excursions and adventures, from meandering through colonial cities to exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Our Copper Canyon Train tour takes you through the breathtaking magic of the spectacular vistas and buttes of Copper Canyon. The privately chartered train car brings you on a journey along rolling hills, tropical vistas, and steep canyon walls, through tunnels and across bridges as you make your way through the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range.

These tours are perfect for those who love to kick back, relax, and enjoy their vacations without sweating the details. If that sounds like you, a guided tour might be what you’re searching for.


Explore Mexico’s Beauty With Caravan

Mexico is a vibrant and fascinating country with much to offer, from its rich history and culture to unique attractions and landmarks. Whether you prefer the independence of a self-guided tour or the convenience of a fully guided tour, Mexico is well worth the visit.

If you’re leaning towards the stress-free vacation a fully guided tour can offer, Caravan is here to help. Our guided tours cover the details, leaving you to focus on enjoying and making the most out of your vacation. Ready to book a trip? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 to get started!

Mexico is a vibrant land of rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine, inviting countless travelers to its soil every year. From pristine beaches stretching along Mexico’s coastlines to the historic charm of its colonial cities, this beautiful country has much to offer.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, there are a few destinations you may want to add to your itinerary. From the bustling capital city teeming with rich history to the Copper Canyon boasting incredible views, here are a few of the best places in Mexico to visit.


Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is a hub for travelers, with many flying into its bustling airport before moving on to towns and cities scattered across the rest of the country. But before you leave Mexico City for other adventures, take the time to soak up the vibrant history and culture this area has to offer.

Wander through the streets of the city, immersing yourself in its enduring colonial charm and admiring timeless architectural masterpieces. Take a visit to the world-famous National Museum of Anthropology, which boasts an array of priceless archaeological treasures.

Spend an afternoon at Chapultepec Park, one of the world’s largest city parks. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering panoramic views of the city beyond, beautiful botanical gardens, and a sparkling lake flanked by interspersed trees and grassy patches perfect for rest and relaxation.


If you have the time, visit Puebla, a beautiful colonial city packed with churches. The city is famous for its assortment of cathedrals and churches, featuring hundreds of them scattered throughout its limits. Wander through the nearly 400-year-old Basilica Cathedral of Puebla, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the church, reveling in the rich history and ornate details coating every wall and vaulted ceiling throughout the building.

Take a detour to the Zocalo park and plaza, an ever-changing oasis featuring artistic pieces, greenery, and an assortment of shops.


Nestled in the state of Chiapas, Palenque is a beautiful city with a long-standing history. It’s home to the ruins of its ancient Mayan predecessor, also known as Palenque. The ruins are situated in the midst of a dense jungle, which conceals the awe-inspiring assortment of temples, palaces, and pyramids that were once the center of Mayan civilization.

As you stroll through the ancient streets, be sure to visit the Temple of Inscriptions, which houses the tomb of the famous Mayan ruler, Pakal the Great.

While the ruins are undoubtedly the star of the show, don’t miss the captivating beauty of Palenque’s landscape. For example, consider visiting the Misol-Ha waterfall, a cascading waterfall that tumbles over a cliff into a deep pool below. It’s located just outside the city and is an excellent place for outdoor adventurers who enjoy swimming and hiking.

Or, if you want to admire wildlife, visit the nearby Agua Azul waterfalls. These waterfalls cascade through the dense jungle, home to a diverse array of birds, monkeys, and other tropical animals.


Copper Canyon

The vast ravines, vistas, and buttes spanning Mexico’s Copper Canyon are a must-see. The stark beauty of the canyon is breathtaking, boasting panoramic views of coppery rock blanketed in patches of greenery. The canyon, known as Barrancas del Cobre in Spanish, is situated in the midst of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

This area boasts a rich, intricate history of vibrant life and culture. It is the homeland to the reclusive Tarahumara natives, one of the largest indigenous tribes in North America. The tribe called these mountains home, residing in northern Mexico for centuries.

There’s a train that passes through the Copper Canyon, bringing travelers from the rolling hills teeming with tropical fruits to the steep canyon walls carved from auburn rock. Various hotels flank the canyon, resting atop nearby rims overlooking the cavernous drops and providing spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

If you enjoy history and beautiful sights, visiting Copper Canyon is a must on any trip to Mexico.


