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Pre Costa Rica Tour – Our First Blog Entry

Heading to Costa Rica for the Holidays! Yeah!! On Dec 28th we start our family holiday – a Costa Rica tour hosted by Caravan Tours. Some friends of ours did this Costa Rica Natural Paradise tour a couple years ago and just raved about it. So, I’ve decided to write about our daily experiences while […]

Top Attractions of Guatemala Mayan Ruins Tours

In this post we’ll take a look at our Guatemala Mayan ruins tours including the Tikal ruins and the ancient Mayan archaeological site of Quiriguá. As far as we can tell from what has been recovered (and from ancient folklore) Mayan culture is really a diffusion of cultures that evolved through trade exchange. The Mayan culture of […]

Caravan Tours’ Top Rated Guatemala Hotels and Resorts

Caravan Tour’s all-inclusive Guatemala Vacation includes some of the best Guatemala hotels and resorts as well as your meals, ground transportation, and tour activities. When you do the math, it often works out that the price you pay for the entire tour is less than what you would otherwise pay to stay in the selected Guatemala […]

4 FAQ’s About Caravan’s All Inclusive Guatemala Vacations

Caravan’s all inclusive Guatemala tour takes you to one of the top tropical destinations in Central America. Experience unique adventures, World Cultural Heritage sites, ancient, ruins and relaxing all inclusive resorts. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and filled with mountainous highlands Guatemala vacations offer diverse activities along what has been called […]

Antigua Guatemala Vacation Tours – Then and Now

Tak an Antigua Guatemala vacation with Caravan Tours. Antigua is surrounded by three breathtaking volcanoes including Agua, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes, making Antigua a near perfect setting for a Guatemala vacation. Antigua or “Antique” Guatemala is in close proximity to Guatemala City but is strikingly different. With an economy mainly driven by tourism, Antigua is […]

Mayan and Colonial Tourism in Guatemala

The growth in Guatemala tourism, which now makes up 25% of the country’s GDP, has been essential to the success of their economy as nearly two million travelers from around the globe descend upon this tiny Central American country annually. Curious tourists come here to explore a mixture of ancient Mayan treasures and archaeological sites […]

Guatemala Facts and Tour Information

In this post, Caravan Tours offers some helpful Guatemala facts and information about our all inclusive tours. Guatemala, the land of eternal spring and heart of the ancient Mayan world, is a Central American country rich in heritage. You can spend days exploring everything from ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological sites like Tikal (which doubled as […]

Maine Vacation Attractions & Destinations

What are the top 3 Maine vacation attractions? Unofficially titled “Vacationland,” Maine USA is best visited during the crisp autumn months when fall foliage tours are popular and the landscape turns to all kinds of magnificent hues of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Fall colors tours in Maine are also great when coastal villages are […]