California Coast in the “Golden State”

Just saying the words “California coast road trip” conjures up visions of California vacations with a beautiful sunny landscape defined by the crashing waves of the warm Pacific Ocean.

To some, the phrase might also mean the California coast highway, surfing, boats skimming along the surface, and marine wildlife that awes even the veteran coastal visitor.

Evidently, a California coast road trip is on the wish list of most travelers to the US since California tours are quite popular. In fact, California is the most visited state in all of the USA and many US citizens choose to stay after visiting California only once.

California Coast Road Trip Attractions

People are drawn to the “Golden State” by the warm weather, the landscape, and of course the amazing California coastline but what makes the California coast so alluring for travelers are the many unique attractions. Of course, the most popular California must-see attractions are places like Hollywood, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park but other prominent California coast destinations include:

Pacific Grove Sunset Drive – Take a leisurely journey along Pacific Grove Sunset Drive. Long used as a retreat for the rich and famous, Pacific Grove has prompted many to use such words as “dream-like,” “rugged” and “stunning.” In addition to the outstanding scenery, Pacific Grove has more than 1,000 houses on its historic-homes list. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are “top-shelf” in Pacific Grove as well.

Big Sur – Many have heard the term “Big Sur” but most have never experienced this one-of-a-kind location on the California coast. A favorite destination for California residents and out-of-state visitors alike, Big Sur offers just about everything: art galleries, gift shops, excellent restaurants, unrivaled camping, and hiking, along with some of the finest natural landscapes in the world. If you enjoy wildflowers, birds, and other native animals, this may be the perfect place for you. It’s possible to spot a California condor or a whale during your visit here.

Beach lovers are reminded that the beaches of Big Sur and the immediate area are not like the warm beaches of the Southern California coastline. Weather conditions are generally cool in this region, making the beaches better for hiking in a good pair of shoes, with a jacket along (just in case).

Pfeiffer Burns State Park – A visit to Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park should probably be on the itinerary of every traveler to the Big Sur region. The waterfall, granite cliffs, and lush tree growth make this a great place to spend a day. Located just half an hour’s drive from Carmel, this state park joins Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park as two of the most popular spots in central California.

Giant California Redwood Trees – One of the most amazing sites that central California has to offer is the giant redwood. Some of these older “coast redwood” trees have been here for more than 2,000 years. If this bit of natural history isn’t fascinating enough for you, the sheer size of these trees surely will be. Sequoia redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and grow to more than 375 feet in height and more than 25 feet in diameter. In addition to this magnificent site, visitors are urged to experience the Santa Lucia Range that extends from Monterey to San Luis Obispo (more than 100 miles). While not the highest mountains (the tallest peak is about 6,000 feet) the Santa Lucia Mountains are one of the most beautiful sections of the Pacific California Coast range.

Bixby Bridge – Visitors to the Golden State should also experience such engineering marvels as the Bixby Bridge, just a short drive south of the wonderful community of Carmel on the California coast. Bixby Bridge was constructed in 1932, with a length of more than 700 feet. Another popular stop not far from Bixby Bridge is Bixby Ocean Ranch. Groves of redwoods, open grasslands, and views of the rugged coastline make this a great place for sight-seeing and photography.

California Coast Tours by Caravan

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