Make the Most of Your Mexican Vacation With Caravan

Mexico offers much to see and do, from beautiful beaches and cascading waterfalls to colonial cities and ancient ruins. Given the assortment of must-do activities and must-see sights, planning a trip can be overwhelming. If you’re ready to embark on a Mexican vacation but don’t know where to visit, a guided tour might be the perfect solution.

At Caravan, we offer three fully guided tours that explore Mexico’s wonders. Our Colonial Heritage tour immerses visitors in the rich history of the country, visiting colonial cities and ancient ruins that whisper stories of the past. Our Ancient Civilizations tour focuses on the splendor of ancient Olmec, Nahua, Aztec, and Mayan civilizations, exploring their history through various activities and excursions. Last but not least, our Copper Canyon Train Tour explores the beauty of the canyon and its history on an eight-day adventure.

Ready to create memories to last a lifetime? Call 1-800-CARAVAN or 1-312-321-9800 to book your adventure today!

Best Beaches In Mexico For Couples

Visiting Mexico? Looking to sprinkle your trip with a touch of romance? Allow us to guide you to the best beaches in Mexico for couples. Imagine dipping your toes in warm, soft sand, gazing at a sun-kissed horizon, and savoring the tranquil rhythm of the waves with your better half.

Mexico’s beaches offer a captivating blend of serenity and adventure, creating a romantic canvas for couples. Whether you’re a young pair searching for a lively beach town or a more senior couple looking for relaxation, Mexico has the perfect spot. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey to discover the most enchanting beaches in Mexico for couples.

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Located on the island of Cozumel, Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is one of the most exquisite beaches in Mexico for couples. This nature reserve boasts secluded white sand beaches, perfect for a romantic stroll or a peaceful picnic. Take in the awe-inspiring views of turquoise waters that seem to stretch on forever and explore the diverse marine life in the bay.

Punta Sur offers a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s preferences, including:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking

Looking to unwind? They also offer relaxing massages, a variety of restaurants, and a tequila bar for when you’re in the mood for a bite or a drink. Couples will love the incredible sunsets and spending a romantic evening star-gazing.

Playa Carrizalillo

Playa Carrizalillo is a hidden gem on the west coast of Mexico, tucked away in Puerto Escondido. This beautiful beach offers an impressive view of the surrounding mountains and two pristine bays to explore.

The calm waters are perfect for swimming or kayaking, and the snorkeling sites are simply exquisite. You can also explore the jungle trails that line the beach or just spend a peaceful moment enjoying each other’s company.

This beach is one of Mexico’s most romantic destinations, perfect for couples looking for a romantic escape. It’s also a beloved spot among locals, especially surfers.

Playa Del Amor

The name says it all. Playa del Amor is an exquisite beach treasure in the breathtaking Bay of Banderas, radiating enchanting allure and natural splendor. The secluded beach offers couples a tranquil retreat to share a special moment, surrounded by stunning views.

The beach features a cave resembling a crater, providing couples with a unique spot to explore and offering visitors an impressive view of the bay. Whether you want to stroll along the shore or simply admire the stunning landscape, Playa del Amor has all you need for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Playa Tangolunda

For couples looking for a bit of adventure, Playa Tangolunda offers an ideal combination of party vibe and tranquility. This beach is located in the Huatulco region on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, surrounded by gorgeous coves and lush landscapes.

Playa Tangolunda offers a one-of-a-kind beach experience in Oaxaca! Unlike other parts of the coastline, this beach is slightly set back, which means you’ll find more gentle waves reaching the shore. It’s the perfect spot for swimming, allowing you to enjoy the water without worrying about strong currents like in other places.

Playa Paraiso

Tucked away in the Riviera Maya, Playa Paraiso is one of the best beaches in Mexico for couples who want to relax. Surrounded by lush vegetation and white sand, this charming spot offers couples an out-of-this-world experience.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy at Playa Paraiso:

  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling or diving in the nearby cenotes (caverns)
  • Exploring the Tulum Ruins

Indulge in a delightful golf session with your partner at a nearby club, or savor a romantic stroll along the shore, basking in the awe-inspiring vistas. At the end of the day, couples can watch a mesmerizing sunset as they enjoy dinner in one of the beachfront restaurants.

