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Top Mayan Ruins Guatemala Attractions One of the main focal points of Caravan Tour’s all inclusive Guatemala vacations is the ancient Mayan ruins. Mayan culture, as far as we can tell from what has been recovered and the folklore passed down through generations, is largely impacted diffusion of … [Read more...]

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Caravan Tours’ Top Rated Guatemala Hotels One of the most affordable options when considering Guatemala Vacations is to choose an All Inclusive Guatemala Tour which includes all your hotel accommodations in addition to food, ground transportation, and tour activities. When you do the math, it … [Read more...]

Guatemala All Inclusive Tours

4 FAQ’s About Caravan’s All Inclusive Guatemala Vacations Guatemala is one of the top tropical destinations in Central America offering unique adventures, World Cultural Heritage sites, ancient ruins and relaxing resorts. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and filled with … [Read more...]

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Mayan and Colonial Tourism in Guatemala The growth in Guatemala tourism, which now makes up 25% of the country’s GDP, has been essential to the success of their economy as nearly two million travelers from around the globe descend upon this tiny Central American country annually. Curious … [Read more...]

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Caravan Guatemala Tour Information & Highlights Guatemala, the land of eternal spring and heart of the ancient Mayan world, is a Central American country rich in heritage. You can spend days exploring everything from ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological sites like Tikal (which doubled as the … [Read more...]