Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful Geyser is the name given to one of the world’s biggest and most regular geysers and is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.

There are over 300 geysers in Yellowstone National Park but Old Faithful Geyser is the most renowned. Old Faithful was named by the Washburn-Langford-Diane Expedition in 1870 when they first encountered the plume of white water as it shot into the sky about one hundred and twenty-five feet high.

What the Expedition found was an oval-shaped irregular aperture measuring about three feet by seven projecting a stream of hot steamed water into the sky. The Old Faithful geyser eruption schedule is extremely regular, erupting approximately every 30-90 minutes or more and lasting up to 5 minutes. The large geyser was on a mound, which was about thirty feet higher than the rest of the landscape and about five feet from the mound itself was the aperture.

Old Faithful Inn

Adjacent to Old Faithful Geyser is the inn by the same name. Old Faithful Inn was the brainchild of the young architect Robert Reamer who worked for the Great Northern Railway. Today Old Faithful Inn is a historic landmark and is the most popular facility for Yellowstone National Park accommodations.

Old Faithful Inn was constructed in a rustic fashion and comes complete with a huge stone fireplace located in the spacious lobby. The building has since been remodeled. While many additions have been added over time, great care has been taken to keep the original character and ambiance of the Old Faithful Inn intact. The Inn was dedicated as a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Old Faithful Inn is a rustic hotel with some modern conveniences including a full-service restaurant, a gift shop, a deli, and 327 rooms. Guests are encouraged to reserve their rooms well in advance as the Old Faithful Inn is very popular. The entire hotel is a non-smoking facility that fits harmoniously with the natural park surroundings. Guests should note that there are no radios, air conditioning, televisions, or Internet hook-ups at Old Faithful Inn. Reduced mobility access rooms are available for a limited number of guests.

Old Faithful Inn Construction

What is most unique about the Old Faithful Inn is that it is one of the earliest built log construction buildings in any U.S. park. Old Faithful Inn construction began in 1903 and was finished by 1904.

The material used in its construction was obtained locally and includes lodgepole pine and rhyolite stone. Even as early as 1904 the inn was replete with steam heating and electric lighting. Old Faithful Inn is perhaps the best place for park accommodations near Old Faithful Geyser and upper geyser basin. Not only is the Inn close in proximity to the Old Faithful Geyser but it is also the ideal way to get the entire experience of Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Inn is quite a hardy structure that has withstood an earthquake as well as being nearly damaged in an early fire that raged through Yellowstone. Currently, the structure is updated regularly in keeping with the present-day building codes so as to ensure safety as well as comfort for the guests.

All-Inclusive Tours by Caravan

Old Faithful Geyser and Old Faithful Inn are both included as part of Caravan Tours’ fully-escorted, all-inclusive Yellowstone National Park Tour, which also includes Mammoth hot springs and visits to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument and the Grand Teton.

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Yellowstone National Park attractions are almost too numerous to count, from extraordinary wildlife like grizzlies, elk, and wolves to extraordinary geothermal features like fumaroles, mud pots, and geysers.

The titles “America’s First National Park” and the “World’s First National Park” both belong to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which was established in 1872. The park is so immense that it is also shared by Montana and Idaho. In fact, at just over 3400 square miles, Yellowstone Park is larger than the state of Rhode Island. It’s not surprising why park tours have become increasingly popular.

Yellowstone Park Attractions

There simply is no other place in the world like Yellowstone National Park. The park was created to protect the many geological features and archaeological treasures contained within its boundaries.

Here is a partial list of the amazing Yellowstone National Park attractions that visitors can enjoy:

Yellowstone Lake – At over 7,700 feet above sea level, Yellowstone Lake is America’s highest freshwater lake and the largest body of water within the park with over 110 miles of shoreline.

