Just saying the words “California coast road trip” conjures up visions of California vacations with a beautiful sunny landscape defined by the crashing waves of the warm Pacific Ocean.

To some, the phrase might also mean the California coast highway, surfing, boats skimming along the surface, and marine wildlife that awes even the veteran coastal visitor.

Evidently, a California coast road trip is on the wish list of most travelers to the US since California tours are quite popular. In fact, California is the most visited state in all of the USA and many US citizens choose to stay after visiting California only once.

California Coast Road Trip Attractions

People are drawn to the “Golden State” by the warm weather, the landscape, and of course the amazing California coastline but what makes the California coast so alluring for travelers are the many unique attractions. Of course, the most popular California must-see attractions are places like Hollywood, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park but other prominent California coast destinations include:

Pacific Grove Sunset Drive – Take a leisurely journey along Pacific Grove Sunset Drive. Long used as a retreat for the rich and famous, Pacific Grove has prompted many to use such words as “dream-like,” “rugged” and “stunning.” In addition to the outstanding scenery, Pacific Grove has more than 1,000 houses on its historic-homes list. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are “top-shelf” in Pacific Grove as well.

Big Sur – Many have heard the term “Big Sur” but most have never experienced this one-of-a-kind location on the California coast. A favorite destination for California residents and out-of-state visitors alike, Big Sur offers just about everything: art galleries, gift shops, excellent restaurants, unrivaled camping, and hiking, along with some of the finest natural landscapes in the world. If you enjoy wildflowers, birds, and other native animals, this may be the perfect place for you. It’s possible to spot a California condor or a whale during your visit here.

Beach lovers are reminded that the beaches of Big Sur and the immediate area are not like the warm beaches of the Southern California coastline. Weather conditions are generally cool in this region, making the beaches better for hiking in a good pair of shoes, with a jacket along (just in case).

Pfeiffer Burns State Park – A visit to Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park should probably be on the itinerary of every traveler to the Big Sur region. The waterfall, granite cliffs, and lush tree growth make this a great place to spend a day. Located just half an hour’s drive from Carmel, this state park joins Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park as two of the most popular spots in central California.

Giant California Redwood Trees – One of the most amazing sites that central California has to offer is the giant redwood. Some of these older “coast redwood” trees have been here for more than 2,000 years. If this bit of natural history isn’t fascinating enough for you, the sheer size of these trees surely will be. Sequoia redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and grow to more than 375 feet in height and more than 25 feet in diameter. In addition to this magnificent site, visitors are urged to experience the Santa Lucia Range that extends from Monterey to San Luis Obispo (more than 100 miles). While not the highest mountains (the tallest peak is about 6,000 feet) the Santa Lucia Mountains are one of the most beautiful sections of the Pacific California Coast range.

Bixby Bridge – Visitors to the Golden State should also experience such engineering marvels as the Bixby Bridge, just a short drive south of the wonderful community of Carmel on the California coast. Bixby Bridge was constructed in 1932, with a length of more than 700 feet. Another popular stop not far from Bixby Bridge is Bixby Ocean Ranch. Groves of redwoods, open grasslands, and views of the rugged coastline make this a great place for sight-seeing and photography.

California Coast Tours by Caravan

With Caravan Tours, Big Sur, the giant redwoods, and other popular California attractions like Yosemite National Park are included as part of our all-inclusive California Tours. These are exceptionally priced, fully escorted 9-day tours.

Visit Caravan’s California Tours Reviews page to read what others have said about these all-inclusive fully escorted tours of the California coast.

To book a California coast road trip with Caravan Tours, please call us toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

There are literally hundreds of different California vacation packages and guided tour programs available. These range from one-day guided tours at specific California attractions to extended bus tours that span several weeks and stop at multiple destinations.

It’s not difficult to find an affordable California tour. There are plenty to choose from in the Golden State so it’s best to weigh your options and compare similar California vacation packages to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Types of California Vacation Packages

Winery Package Deals

Wine aficionados usually gravitate towards one of the excellent California vacation packages featuring a few of the hundreds of wineries scattered across the central California landscape. Sonoma Wine County alone has more than 150 wineries and vineyards to choose from. Napa Valley is also a great location for sampling some of the world’s choicest wines.

