Top Attractions in San Francisco California

There truly is no shortage of things to do in San Francisco California when you travel with Caravan Tours!

For a good part of United States history, San Francisco was first on the list when people were asked to name the city where they would most like to live.

The “city by the bay” is still a favorite destination not only for those who are relocating but for those who are vacationing in California as well. Why?

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and Lombard Street (dubbed the world’s most crooked street). San Francisco city is also recognized for what may well be its most “infamous” attraction, Alcatraz Island. No matter what reason you choose to visit San Francisco City, it’s a safe bet that you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of the attractions and things to do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Among the most popular of San Francisco’s tourist attractions is the Golden Gate Bridge, considered to be a marvelous feat of 20th-century engineering.  The Golden Gate Bridge is photographed as often as such European icons as the Eiffel Tower. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge is a treat in itself for first-time visitors but one should not miss the opportunity to take a more leisurely stroll by foot across this magnificent bridge.

Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco

Along with the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf should also be on your list as one of the city’s “must-see” places to visit. Fisherman’s Wharf is a stretch of waterfront property that features great seafood restaurants and specialty shops right on the bay. It’s also a great place to see San Francisco’s sea lion population. Some visitors also make a point to visit nearby Ghirardelli Square (the name means “chocolate” to a lot of people). Visitors often take chocolate treats home with them as souvenirs.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Though the site may seem a bit tainted, even morbid to some, visitors with an interest in criminal history in the United States should take the Alcatraz audio tour. Alcatraz prison is where America’s most notorious gangsters (like Al Capone) were sent in the heydays of post-Depression America. Thousands of tourists tour Alcatraz Island every year after taking a short boat ride across the frigid bay waters. Advance reservations are recommended. Get these passes well ahead of your scheduled visit and soak up some of the most infamous atmosphere in United States history.

San Francisco’s Cable Cars

At one time in San Francisco, there were no cars on the streets. People walked, traveled by horse and carriage, or took one of the now world-famous cable cars. These cable cars are still used as transportation by some, but they have become one of the top “things to do” on any tour itinerary. San Francisco’s cable cars are considered a historic landmark. The cable cars can take you through Chinatown and over Nob Hill, with the opportunity to hop on at one of the turn-table locations or at various marked spots along the route. Tickets are $3 for a one-way trip or $9 for a day pass.

Chinatown & Knob Hill

Since we mentioned Chinatown and Nob Hill, we should probably take a little closer look at these two wonderful San Francisco destinations. Much of San Francisco’s Chinatown is really a representation of what architects thought “typical” Chinese architecture would look like. However, the city does have a rich heritage of Chinese culture, much of it still alive in small Chinese specialty shops along some of the side streets.

Visitors who want to see some of San Francisco’s mansions, which were built by the city’s upper-class families in past years, may want to take in Nob Hill. This was a favored location for wealthy merchants and entrepreneurs more than a century ago and is still home to many who are considered “upper crust.”

Other City Attractions

These are just a few of the many highlights of San Francisco, considered one of the most beautiful and “liveable” cities in the world. Other San Francisco attractions include Union Square, Golden Gate Park, and Coit Tower. Experienced travelers urge first-time visitors to allow plenty of time to enjoy the special atmosphere of this amazing “city by the bay”, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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