Yellowstone Caldera – Measuring an impressive 34 miles by 45 miles, Yellowstone Caldera was created through a series of “super” eruptions dating back over 2 million years ago. These volcanic “super-eruptions” are the reason Yellowstone Caldera is sometimes called the “Yellowstone Super Volcano”, North America’s largest volcanic system.

Old Faithful Geyser -The Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, which is also part of the Old Faithful Historic District, is home to Castle Geyser, Beehive Geyser, Lion Geyser and of course, the most famous geyser of all, Old Faithful Geyser. The regular eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser occur on average about 90 minutes apart, spewing approximately 5000+ gallons of hot water and steam into the air as high as 120 feet or more. Old Faithful Geyser is just one of 300 geysers located within the park, which incidentally make up two-thirds of all the geysers in the world!

Archaeological Sites – To date, more than 1000 Indigenous American archaeological sites have been identified within Yellowstone National Park, dating back over 11,000 years.

Continental Divide – Another feature of Yellowstone Park is the great Continental Divide, where the watershed on the west side of the Rocky Mountains that drains to the Pacific Ocean is separated from the watershed to the east that drains to the Atlantic Ocean.

Yellowstone’s Petrified Forests – Ancient trees buried by ash and soil become petrified forests and Yellowstone National Park is home to one of the largest petrified forests in the world.

Yellowstone Waterfalls – Along with Upper Yellowstone Falls (at 109 feet) and Lower Yellowstone Falls (at 308 feet) Yellowstone National Park has a total of 290 waterfalls within the park.

Geothermal Features – Yellowstone Park is considered to be located on one of the world’s prime “mantel hotspots”, which accounts for the more than 10,000 geothermal features (half of the world’s total) found within the park. Visitors to Yellowstone can witness everything from geysers and fumaroles (a volcanic gas vent) to hot springs and boiling mud pots.

Yellowstone Wildlife – One of the more popular Yellowstone Park attractions is the abundant wildlife within the park including large animals like the Lynx, Grizzly Bears, Elk, Moose, Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lions, and the Gray Wolf.

Old Faithful Inn – Built in 1903 within view of Old Faithful Geyser is Old Faithful Inn, the world’s largest and one of America’s few remaining timber log hotels. This hotel is a favorite Yellowstone National Park attraction and a National Historic Landmark where guests can marvel at the massive 85 foot stone fireplace located in the huge dining hall.

All-Inclusive Yellowstone Park Tours

Many of the attractions at Yellowstone National Park are included as part of our fully escorted, 8-day Yellowstone National Park Tours, which also include visits to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Grand Tetons.

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Crazy Horse monument depicts chief Crazy Horse mounted on his horse with his left arm outstretched, pointing at the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. The face of chief Crazy Horse was completed about 20 years ago and current efforts are now focused on revealing the planned horse’s head.

More than seven decades after Polish sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski began carving Chief Crazy Horse Memorial in 1948, the monument continues to be under construction.

To date, the complete Crazy Horse monument project has been funded primarily through donations and by charging a small admission to the site. Even though the federal government offered to fund Ziolkowski’s Crazy Horse Memorial on two separate occasions, Ziolkowski and his successors gracefully declined the funding, preferring instead to keep the project non-profit.

Ziolkowski labored on the monument until his death in 1982. Today, along with operating the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, Ziolkowski’s widow Ruth, and seven of his ten children are involved in the ongoing work at Crazy Horse monument.

Korczak Ziolkowski & Crazy Horse

Korczak Ziolkowski was a well known Polish sculpture. In the early 1940s, a number of Lakota Indian Chiefs approached Ziolkowski about creating a sculpture that could be dedicated to all North American native people. They wanted a sculpture similar to the Mount Rushmore Presidents, except that it would be a monument to honor Native Americans and to show that the Native Americans also have their share of heroes.

Ziolkowski chose to create the Crazy Horse monument at Thunderhead Mountain, in the sacred Black Hills that is part of the Native North American heritage. The monument is less than ten miles away from Mount Rushmore and is situated between Hill City and Custer.

Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse

Chief Crazy Horse was a South Dakota Lokata Sioux war leader who fought in the Black Hills War of the late 1800s against the US government in order to protect his people’s land and way of life. In June of 1876 Chief Crazy Horse teamed up with fellow war chief “Sitting Bull” in the Battle of Little Bighorn in eastern Montana. The battle was a great success for Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and has since become infamous as “Custer’s Last Stand”.

Size of Crazy Horse Monument

Crazy Horse monument is carved in the likeness of chief Crazy Horse himself and when completed it will be the largest man-made sculpture in the world. The final sculpture is envisioned to be 641ft wide and a staggering 563ft in height. The site is also home to the Native American Cultural Center and the Indian Museum of North America.

The public has access to the Crazy Horse monument only at the time of the Volksmarch which takes place in June each year. Nearly 15,000 attend the event and the number is growing with every successive year.

One of the most interesting events to take place at the Crazy Horse Memorial site is the blasting of the rock from time to time. There are many spectators at these events waiting patiently while counting down to the blast to witness the falling of tons of rock and dust as it cascades down to the ground from the mountain high above. Many of the one million-plus visitors that visit Crazy Horse monument annually actually take pieces of the rock as mementos, which are generally obtained by giving a small donation towards the completion of the project.

All-Inclusive Tours by Caravan

Crazy Horse monument is included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive Yellowstone National Park Tour. These fully escorted, 8-day all-inclusive tours are exceptionally priced, and also include Mount Rushmore, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, and a Grand Teton float trip.

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The famous Little Bighorn battlefield is more commonly known today as “Custer’s Last Stand” and the site was commemorated in 1879 as and national cemetery.

The Battle of Little Bighorn, which took place in eastern Montana on the 25th and 26th of June 1876, was part of what has been called the Great Sioux War that occurred between 1876 and 1877.

History of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

The Little Bighorn battlefield was first preserved as a National Cemetery in order to protect the graves of the US soldiers who died and were buried there. The site, which is administered by the National Park Services, was renamed “Custer National Cemetery” in 1886 and the name was changed in 1946 to “Custer Battlefield National Monument”. In 1991, then-President George Bush senior signed a law to rename the Little Bighorn battlefield once more, calling it the “Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.”

The Little Bighorn monument is open for self-guided tours or can also be explored with the assistance of rangers. The area has reduced mobility access facilities as well, for the convenience of guests.

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is comprised of a visitor center and a museum that exhibits artifacts from the 1876 battle. In all, 263 men from the US cavalry lost their lives at Little Bighorn.

Early Monument Names

Little Big Horn battlefield was administered at first by the War Department to whom it was entrusted in 1879. Two years later, the deaths of the Seventh Cavalrymen were honored with a memorial on the Last Stand Hill. In 1940 the administration changed hands to the National Park Services.

Incidentally, the interpretations of the Little Bighorn battle were always one-sided and acknowledged only the US cavalrymen who lost their lives at Little Bighorn battlefield. Ironically, the victors did not get to write the history this time and the brave struggle of the Native American warriors was ignored completely and not recognized formally until the twenty-first century.

Indian Memorial

Today there is also an Indian Memorial at the site of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The “Peace Through Unity” Indian Memorial was erected near the Little Bighorn battlefield. It was built to recognize and honor the native Indians who also took part in this infamous battle of Little Bighorn in order to protect their land and preserve their way of life and culture. The theme of the Indian Memorial is to “encourage peace among people of all races.”

The memorial was welcomed by the Native American community who commented on the erection of the memorial at Little Bighorn battlefield. As an Oglala Lakota Elder stated, “If this monument is to serve its total purpose, it must not only be a tribute to the dead; it must contain a message for the living…power through unity…”

Clash of Cultures at Little Bighorn Battlefield

Two cultures clashed on the Little Bighorn battlefield on that fateful day back in June 1876. The battle was fierce and was the culmination of nearly 400 years of feuding between the Native Americans and the Euro American settlers. While the death toll on the Little Bighorn battlefield was not the highest in the young history of early America, the defeat of the Seventh Cavalry has since been immortalized in all types of media.