A typical California wine tasting vacation package generally includes overnight accommodations with continental breakfast and no parking charges. During the full-day tour, participants can see some of the California winery region’s most beautiful scenery and taste some of the most sought after, world-class wines. Prices vary depending on the length of the tour and the number of wineries on the tour itinerary.

San Francisco California Vacation Packages

If the city by the bay is your choice, there are a number of good San Francisco package deals available among the dozens of California vacation packages offered. If you have already traveled to this fascinating city and want to get a different look at some of the more famous sites, you might choose a helicopter tour over San Francisco, with prices beginning at about $150. A tour of the Golden Gate Bridge costs only $22 per person. When you are looking for travel and accommodations among the San Francisco vacation tour packages, consider one of the all-inclusive travel packages.

California Parks

Tours of famous national parks, such as Yosemite National Park, are very popular with families, seniors, and group travel. Several companies offer one-day, two-day, and three-day vacation packages for Yosemite National Park. A typical three-day tour from San Francisco includes one full day and two half-day excursions. Nearby overnight accommodations are also available including at Yosemite Lodge.

Los Angeles & Hollywood Vacation Packages

When the call of movie stars and celebrities is at the top of your priority list, you may want to select a Hollywood vacation package tour. Schedules range from ½ day to several days, with such options as Universal Studios, Disneyland, and a tour of stars’ homes or the best shopping districts like Rodeo Drive.

California Coast Tours

When you plan a California trip, include a California coast tour in your itinerary. California tour companies offer a dizzying array of choices but one of the most popular is the Los Angeles to San Francisco trip billed as “Tinsel Town to Golden Gate.” Tours range from overnight to seven days, depending on location and time of year.

All-Inclusive California Vacation Packages

A California vacation package deal would not be complete without visits to Big Sur, Monterey, Yosemite National Park, and the giant California redwood trees. These and many other excellent California vacation stops are included as part of Caravan Tours’ 8-day, all-inclusive California Vacation Packages, which are exceptionally priced.

Visit Caravan’s California Vacation Tour Reviews page to read what others have said about these all-inclusive fully escorted California vacation packages.

Caravan Tours offers all-inclusive fully guided tours in the USA, Canada, and in Latin America, including Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

To book one of our Caravan California vacation packages, please call us toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

There truly is no shortage of things to do in San Francisco California when you travel with Caravan Tours!

For a good part of United States history, San Francisco was first on the list when people were asked to name the city where they would most like to live.

The “city by the bay” is still a favorite destination not only for those who are relocating but for those who are vacationing in California as well. Why?

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and Lombard Street (dubbed the world’s most crooked street). San Francisco city is also recognized for what may well be its most “infamous” attraction, Alcatraz Island. No matter what reason you choose to visit San Francisco City, it’s a safe bet that you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of the attractions and things to do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Among the most popular of San Francisco’s tourist attractions is the Golden Gate Bridge, considered to be a marvelous feat of 20th-century engineering.  The Golden Gate Bridge is photographed as often as such European icons as the Eiffel Tower. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge is a treat in itself for first-time visitors but one should not miss the opportunity to take a more leisurely stroll by foot across this magnificent bridge.

Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco

Along with the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf should also be on your list as one of the city’s “must-see” places to visit. Fisherman’s Wharf is a stretch of waterfront property that features great seafood restaurants and specialty shops right on the bay. It’s also a great place to see San Francisco’s sea lion population. Some visitors also make a point to visit nearby Ghirardelli Square (the name means “chocolate” to a lot of people). Visitors often take chocolate treats home with them as souvenirs.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Though the site may seem a bit tainted, even morbid to some, visitors with an interest in criminal history in the United States should take the Alcatraz audio tour. Alcatraz prison is where America’s most notorious gangsters (like Al Capone) were sent in the heydays of post-Depression America. Thousands of tourists tour Alcatraz Island every year after taking a short boat ride across the frigid bay waters. Advance reservations are recommended. Get these passes well ahead of your scheduled visit and soak up some of the most infamous atmosphere in United States history.