Playa Norte

Playa Norte is the place to go for couples seeking a vibey beach. Located on Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun, this beach stands out for its stunning white sand and crystal-clear waters. Look no further if you’re looking for a romantic spot to watch the sun disappear into the horizon.

Playa Norte is a haven for beach clubs, bars, and restaurants that offer a delightful array of traditional Mexican cuisine and delectable seafood dishes. Plus, make sure you don’t miss the chance to go snorkeling and experience the incredible marine life beneath the surface!

Playa Maroma

Ah, Maroma! This beach is one of the most beloved spots along Mexico’s Caribbean coastline and a favorite among couples. Its stunning dunes, calm waters, and lush mangroves make this spot stand out as an idyllic retreat for romantic getaways.

This is actually one of the few places in Mexico where you can discover a hotel offering overwater bungalows. You won’t come across any beach clubs or bars here — instead, you’ll find what you imagine when you think of a dreamy, tropical beach in paradise.

For the activities, couples will find a variety of options, such as:

  • Camel rides on the beach
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Jet skiing
  • Dolphin spotting

Playa Los Muertos

Playa Los Muertos, or “the Beach of the Dead,” is a popular beach located in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t let the name deceive you; this spot radiates life and joy! Playa Los Muertos is great for couples looking for an energetic atmosphere.

The beach is truly amazing with its breathtaking view of the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. The Old Town offers easy access to all streets, with a wide variety of fantastic restaurants, bars, and clubs to enjoy. On the beach, you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim, or even experience the thrill of jet skiing!

Discover the Magic of Beaches in Mexico for Couples With Caravan Tours

Mexico, with its stunning coastlines and vibrant culture, offers an array of breathtaking beaches perfect for couples seeking romance, tranquility, or adventure. Each beach is unique, boasting distinct charm and a treasure trove of experiences to explore.

Whether it’s the tranquility of Playa Paraiso, the party atmosphere of Playa Los Muertos, or the secluded allure of Playa del Amor, there’s something for every couple in Mexico. Remember, Caravan’s tours are a perfect match for couples looking to explore the best beaches in Mexico!

With our affordable and all-inclusive rates, there are no worries about add-ons or options. Why wait any longer? Call Caravan now at 1-800-CARAVAN or +1-312-321-9800 to book your dream Mexican beach getaway!



If you’ve ever asked yourself “what to do in Cancun,” you’re in the right place. This Mexican gem, renowned for its crystal-clear Caribbean waters, offers more than just beautiful beaches. From breathtaking Mayan ruins to immersive eco-parks, Cancun, Mexico, offers endless possibilities to suit every traveler’s taste.

Dismayed at the thought of what to do in Cancun when it rains? Don’t worry! Cancun’s vibrant culture shines even in a downpour, offering delightful indoor activities such as exploring mesmerizing museums or experiencing traditional cooking lessons.

So what is there to do in Cancun, really? Browse through this comprehensive guide to get a taste of Cancun’s charm and find your next tropical adventure. Let’s get started!

Explore the Mayan Ruins in Tulum

One of the most iconic attractions in Cancun is the walled Mayan ruins of Tulum, perched on a clifftop overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Tulum was ingeniously designed as a fortified seaport, utilizing towering ocean cliffs for protection on one side and a sturdy limestone wall enveloping the city on the other three sides.

The Tulum Mayan Ruins may be small, but they are undeniably one of the most stunning ruins in Mexico. Their breathtaking location on the cliffside adds to their charm and beauty.

Besides immersing yourself in the fascinating Mayan history, here are some activities you can enjoy:

  • Take a refreshing swim or relax on the beautiful beach.
  • Savor some delicious food.
  • Take a stroll along Tulum Beach Road.

You can actually explore the entire site in about an hour! If you’re thinking of checking out the ruins, it’s best to go early in the day. The lack of shade and the intense heat can make it a bit uncomfortable otherwise. There’s so much to do and experience at Tulum ruins, so take your time and make the most of your visit!

Discover the Wonders of Xcaret Park

So, what is there to do in Cancun after visiting Mayan ruins and beaches? Without a doubt, your next stop should be the extraordinary Xcaret Park!

Xcaret Park is the perfect place to explore and experience the best of nature, culture, and traditions in Cancun. This amusement park in Cancun is one of the first ones, part of the Experiencias Xcaret family, and it’s also among the biggest theme parks in Mexico.