The United States was represented by the Seventh Cavalry Regiment commanded by Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer. The political and spiritual leader who represented the Cheyenne, Arapaho and the Sioux was Sitting Bull, who fought the battle with the assistance of chief Crazy Horse and his people.

All-Inclusive Tours by Caravan

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is included as part of Caravan Tour’s fully guided Yellowstone National Park Tour, which also includes visits to see the Mount Rushmore Presidents, Crazy Horse monument, Mammoth hot springs, and the Grand Tetons.

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America’s First National Park

Caravan Tours is one of America’s top tour companies for fully guided Yellowstone Park tours.

Established on March 1, 1872, Yellowstone was the first appointed national park in North America and indeed the first national park in the world. Yellowstone National Park has in excess of 19,000 square miles, most of which is mountainous; there are five mountain ranges covering the perimeter of the park.

The majority of Yellowstone Park is in Wyoming, with portions of it occupying Idaho and Montana. Over 80 percent of Yellowstone Park is covered with forest, 5 percent with lakes, and 15 percent is grassland. The park is also located on a high altitude plateau 8,000 feet above sea level.

It is quite perplexing to note that the Yellowstone was only really explored in the 1860s, even though it was home to the local Native American Indians since as early as 9,000 BC.

Yellowstone Park Tours – Attractions

With major tourist attractions like Old Faithful geyser (one of over 300 in the park) Yellowstone Park tours have become very popular. Other major Yellowstone attractions on Yellowstone Park tours include unique volcanic rock formations, Yellowstone caldera (a ‘supervolcano’), and Yellowstone Lake.

Yellowstone Park History

Around 1807, traveler John Colter reached Yellowstone quite by accident and discovered the unfamiliar geothermic wonders of the region, which he subsequently disseminated to an unbelieving ‘outside world’.

A half a century later in 1856, a certain John Bridges reported ‘boiling springs and spouting water’ in describing Yellowstone but failed to convince others of this tall tale.

The Folsom Expedition in 1869 eventually went on to fully investigate Yellowstone, surveying the vicinity from Yellowstone River to Yellowstone Lake. Their findings ended the supposed myth about Yellowstone and gave credence to the many natural wonders of this remarkable place. Because of growing public interest, the area was designated as Yellowstone National Park on March 1, 1872. Within a few short decades, guided Yellowstone Park tours became common, allowing astonished visitors the opportunity to explore one of America’s most incredible natural wonders.

Yellowstone Geysers & Volcanic Activities

Although there are plenty of natural attractions in Yellowstone Park, the geysers are perhaps the most popular and most visited on Yellowstone Park tours. Yellowstone is home to what some deem to be the earth’s most prolific volcanic hot spots and has a colorful history of strong eruptions. The various volcanic activities in the park can be seen in various manifestations.

Yellowstone Park tours explore geysers that work under pressure and escape the earth as fountains of hot water and steam. Then there are the lower pressured hot springs that have just hot water flowing in them. There are also fumaroles, which let of pure steam at extreme temperatures, plus many mud pots that spew out hot mud combined with steam. These different geothermal anomalies number at around 10,000 within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful, the most requested destination from travelers on Yellowstone Park tours, is also the world’s most renowned natural geyser. Old Faithful received its name in 1870 during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition. The expedition was a more complete venture to the Yellowstone area where the comprehensive mapping of Yellowstone’s lakes, mountains, geysers, and wildlife was completed. The name of Old Faithful was given to express the uniform eruption of this unique geyser.