San Francisco’s Cable Cars

At one time in San Francisco, there were no cars on the streets. People walked, traveled by horse and carriage, or took one of the now world-famous cable cars. These cable cars are still used as transportation by some, but they have become one of the top “things to do” on any tour itinerary. San Francisco’s cable cars are considered a historic landmark. The cable cars can take you through Chinatown and over Nob Hill, with the opportunity to hop on at one of the turn-table locations or at various marked spots along the route. Tickets are $3 for a one-way trip or $9 for a day pass.

Chinatown & Knob Hill

Since we mentioned Chinatown and Nob Hill, we should probably take a little closer look at these two wonderful San Francisco destinations. Much of San Francisco’s Chinatown is really a representation of what architects thought “typical” Chinese architecture would look like. However, the city does have a rich heritage of Chinese culture, much of it still alive in small Chinese specialty shops along some of the side streets.

Visitors who want to see some of San Francisco’s mansions, which were built by the city’s upper-class families in past years, may want to take in Nob Hill. This was a favored location for wealthy merchants and entrepreneurs more than a century ago and is still home to many who are considered “upper crust.”

Other City Attractions

These are just a few of the many highlights of San Francisco, considered one of the most beautiful and “liveable” cities in the world. Other San Francisco attractions include Union Square, Golden Gate Park, and Coit Tower. Experienced travelers urge first-time visitors to allow plenty of time to enjoy the special atmosphere of this amazing “city by the bay”, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Part of Caravan’s All-Inclusive California Tours

San Francisco California and many of the city’s attractions mentioned above are included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive California Tours.

Other tour stops along the California coast include places to visit like Yosemite National Park, Monterey, Big Sur, and the giant redwoods of California. These are fully escorted, 8-day tours, exceptionally priced starting at just $1,395. The bus tour includes a 2-night stay in San Francisco.

Visit Caravan’s California Coast Tour Reviews page to read what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive California tours.

To book this Caravan tour, please call us toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

There are plenty of things to do in Monterey California, but for most, the name is synonymous with John Steinbeck and Cannery Row.

Monterey, which is located on the California Coast, is also known for its music so you might want to plan your trip around the Monterey Jazz Festival in September. First started in 1958, 2020 marks the 62nd year for the world-famous jazz festival.

In truth, many California tours, like those offered by Caravan Tours, include this coastal town as part of their itinerary because this Pacific coastal town has so much more to offer. Here are some things to do in Monterey California.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Bay Aquarium is reason enough to include Monterey California your next vacation itinerary. The Bay Aquarium is known around the world as a place for family enjoyment, education, and marine exploration.

Hundreds of people take the opportunity to see this world-class display of nature every day. Find out about the secret life of seahorses. See sharks in the Outer Bay. And check out the fascinating Monterey Bay habitats. The Aquarium recently added another amazing display – Hot Pink Flamingos.

Cannery Row

If the ocean world and undersea marine life don’t suit your style, or if you have seen the world-renowned aquarium and want to experience more of Monterey California, plan to spend a day at Cannery Row.

Cannery Row is also the title of a famous novel by author John Steinbeck. The area is named for the sardine-canning companies that operated here decades ago. Developers have converted this historic region into an area of great hotels, excellent restaurants, and family-oriented activities that draw many tourists. In addition, you can wander through the many shops that offer quality merchandise.

Steinbeck, one of the most respected authors in modern history, wrote of the last days of what was once called the Sardine Capital of the World. For more than half a century the area has been known as Cannery Row, a must-see destination for visitors to the Monterey Bay area.

Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company

The recreation trail and IMAX Theater draw many visitors to Monterey California. Those who are familiar with the movie “Forrest Gump” will be pleasantly surprised to find the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company here.

Carmel by the Sea

If celerity sighting is your passion or if you want to experience the atmosphere of a quaint but exciting seaside town, visit Carmel by the Sea. Many movie stars and musicians make this their home. Well-known actor Clint Eastwood once served as mayor of Carmel, California.

Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Don’t miss the chance to see Old Fisherman’s Wharf. Restaurants offer excellent seafood and other fares. Whale-watching and fishing are popular pastimes. You can also satisfy your shopping desire with a stroll through some of the lovely specialty shops.

San Luis Reservoir

For an outdoor experience, take some time to visit San Luis Reservoir and the surrounding state park. This gorgeous, wind-swept site attracts thousands of visitors annually.

You may also want to experience 17-Mile Drive at world-famous Pebble Beach. Some of the words you might use to describe what you can see and feel during this wonderful journey include cypress trees, seals, sea otters, wildflowers, marvelous golf courses…and much more.

Whatever your tastes, it’s a sure bet that you’ll find it in amazing Monterey California

All-Inclusive California Tours by Caravan

Monterey California is just one of the many excellent stops included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive California Tours package.

These are 8-day, all-inclusive, and fully escorted tours, exceptionally priced.

Visit Caravan’s California Vacation Tour Reviews page to read what others have said about Monterey California and these all-inclusive fully escorted California tours.

To book this tour, please call Caravan Tours toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

Travel with Caravan Tours and explore many of the top Los Angeles California attractions.

Instead of asking about things to do in Los Angeles, it may be better to ask what’s not to do.

Visitors from around the world come to the “City of Angels” for many, many different reasons. While many vacationers to the Los Angeles county area come to visit Disneyland or to experience the magic of Hollywood, more than a few visitors travel to Los Angeles California to try their luck in the movie industry.

Vacationers and fans of movie celebrities view Hollywood and Beverly Hills as important “must-see” destinations. For these movie buffs, Los Angeles California attractions must include the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and the mansions of the stars in Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles California Attractions

Many of these attractions are included as part of our Caravan California vacations.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills California is truly a city of wealth beyond compare. It’s a great place to window shop but if you can afford it, don’t miss shopping in one of the exclusive stores on Rodeo Drive (pronunciation sounds more like “no way oh” instead of “rodeo” where you “ride the bull”). Beverly Hills hotels are very high-class so start saving your money now if you want to spend the night here. Make your reservations well ahead of time. Of course, the food in the various top-shelf restaurants is exquisite but prices do reflect the area you are in. Some of the “big name” Beverly Hills restaurants to check out include Spago, La Scala, Polo Lounge, and Regent Beverly Wilshire.


Every visitor eager for Los Angeles California attractions should make a point to see the famous Hollywood sign standing on the side of Hollywood Hills. Erected in 1923, the world-famous sign was repaired in 1949, then rebuilt in 1978 and repainted in 2005. The Hollywood sign began as an advertisement for housing and has become a landmark icon of the movie industry that is recognized by people around the world.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

The other location that might be at the top of your “must-see” list in the Hollywood area is Grauman’s Chinese Theater, accurately billed as “the most famous movie theater in the world.” Grauman’s Chinese Theater was used to premiere Hollywood’s most talked-about movies, but the building itself is beautiful enough to be one of Hollywood’s top tourist draws.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Most visitors to Los Angeles California make a concerted effort to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard if only to be able to say that they’ve walked where the stars walked. Other tourist favorites in the area are Mulholland Drive, Laurel Canyon County Store, and Hollywood Bowl (the famous venue for music performances and another important icon of Los Angeles California).

Sony Pictures & Universal Studios

While you are in the Los Angeles area you may want to take a tour of some of the giants in the movie industry including Sony Pictures and Universal Studios. Both are constantly busy with the production of movies, television shows, and commercials, and both offer excellent studio tours. Tour guides make the experience enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Santa Monica Pier

There are plenty of Los Angeles California attractions that have little to do with Hollywood or the movie industry. For example, one of the highlights of a trip to Los Angeles is Santa Monica Pier. This pier is now famous for its entertainment venues, excellent dining options, and wonderful specialty shops. There is no admission charge at Santa Monica Pier where you can leisurely stroll along and experience exceptional musicians, artists, and street performers. Santa Monica Pier is also one of California’s most amazing places for watching the coastal sunset.

