Grand Canyon vacation packages attract over 5 million visitors each year to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon holds the title as the most popular tourist spot in the entire continental United States.

Imposing, exhilarating, and definitely a destination not to be missed, the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable vaction experience.

“Must See” Grand Canyon

Ask any tourist who has read about the Grand Canyon in travel books or magazines, or viewed pictures of the Grand Canyon online or on television, and they will tell you nothing compares to the real thing. For most, the Grand Canyon is one of those “must see before I die” places.

You can find many different Grand Canyon vacation packages available to suit your budget and adventure needs, including groups and family vacationers to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Walkway

Visit the Grand Canyon and be sure to check out the Grand Canyon Walkway, popularly known as the Skywalk.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass bottomed viewing platform that extends 70 feet out from the edge of the Grand Canyon, providing the visitor with jaw-dropping unobstructed views of the Canyon and the Colorado River almost a mile below.

Stand at the outer edge of the C-shaped Grand Canyon Skywalk walkway and you are standing directly above the Grand Canyon; there’s simply no better way to experience the majesty of this naturally carved mile-deep gorge.

There’s even a guided Grand Canyon walkway tour that is part of many all-inclusive Grand Canyon vacation packages. Photos and video are not permitted on the Skywalk but tourists can purchase Skywalk postcards and snapshots separately. Check out the many different Grand Canyon package tours available to find a vacation tour that suits your needs and budget.

Grand Canyon Aerial Vacations

A breathtaking and unique experience (and perhaps the most amazing way to view the Grand Canyon) is to get a “bird’s eye” view of the Grand Canyon by taking an escorted aerial ride on a helicopter or airplane.

This is truly an amazing experience…to be able to see the whole expanse of the Grand Canyon on an aerial ride accompanied by a well-versed tour guide. Grand Canyon aerial vacation tours allow tourists to see more of the inaccessible areas that could not be reached or experienced in any other way.

Alternative Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

River Rafting Packages – Another unique way to tour the Grand Canyon is to take one of the many fully guided Grand Canyon river rafting vacation packages. These river rafting trips are available in varying degrees of difficulty and conducted by expert river rafting guides. Some river rafting vacation packages take you down the Colorado River on motorized boats. There’s also the paddled river rafting trip that provides thrill seekers with a thorough workout as well as an amazing sightseeing adventure.

Hiking the Grand Canyon – Some Grand Canyon vacation packages also include hiking trails and tours custom-designed to suit hikers of all ages and skill levels. There are easy, medium, and difficult adventure hiking trails that the tourist can choose from.

Caravan Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

Escorted Grand Canyon bus tours are included in many Grand Canyon vacation packages, which is another refreshing way to explore the grandeur of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

Caravan Grand Canyon bus tours include skilled and well-versed tour guides who offer narration and commentaries during the whole bus trip, to give vacationers a good overview of the history and geology of this National Park. Caravan tour buses all have state-of-the-art facilities and amenities including air-conditioning and full on-board rest rooms, and the tour includes photo opportunities at special sites throughout Grand Canyon Park.

Enjoy all-inclusive, fully guided Grand Canyon Vacation Packages by Caravan Tours that include visits to SedonaBryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Caravan’s current Grand Canyon tour itinerary includes 2 nights stay at the Grand Canyon Park Thunderbird, Kachina, or Maswik North Lodge. This vacation package also includes a full day for you to explore the Grand Canyon at your leisure and according to your interests.

Be sure to read fellow travelers’ reviews of the Grand Canyon with Caravan Tours.

Grand Canyon vacation package tours always book up quickly! Call Caravan Tours toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to check availability or book your spot today!

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