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is another favorite destination of many Yellowstone Park vacations. Yellowstone Lake envelops the Yellowstone Caldera and is one of the continent’s largest high-level lakes. It is situated at almost 7875 feet above sea level. The deepest portion of Yellowstone Lake is nearly 400 feet deep, its shoreline has a perimeter of 109 miles and the overall area of Yellowstone Lake is roughly 217 square miles. The lake is home to the largest of the swan species, the Trumpeter Swans, which are almost 6 feet long and has a wingspan of nearly 10 feet. Yellowstone Lake also holds what some consider to be the tastiest trout in the world.

Caravan Yellowstone Park Tours

For more than 65 years (since 1952) family-owned and operated Caravan Tours has been offering highly affordable all-inclusive tours throughout the USA, Canada, and Central America.

Our Mt Rushmore Yellowstone Park tours are very popular and also include visits to the Grand Tetons, Little Big Horn, and Crazy Horse Monument. Visit our Yellowstone Tour Reviews page to read what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive Yellowstone National Park tours.

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Yellowstone Park vacations by Caravan Tours provide tourists with opportunities to view wildlife where they belong, in the wild. In fact, you will find more mammals in Yellowstone National Park than can be found in any other US state including black bears, grizzlies, elk, moose, wolves, and bison. Yellowstone is also home to pelicans and trumpeter swans!

Yellowstone National Park, the world’s very first national park, is a place away from the clutter, noise, and pollution of the cities; a place to discover nature.

Things to Do In Yellowstone Park

Tourists also book Yellowstone Park vacations to come marvel at the world’s largest concentration of active geysers, including Old Faithful geyser. In all, Yellowstone Park has over 300 active geysers and over 10,000 geothermal activities including steaming geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pots.

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park is considered America’s favorite and most famous park for a good reason. Most Yellowstone Park vacations include visits to;

  • Upper Geyser  Basin – with the largest concentration of hot springs in the world it is also home to Old Faithful geyser
  • Midway Geyser Basin – some of the world’s largest hot springs can be found here
  • Lower Geyser Basin – includes the liquid mud pools of Fountain Paint Pots plus geysers, hot springs, and steam vent fumaroles
  • Mammoth Hot Springs – features a terraced waterfall-looking limestone landscape
  • Norris Geyser Basin – home of Yellowstone Park’s hottest geysers
  • Mud Volcano – a series of mud pots located near the center of the Yellowstone Caldera
  • Super Volcano – it’s true, Yellowstone caldera is one of the world’s largest and most active supervolcanoes

Yellowstone Caldera

The last major eruption of the supervolcano in Yellowstone occurred some 60,000 years ago which created what we now know as Yellowstone caldera…the great geyser basin.

Yellowstone Park vacations are very popular and many tourists eventually return for subsequent visits since there is no shortage of exciting things to see and do in Yellowstone. While primarily located in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is also shared by Idaho and Montana.

With an impressive area of almost 3500 square miles (just under 900,000 hectares), Yellowstone National Park opened to the public in 1872. The number of people taking Yellowstone Park vacations at that time was about 1000 annually. Today, Yellowstone Park receives over three million visitors a year.

Yellowstone Park Activities

Tourists enjoying Yellowstone Park vacations can explore a host of activities within the park. River rafting has enjoyed immense popularity in recent years. Several rafting companies offer white water tours through Yellowstone Park. Hiking is another favorite vacation activity in Yellowstone. Tourists can enjoy over 1100 miles of hiking trails, 98 percent of which are natural backcountry hiking trails. Horseback riding is another exemplary activity that can be enjoyed in Yellowstone. Tourists can also enjoy camping, biking, wildlife watching, and guided bus tours.

Yellowstone Park Vacations by Caravan

Caravan Tours offers all-inclusive Yellowstone Park vacation packages. These are fully escorted 8-day package tours affordably priced.

Caravan’s Yellowstone Park Tours are all-inclusive and also include visits to the Grand Tetons, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Monument. Visit Caravan’s Yellowstone Park Vacations Review page to read what others have said about Caravan’s all-inclusive Yellowstone Park tour.