This eco-archaeological park offers a plethora of activities, such as:

  • Snorkeling through underground rivers.
  • Swimming with dolphins.
  • Exploring an incredible butterfly pavilion.

The park is a wonderful blend of Mayan culture and nature preservation. It offers a variety of water and land activities, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, and friends of all ages. Inside the park, you can engage in ancient Mayan games, savor authentic cuisine, discover the inviting Caribbean waters, and connect with the beauty of nature.

Unwind at Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Spanish for “island of women,” is a small island off the coast of Cancun. This picturesque island is known for its laidback atmosphere, stunning white-sand beaches, and gorgeous turquoise waters.

From snorkeling with colorful fish to swimming with turtles, Isla Mujeres offers a plethora of exciting activities. Here are some of the top things to do in Cancun:

  • Take a scenic boat tour around the island.
  • Enjoy some delicious ceviche at one of the many beachfront restaurants.
  • Visit Museo Subacuatico de Arte, a unique underwater sculpture park.
  • Relax, soak up the sun, and do some beachcombing.

You can also rent golf carts to explore the island at your own pace. After a day of sightseeing, be sure to end it with a stunning sunset from one of Isla Mujeres’ many beaches.

Dive into Cancun’s Vibrant Nightlife

Still not sure what to do in Cancun? If you want to experience the best of Mexican culture and nightlife, look no further than downtown Cancun.

This bustling area offers plenty of exciting nightlife activities, from dancing in the clubs to grabbing a bite in one of the many street food stalls. You can also find live music, karaoke bars, and small, intimate venues to let loose and have some fun.

A few of the best destinations for nightlife in Cancun are the following:

  • Coco Bongo: A famous nightclub that mixes live shows with DJ music.
  • Mandale Beach Club: A beach club with a lively atmosphere and delicious drinks.
  • The Hotel Zone: Home to Cancun’s most thrilling bars and nightclubs

It’s important to dress appropriately when visiting nightclubs in Cancun, as many have specific dress codes. If you want to dive into the nightlife scene in Cancun, check out what’s going on and dress accordingly.

Experience the Magic of Cancun’s Cenotes

Another incredible aspect of Cancun is its stunning cenotes. For those who haven’t heard of these before, cenotes are natural sinkholes that expose groundwater underneath. The Mayans used them for swimming, fishing, and religious ceremonies. Visiting one of Cancun’s cenotes is a must-do activity.

Here are some of the best cenotes you should check out:

  • La Ruta de los Cenotes: The Road of Cenotes, also known as the Route of Cenotes, is home to some of the most amazing cenotes near Cancun.
  • Cenote Dos Ojos: This cenote is one of the most popular ones in Cancun, featuring many caves to explore.
  • Gran Cenote: This cenote is the perfect place for snorkeling and diving, as it has a large cave system.

Maybe these cenotes can spark some ideas if you are still wondering what to do in Cancun, Mexico. The cenotes are not separate pools but are connected to the same water source. This water comes from large freshwater rivers flowing beneath the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s pretty cool, right?

Book Your Next Adventure Today and Discover the Wonders of Cancun

The magical city of Cancun, Mexico, with its guided tours, iconic beaches, and myriad attractions, continues to captivate and entertain visitors. From exploring Mayan ruins and swimming in breathtaking cenotes to unwinding on the beautiful beaches and diving into the vibrant nightlife, there is something for everyone.

However, the real joy of Cancun is discovering it all at your own pace. If you’re still wondering what to do in Cancun when it rains, there are countless indoor activities and attractions to enjoy, like museums and shopping centers.

As you look forward to your Cancun adventure, remember that Caravan is here to make your trip effortless and memorable. Everything you need—from your lodgings to your activities—is included in one simple rate with no hidden costs or add-on worries.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the best of Cancun with Caravan! Call us now at 1-800-CARAVAN or internationally at +1-312-321-9800.


Best Beaches In Mexico For Families

Are you dreaming of a family vacation that combines affordability, stunning landscapes, and an unforgettable cultural experience? Look no further than Mexico, home to some of the best beaches for families.

Imagine your family bonding over sandcastle building on the pristine beaches or learning to snorkel in the warm, azure waters abundant with vibrant marine life. Mexico’s best beaches are beautiful and family-friendly, offering a myriad of activities to suit all age groups, from toddlers to grandparents.