Malibu California

When you are in southern California you may want to visit incredible Malibu, known for its beautiful landscape and California beaches. This area is also recognized as Los Angeles’ most famous residential area of the rich and famous. Malibu offers plenty of recreational opportunities including swimming, fishing, and shopping in many of the beachfront stores.

Caravan’s All Inclusive California Tours

Places like Hollywood and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles are included as part of Caravan Tours’ 8-day, all-inclusive California Tours, which are exceptionally priced.

Visit Caravan’s California Tours Review page to read what others have said about Caravan’s fully escorted all-inclusive California package tours.

To book with Caravan Tours, please call us toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain backdrop, Sonoma Wine Country in Sonoma County California offers the visitor a wide variety of landscapes. This area produces an excellent variety of grapes, which have been grown here for centuries.

Chances are if you are going to Sonoma County in central California you have wine on your mind. After all, this area is home to more than 250 wineries and some of North America’s finest vineyards that produce some of the world’s best wines (not to mention some of the world’s most popular wines).

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

If you plan on visiting central California, perhaps the key event to put on your vacation calendar is Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. A joint effort by several groups and organizations, this three-day event features the best of California’s food, drink, and entertainment activities.

Weekend calendar of events includes winemaker lunches and dinners with fine food and wine from many of Sonoma’s award-winning wineries. That’s just on Friday!

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend features is an Annual Showcase, this time at MacMurray Ranch in Healdsburg. After this 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. wine event, another of the fantastic winemaker dinners is on the agenda. Sunday’s key wine event is the 18th annual wine auction, held at Cline Cellars in Sonoma California.

Sonoma Wineries

Featured wineries in Sonoma Wine Country also include;

  • MacArthur Place, a luxury inn and spa offering private gardens and teak wine tub
  • Imagery Estate Winery, featuring some rare wines and other choices from its Double Gold Medal list
  • The Inn at the Tides, with great views of the bay and the finest Sonoma accommodations

It’s impossible to provide information on all the great wineries in Sonoma Wine Country. After all, there are literally hundreds waiting to be discovered. In fact, it’s difficult to list all the names and locations without taking up pages of space. But the Russian River area might be a good place to start sampling the great wines here.

For example, check out Adrian Fog Winery, Dehlinger Winery, Freeman Vineyard & Winery, Iron Horse Winery, or one of many others in Sebastopol, part of this well-known wine-producing list.

A few other great Sonoma wineries to consider while vacationing in the area, where you’ll find plenty of top-notch wines, are St. Francis Winery and Blackstone in Kenwood, Arrowood Vineyards & Wineries in Glen Ellen and Ravenswood in Sonoma. These are among dozens of Sonoma winery businesses that have daily wine tasting events and tours.

Sonoma Wine Road

One of the best ways to discover the best of Sonoma Wine Country is to follow the Sonoma Wine Road. This path takes you through some of the most beautiful places in California, not to mention taking you to some of the most respected wineries in the industry. Many of these vineyards and wineries have been producing top-shelf vino for decades.

First-time visitors who follow Wine Road through Sonoma will travel a route enjoyed by veteran wine lovers for nearly half a century. This one adventure offers more than 150 choice wineries as well as unique Sonoma bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels at dozens of places along the way. Follow the Sonoma map for a wine tasting experience that is unrivaled in the United States. You’ll find Sonoma Wine Country fascinating for many reasons beyond just the great wine.

California Coast Tours by Caravan

World-class wineries and Sonoma Wine Country are included as part of Caravan Tours’ 8-day all-inclusive California Tours. This tour also includes Yosemite National Park, Monterey, Big Sur, San Franciso, and Hollywood. These are fully escorted tours exceptionally priced and affordable. Visit Caravan’s California Tours Reviews page to read what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive fully escorted tours of the California coast.

To book this tour, please call Caravan toll-free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

Caravan all inclusive vacations are a great way to travel worry-free.