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Grand Teton National Park was named after the highest peak in the park’s Teton mountain range. Grand Teton Park in Wyoming is situated some 440 kilometers to the northeast of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Grand Teton National Park was established in 1929 and contains a little over 125,000 hectares of prime ecological land. Its terrain includes mountains, canyons, lakes, and a river valley.

The park is very accessible as it has an airport in nearby Jackson Hole making it very easy and convenient to take advantage of the activities possible at Grand Teton.

Tourists and visitors can find a host of things to do in Grand Teton National Park including outdoor activities like guided nature strolls, slides, bonfire meetings, teepee assemblies, wildlife sightseeing, rafting, mountain climbing, bicycling, boating, fishing, swimming and a whole lot more.

Grand Teton Facts

The highest peak of the Grand Teton Mountains rises to an elevation of 13,770 feet above sea level and over 7,000 feet above the Wyoming plains and foothills. In fact, Wyoming has the second-highest mean elevation in the United States (behind Colorado) with a mean elevation of 6700 feet above sea level. Visitors to Wyoming, tourists and local alike all marvel at the panoramic scenery of Grand Teton National Park.

Access to Grand Teton Park

Like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park charges standard park entrance fees. Rates range around $20 per individual on foot or bicycle, $30 for individuals riding motorcycles, and $35 per vehicle, all good for up to seven days of stay.

Visitor Centers

Several visitor centers are available for service to patrons of Grand Teton Park. The Moose Visitor Center for instance is open every day except December 25. Flagg Ranch Information Station is accessible from June to September. Jenny Lake Visitor Center is also open the same time of the year as Flagg Ranch; while Colter Bay Visitor Center can be visited between May and December yearly.

Other visitor services include:

  • Six campsites
  • Two tourist ranches
  • Two sets of cabin houses
  • And four lodging inns

Grand Teton Name Origin

The most common and accepted version for the origin of the Grand Teton name is that “Grand Teton” is the French description for female breasts. As the story goes, the term was coined by an early 19th-century French journeyman who somehow imagined the mountains to look like the breasts of a woman. Today, the Teton mountain range is deemed as mountains of dreams, impenetrable and protective of the hidden lands that it stands over.

Park Wildlife

A lot of tourists are mesmerized by the rugged mountains of this park. It has become a precious reminder of the American West, a symbol of toughness and pride. Wildlife is prevalent along the river valley. The abundance of wildlife in Grand Teton National Park includes among others, otters, beavers, ospreys, bald eagles, various freshwater trout, deer, elk, moose, black bears, and grizzly bears.

Different plants and tree species abound the park as well. The park is famous for its wildflower species during the summertime. Even during winter, snowshoeing and skiing activities are popular, making Grand Teton National Park a tourist destination the whole year-round.

Grand Teton Included in Yellowstone Park Tour

Grand Teton National Park is included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone Tour, which also includes guided tours of Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, and Little Big Horn.

Caravan Tours have been All-Inclusive Tour Operators since 1952 and offer fully escorted 8-day tours of Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and Grand Teton and always affordably priced.

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One of the main benefits of traveling with Caravan Tours is that outside of your airfare, virtually all other costs are included in the ticket price. Your food, lodging, travel itinerary, plus all activities, outings and even tips are taken care of by Caravan.

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In addition to handling all your vacation expenses, Caravan all inclusive vacations are also fully guided packages – conducted by professional local tour operators who:

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Guiding travelers on all inclusive vacations since 1952, Caravan Tours currently offers 9 Caravan all inclusive vacations throughout the USA, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Canada.

Panama Vacations

Panama is a small country in Central America and home to the Panama Canal, which serves as a passageway for ships and vessels travelling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean and vice versa. Caravan’s all inclusive Panama cruise packages feature cruises on the Panama Canal, while exploring Panama’s rainforests, lakes, rivers and volcanoes.