Here, we will guide you through the best beaches in Mexico for families, ensuring your holiday will be one for the memory books.

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

Located on Cozumel Island, Playa Mia Grand Beach Park is one of the best beaches in Mexico for families. This beach park offers something for the whole family, with activities ranging from snorkeling and swimming to volleyball and floating aqua parks.

This beach park is the biggest one in Cozumel! Enjoy playing on the beautiful sandy beach, take a refreshing swim in the warm Caribbean waters, savor delicious Mexican food, or pamper yourself at the spa right here.

Here are the other great things about Playa Mia Grand Beach Park:

  • Experience the thrill of glass-bottom kayaking.
  • Jet skis, parasailing, and banana boats are available for hire.
  • Enjoy live shows, music, and cultural activities.
  • Pool bars to keep you refreshed.
  • Water slides, playgrounds, and trampolines for the kids.

Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach, located in Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja California peninsula, is one of the best beaches for families. This beach has a special atmosphere – it’s peaceful and secluded, and you can often find wildlife like dolphins and turtles.

That’s not all! Lovers Beach offers plenty of activities for families. The beach is great for snorkeling or sunbathing, while the nearby cliffs are ideal for rappelling and rock climbing. Plus, if you’re looking for adventure, the nearby waters are ideal for fishing and kayaking. The beach is also great for swimming or simply lazing around under the warm Mexican sun.

If you’re with little ones, make sure to stay away from the side where the powerful waves crash into the shoreline. You can relax on the calmer side while your kids have a great time playing in the sand and building castles.

Playa Las Animas

The perfect place to explore the best of Mexican culture, Playa Las Animas is also one of the best beaches for families in Mexico. This beach is known for its pristine white sand and crystal clear waters. The calm waters make it great for kids, so you can all relax and enjoy the beautiful setting.

In addition to swimming, there are a number of activities that your family can take part in at Playa Las Animas, such as:

  • Zip-lining
  • Parasailing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking

The beach also has a number of restaurants and shops, so you can enjoy a great meal together or find souvenirs to take home. According to US News, visitors have mentioned that this beach is relatively less crowded compared to other popular ones like Playa de los Muertos, especially if you arrive in the morning.

Playa Paraíso

Playa Paraíso is the perfect destination beach for families. This beach is situated on Isla Mujeres and offers a fantastic white sand and crystal-clear water blend. It’s also a great place to explore marine life – you can snorkel or kayak in search of dolphins, sea turtles, and various colorful fish.

Playa Paraíso is an amazing spot for its activities and the incredible attractions surrounding it, like the National Park of Tulum and archaeological sites. Situated on the stunning coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, the park features well-preserved Mayan ruins and breathtaking cenotes. It’s a must-visit destination that will leave you in awe!

Cancun Beach

If you’re seeking a beach retreat packed with entertainment and activities, look no further than Cancun Beach. Widely regarded as one of Mexico’s premier family-friendly beaches, it offers an abundance of fun and excitement for all. It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy the sun and the sand, and its wide range of activities makes it great for all ages.

At Cancun Beach, you can relax on the shore or take part in exciting activities like:

  • Scuba diving
  • Jet skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Snorkeling

If you’re looking for a unique experience, you can explore the nearby underwater museum or even take part in a boat tour of some of the best coastal sights. You and your family can also embark on a day trip to the nearby ancient ruins to delve into the country’s rich history.

When you’re feeling hungry at Cancun Beach, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Whether you prefer dining outside or indoors, these places have a diverse selection of delicious Mexican dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park is the perfect beach destination for families. Situated on the island of Cozumel, this park offers plenty of activities and attractions that will keep everyone in your family entertained.

Chankanaab, derived from the Mayan language, combines “Chan,” meaning small, and “Kanaab,” representing the ocean or sea. A lagoon within the park is said to hold enchanting remnants of ancient Mayan civilizations.

Have a blast exploring a variety of activities, like watching manatees or having fun swimming with dolphins. You can also try out thrilling adventures like parasailing or snuba touring, a unique blend of snorkeling and scuba diving without prior experience.

Experience the Best Beaches in Mexico for Families With Caravan

Exploring the best beaches in Mexico for families is an exceptional way to spend your vacation, blending adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Mexico boasts a wide range of family-friendly beaches, like Playa Mia Grand Beach Park and Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park, where you can soak up the sun or engage in recreational activities.

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