One of the main benefits of traveling with Caravan Tours is that outside of your airfare, virtually all other costs are included in the ticket price. Your food, lodging, travel itinerary, plus all activities, outings and even tips are taken care of by Caravan.

Most vacationers find themselves spending very little while on their actual vacation – and usually, it’s only to purchase a few souvenirs here and there.

In addition to handling all your vacation expenses, Caravan all inclusive vacations are also fully guided packages – conducted by professional local tour operators who:

  • Handle all activity payments and tipping
  • Take care of hotel check-ins
  • Keep you on schedule
  • Guide you through the sights and sounds of your vacation destination
  • Make sure your needs are met and you travel in comfort

Guiding travelers on all inclusive vacations since 1952, Caravan Tours currently offers 9 Caravan all inclusive vacations throughout the USA, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Canada.

Panama Vacations

Panama is a small country in Central America and home to the Panama Canal, which serves as a passageway for ships and vessels travelling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean and vice versa. Caravan’s all inclusive Panama cruise packages feature cruises on the Panama Canal, while exploring Panama’s rainforests, lakes, rivers and volcanoes.

The highlights of this all inclusive Panama Vacation include:

  • Miraflores Locks
  • “Old Panama” city known as Panama Viejo
  • Gatun Lake cruise featuring hilltop islands
  • Locks Transit cruise
  • Playa Blanca in El Valle
  • Embera Rainforest Indian Village
  • Kuna Indian marketplace

Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica features an abundance of beautiful beaches, volcanoes and rainforests so it can be hard to know how to divide your vacation time.  Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica vacation lets you experience a little bit of everything. The vacation starts and ends in the capital city, San Jose. Vacationers travel north to visit Poas Volcano and Arenal Volcano, and finally back West to the Pacific coast to enjoy incredible white sandy beaches.

The highlights of this all inclusive Costa Rica Vacation include:

  • Poas Volcano
  • Escalonia Cloud Forest Trail
  • Authentic Costa Rican coffee plantation tour
  • Braulio Carrillo Park and Butterfly Garden
  • Rio Frio River Cruise and Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge
  • Guanacaste and Leatherback Turtle National Park
  • Tarcoles River cruise and Carara Biological Reserve
  • Manuel Antonia National Park

USA All Inclusive Vacations

The diversity of our American geography is remarkable and evident in our protected National Parks. Caravan Tours features three national park vacation packages:

Grand Canyon Vacation Packages feature Camelback Mountain, Montezuma Castle, Sedona colony and Oak Creek Canyon – and that is just on your way into Grand Canyon National Park! In addition to accommodations inside the park you will have breathtaking views of Lake Powell, take a jeep tour of Monument Valley’s back country and visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Mount Rushmore Vacations are all inclusive and include your lodging and land travel expenses as you journey to see Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore National Monument, and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Crow Nation. While on vacation you will cross the continental divide before entering Yellowstone National Park and intersecting the original “Oregon Trail”.

Yosemite Park Vacation Packages are all inclusive California coast tours and start with a night in the romantic city of San Francisco. This is followed by a guided tour of California’s Wine Country plus a Bay Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. During your all inclusive vacation you will journey into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, see gold mining towns, discover Yosemite National Park, visit the San Joaquin Valley and spend some time at the oceanfront Monterey Bay Aquarium. Before departing California you will also have the opportunity to visit Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills where there’s a good chance you’ll spot some Hollywood celebrities.

Canada All Inclusive Vacations

Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages feature Waterton Park, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park and Jasper. Along the way you will witness majestic scenery, souring mountain tops and ancient glaciers. Ride a vintage tour bus in Glacier National Park, take the Gondola ride up to Sulphur Mountain for 360 degree views of six mountain ranges surrounding Banff, do a float trip along the Bow River and trek along the Icefields near Jasper, Alberta.

Canadian Maritimes Vacation Packages are also all inclusive where you can relax as you settle into the East Coast lifestyle. Visit Cape Breton Island, go whale watching in Nova Scotia, visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, and stay in the charming town of Baddeck. A short ferry ride takes vacationers over to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables. Finally, be inspired by the unique tides in the Bay of Fundy or by Halifax’s oceanfront, or the charming Peggy’s Cove. Along the way your East Coast inspired meals are included in your package price!