The highlights of this all inclusive Panama Vacation include:

  • Miraflores Locks
  • “Old Panama” city known as Panama Viejo
  • Gatun Lake cruise featuring hilltop islands
  • Locks Transit cruise
  • Playa Blanca in El Valle
  • Embera Rainforest Indian Village
  • Kuna Indian marketplace

Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica features an abundance of beautiful beaches, volcanoes and rainforests so it can be hard to know how to divide your vacation time.  Caravan’s all inclusive Costa Rica vacation lets you experience a little bit of everything. The vacation starts and ends in the capital city, San Jose. Vacationers travel north to visit Poas Volcano and Arenal Volcano, and finally back West to the Pacific coast to enjoy incredible white sandy beaches.

The highlights of this all inclusive Costa Rica Vacation include:

  • Poas Volcano
  • Escalonia Cloud Forest Trail
  • Authentic Costa Rican coffee plantation tour
  • Braulio Carrillo Park and Butterfly Garden
  • Rio Frio River Cruise and Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge
  • Guanacaste and Leatherback Turtle National Park
  • Tarcoles River cruise and Carara Biological Reserve
  • Manuel Antonia National Park

USA All Inclusive Vacations

The diversity of our American geography is remarkable and evident in our protected National Parks. Caravan Tours features three national park vacation packages:

Grand Canyon Vacation Packages feature Camelback Mountain, Montezuma Castle, Sedona colony and Oak Creek Canyon – and that is just on your way into Grand Canyon National Park! In addition to accommodations inside the park you will have breathtaking views of Lake Powell, take a jeep tour of Monument Valley’s back country and visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Mount Rushmore Vacations are all inclusive and include your lodging and land travel expenses as you journey to see Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore National Monument, and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Crow Nation. While on vacation you will cross the continental divide before entering Yellowstone National Park and intersecting the original “Oregon Trail”.

Yosemite Park Vacation Packages are all inclusive California coast tours and start with a night in the romantic city of San Francisco. This is followed by a guided tour of California’s Wine Country plus a Bay Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. During your all inclusive vacation you will journey into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, see gold mining towns, discover Yosemite National Park, visit the San Joaquin Valley and spend some time at the oceanfront Monterey Bay Aquarium. Before departing California you will also have the opportunity to visit Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills where there’s a good chance you’ll spot some Hollywood celebrities.

Canada All Inclusive Vacations

Canadian Rockies Vacation Packages feature Waterton Park, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park and Jasper. Along the way you will witness majestic scenery, souring mountain tops and ancient glaciers. Ride a vintage tour bus in Glacier National Park, take the Gondola ride up to Sulphur Mountain for 360 degree views of six mountain ranges surrounding Banff, do a float trip along the Bow River and trek along the Icefields near Jasper, Alberta.

Canadian Maritimes Vacation Packages are also all inclusive where you can relax as you settle into the East Coast lifestyle. Visit Cape Breton Island, go whale watching in Nova Scotia, visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, and stay in the charming town of Baddeck. A short ferry ride takes vacationers over to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables. Finally, be inspired by the unique tides in the Bay of Fundy or by Halifax’s oceanfront, or the charming Peggy’s Cove. Along the way your East Coast inspired meals are included in your package price!

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In the past few decades Caravan vacation packages have become one of the most popular and economical ways to travel.

With tourism today, travelers have plenty of options. Once you have an idea of where to go there is no shortage of options including;

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All Inclusive Vacation Packages

All inclusive vacation packages are very popular with group travelers as all arrangements for hotel stays, airport transfers, and ground travel are taken care of. Most often, hotels and lodges are three and four star quality.

Many vacation packages are also fully escorted so language and local currencies are not an issue for travelers.

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Specialized Vacations

There are a myriad of specialized vacation packages available for the avid traveler. These may include family getaways, senior holiday packages, or theme based vacation packages such as;

  • Adventure travel
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Many of these specialized and special interest vacation packages can be customized to suit your requirements and the entire holiday can be set up according to your personal or group needs.

There are even vacation packages centered on specific holidays and events like Mardi Gras or the Olympics. These vacation packages usually include entry to the event as well.

Caravan All Inclusive Tours

Today, most reputable tour companies can be easily researched online offering tours to suit virtually any taste and budget. Tour operators that have been around for a while and are well established generally offer the best value for the money.

Since 1952, Caravan Vacation Packages have given travelers a complete holiday experience at truly affordable prices. Because Caravan deals in volume, hotels and vendors generally offer us excellent discounts. Price breaks such as this allow our tour operators to offer amazing tours. Our Discount Costa Rica Vacation package is a prime example. You can enjoy this tour for much less than what you would pay if you had to book the same activities and hotels on your own.

Caravan vacation packages are all inclusive, fully escorted tours starting as low as $1,195. Come travel with Caravan Tours to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, or Canada and US destinations like California and New England.

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All Caravan guided tours are also all inclusive vacations. That means for one low, all inclusive price, Caravan guests can travel fully guided and enjoy all ground transportation, accommodations, meals and tour itineraries without added costs.

Our Caravan guided tours are some of the very best on the market. Caravan tour operators offer North and Central American guided bus tours including all inclusive tours in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

US Guided Tours

Grand Canyon Guided Tours – Have you ever wanted to explore the Grand Canyon with an experienced tour guide? Caravan’s Grand Canyon guided tours are exceptional and also include escorted visits to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Other destinations on this all inclusive fully guided tour include Sedona, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

California Guided Tours – Take a guided vacation tour down along the coast of California and enjoy escorted visits to the California redwoods, San Joaquin Valley, California wine country, San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Caravan’s all inclusive fully escorted California tours also include Yosemite National Park guided tours.

Yellowstone Guided ToursCaravan’s all inclusive Yellowstone National Park guided tours explores many of the park’s most popular sites including Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs. The Yellowstone guided tour also includes visits to Mount Rushmore Memorial, Crazy Horse Monument and the Custer Battlefield.

New England Guided ToursNew England’s fall foliage guided tours are the most popular however Caravan’s New England guided tours also include Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth Rock, Woodstock, Norman Rockwell Museum and of course a guided bus tour through New England’s Appalachian Mountains.

Canada Guided Tours

Guided Tours of the Canadian Rockies – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of the Canadian Rockies includes visits to Waterton Park, Glacier Park, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park and the Columbia Ice Fields.

Guided Tours of the Canada’s Maritime Provinces – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of Eastern Canada includes escorted visits to Nova Scotia’s Halifax and Peggy’s Cove. Other destinations include the Fortress of Louisbourg and Cabot Trial on Cape Breton Island, Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island and the Bay of Fundy (home of the world’s highest tides) in New Brunswick.

Latin America Guided Tours

Costa Rica Tours

Traveling fully escorted is absolutely the best way to explore Costa Rica’s many volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, cloud forests and National Parks.  Other destinations on Caravan’s guided tours of Costa Rica include San Jose, Leatherback Turtles National Park, Poas and Arenal Volcanoes, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Guatemala Tours

Caravan’s all inclusive guided tours of Guatemala also include escorted visits to the ancient ruins of Tikal and Copan. Other sites including in this Guatemala guided tour include Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, Quiriqua, Rio Dulce and Antigua.

Panama Tours

Caravan’s newest all inclusive Central American vacation is the fully guided Panama Canal tour. Travelers will also enjoy escorted visits to Panama City, Old Panama, Playa Blanca, and the rainforest village of the Embera Indians.

All Inclusive Guided Tours by Caravan

Caravan Tours has been offering fully guided tours throughout Central and North America since 1952. Caravan uses knowledgeable local tour guides who are eager to share their history and knowledge.

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