Call Toll Free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to check availability for All Inclusive Vacations by Caravan Tours.

Request a free travel brochure.

In the past few decades Caravan vacation packages have become one of the most popular and economical ways to travel.

With tourism today, travelers have plenty of options. Once you have an idea of where to go there is no shortage of options including;

  • Self-guided vacations
  • Customized vacation travel
  • Fully escorted vacation packages
  • All inclusive tours
  • Group vacations
  • Budget vacation travel
  • And practically any combination of these

Caravan vacation packages are designed for pampering guests, making them feel special, and providing guests with the ultimate vacation experience.

All Inclusive Vacation Packages

All inclusive vacation packages are very popular with group travelers as all arrangements for hotel stays, airport transfers, and ground travel are taken care of. Most often, hotels and lodges are three and four star quality.

Many vacation packages are also fully escorted so language and local currencies are not an issue for travelers.

All inclusive packages are extremely convenient since every detail is handled for you and included for one affordable all inclusive price. This type of vacation package usually includes all itinerary sightseeing activities and activity fees, and in many cases, gratuities as well.

Specialized Vacations

There are a myriad of specialized vacation packages available for the avid traveler. These may include family getaways, senior holiday packages, or theme based vacation packages such as;

  • Adventure travel
  • Arts and culture tours
  • Ruins & archaeological interest packages
  • Beach holidays
  • Vacation packages for singles or couples
  • And guided travel for special interest groups

Many of these specialized and special interest vacation packages can be customized to suit your requirements and the entire holiday can be set up according to your personal or group needs.

There are even vacation packages centered on specific holidays and events like Mardi Gras or the Olympics. These vacation packages usually include entry to the event as well.

Caravan All Inclusive Tours

Today, most reputable tour companies can be easily researched online offering tours to suit virtually any taste and budget. Tour operators that have been around for a while and are well established generally offer the best value for the money.

Since 1952, Caravan Vacation Packages have given travelers a complete holiday experience at truly affordable prices. Because Caravan deals in volume, hotels and vendors generally offer us excellent discounts. Price breaks such as this allow our tour operators to offer amazing tours. Our Discount Costa Rica Vacation package is a prime example. You can enjoy this tour for much less than what you would pay if you had to book the same activities and hotels on your own.

Caravan vacation packages are all inclusive, fully escorted tours starting as low as $1,195. Come travel with Caravan Tours to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, or Canada and US destinations like California and New England.

Check Vacation Package Availability or to learn more. visit Why Buy Vacation Packages with Caravan.

Call toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) for bookings or to speak with our travel experts.

Since 1952, Caravan escorted tours by this Chicago based family owned and operated tour company has been delighting North and Central American travelers. Caravan Tours offers affordable fully guided tours that out competitors simply can’t beat.

Caravan escorted tours are very reasonably priced. What makes them so unique however is that they are also all inclusive tours, which are ideal for group travelers and budget conscious tourists who are looking for family or senior vacation packages.

On these all inclusive Caravan escorted tours everything is included for one low, affordable price. That means all itinerary accommodations, meals, activities, activity fees, and ground transportation are covered.

Caravan hosts some of the best fully escorted tours in the travel industry including all inclusive tours in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, the United States, and Canada.

Latin America Tours

Caravan’s all inclusive Latin America tours are exceptional fully guided holidays.

Vacationers on Caravan’s guided Costa Rica tours enjoy the “rich coast” of Costa Rica, which includes visits to Leatherback Turtles National Park and the Pacific coast turtle nesting beaches.

Caravan’s all inclusive Guatemala escorted tours include visits to Antigua, Lake Atitlan and the Mayan ruins of Tikal and Copan.

Guests on Caravan’s all inclusive Panama guided tours enjoy an escorted tour of the Panama Canal, Old Panama and Panama City plus a rainforest jungle cruise up the Chagras River to an authentic Embera Indian village.

USA Tours

USA Caravan escorted tours offer something for everyone, from leisurely bus tours along the California coast, to Yellowstone National Park, New England, and US national parks tours.

Caravan’s California guided tours travel down the coast of California with visits to San Francisco, California wine country, Big Sur, and Yosemite National Park.

Caravan’s Yellowstone guided tours also includes visits to Mammoth Hot Springs, Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, Chief Crazy Horse Monument, and Mount Rushmore.

Travelers on Caravan’s New England guided tours enjoy a scenic bus tour through the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. This is a fantastic trip, especially during the fall when tourists can enjoy Caravan’s fully escorted New England fall foliage tour.

Caravan’s USA national parks all inclusive tours take visitors on fully escorted tours through some of America’s favorite national parks including the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. These escorted bus tours also include a Monument Valley jeep tour.

Escorted Canada Tours

Fully escorted tours in Canada are also offered by Caravan Tours. Caravan’s all inclusive Canadian Rockies guided tours include Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and the Columbia Ice Fields.

Caravan’s all inclusive Eastern Canada guided tours explores Canada’s Maritime Provinces including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI).

All Inclusive Caravan Escorted Tours

All Central American and North American all inclusive fully guided tours by Caravan Tours are conducted by knowledgeable local tour guides.

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All Caravan guided tours are also all inclusive vacations. That means for one low, all inclusive price, Caravan guests can travel fully guided and enjoy all ground transportation, accommodations, meals and tour itineraries without added costs.

Our Caravan guided tours are some of the very best on the market. Caravan tour operators offer North and Central American guided bus tours including all inclusive tours in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

US Guided Tours

Grand Canyon Guided Tours – Have you ever wanted to explore the Grand Canyon with an experienced tour guide? Caravan’s Grand Canyon guided tours are exceptional and also include escorted visits to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Other destinations on this all inclusive fully guided tour include Sedona, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

California Guided Tours – Take a guided vacation tour down along the coast of California and enjoy escorted visits to the California redwoods, San Joaquin Valley, California wine country, San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Caravan’s all inclusive fully escorted California tours also include Yosemite National Park guided tours.

Yellowstone Guided ToursCaravan’s all inclusive Yellowstone National Park guided tours explores many of the park’s most popular sites including Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs. The Yellowstone guided tour also includes visits to Mount Rushmore Memorial, Crazy Horse Monument and the Custer Battlefield.

New England Guided ToursNew England’s fall foliage guided tours are the most popular however Caravan’s New England guided tours also include Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth Rock, Woodstock, Norman Rockwell Museum and of course a guided bus tour through New England’s Appalachian Mountains.

Canada Guided Tours

Guided Tours of the Canadian Rockies – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of the Canadian Rockies includes visits to Waterton Park, Glacier Park, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park and the Columbia Ice Fields.

Guided Tours of the Canada’s Maritime Provinces – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of Eastern Canada includes escorted visits to Nova Scotia’s Halifax and Peggy’s Cove. Other destinations include the Fortress of Louisbourg and Cabot Trial on Cape Breton Island, Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island and the Bay of Fundy (home of the world’s highest tides) in New Brunswick.

Latin America Guided Tours

Costa Rica Tours

Traveling fully escorted is absolutely the best way to explore Costa Rica’s many volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, cloud forests and National Parks.  Other destinations on Caravan’s guided tours of Costa Rica include San Jose, Leatherback Turtles National Park, Poas and Arenal Volcanoes, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Guatemala Tours

Caravan’s all inclusive guided tours of Guatemala also include escorted visits to the ancient ruins of Tikal and Copan. Other sites including in this Guatemala guided tour include Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, Quiriqua, Rio Dulce and Antigua.

Panama Tours

Caravan’s newest all inclusive Central American vacation is the fully guided Panama Canal tour. Travelers will also enjoy escorted visits to Panama City, Old Panama, Playa Blanca, and the rainforest village of the Embera Indians.

All Inclusive Guided Tours by Caravan

Caravan Tours has been offering fully guided tours throughout Central and North America since 1952. Caravan uses knowledgeable local tour guides who are eager to share their history and knowledge.

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