Each year the crisp and colorful fall colors lure travelers from around the globe for a New England vacation. The six US states that make up New England include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Perfectly planned New England fall vacations feature a good balance of historic and local sightseeing, reveling in the mid-Atlantic fall colors, the incredible scenery, and relaxing in posh New England hotels.

New England Things to Do

Rich in American history and heritage, these north-eastern US coastal states offer much to experience for tourists on a New England vacation:

  • Visit Boston, the “Cradle of Liberty” and follow the route taken by Paul Revere.
  • Visit the Battle Green, where the American Revolution officially started with a single “shot heard around the world.
  • Visit John F. Kennedy’s summer ‘white house’ in Hyannis, near Cape Cod.
  • Walk down the historical streets of Edgartown, lined with exquisite Colonial homes.
  • Tour the 70 room Vanderbilt summer cottage known as “The Breakers” in Rhode Island.
  • Admire paintings at the Norman Rockwell Museum near the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, and walk through Norman Rockwell’s artist studio that has been left virtually untouched.
  • Check in to the town of Woodstock, Vermont, otherwise known as the “prettiest small town in America.”
  • Savor a truly authentic lobster dinner in Portland, Maine, along the Atlantic coast.

Popular New England Vacation Sights

While on your New England vacation, you cannot miss out on the most popular, must-see New England destinations, such as:

Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts: Studied by children in history classes across the United States, Plymouth Rock is a symbol of the first Pilgrims to land in America in 1620. Park guides and interpreters are on hand to answer any questions about this historical part of our United States history.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts: This island is full of natural beauty, unsoiled beaches and clay cliffs, which boast of a timeless element that lures visitors to return time and again. The charm and character of Martha’s Vineyard, the island named after a European sailor’s daughter, attracts artists, poets, and singers as well as celebrities and tourists.

Newport, Rhode Island: Home to Newport Colonial Mansions and known as the sailing capital of the world. Newport’s top sights include the famous Vanderbilt Summer Cottage, the 400 Club’s mansion, and St. Mary’s church, where John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier wed.

Caravan’s New England Vacations

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Included in New England vacation are stops at most of the destinations mentioned in this article.

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Caravan fall foliage tours include visits to some of the top Massachusetts attractions.

Of the six New England states, Massachusetts is the most heavily populated.

Its significant role in the American Revolution makes Massachusetts a very popular vacation destination that features plenty of sightseeing, educational tours, and quaint villages where one can relax.

Massachusetts’ tourism has become increasingly more important to the economy. Cape Cod and Martha’s Island (home to Martha’s Vineyard) are popular tourist areas as vacationers come for the warm summers or to take in New England’s beautiful fall colors.

Things to Do in Massachusetts

Thanks to Massachusetts’ role in shaping American early history, the state is filled with historically significant attractions including:

Old North Bridge –Officially termed the North Bridge, this historical bridge crosses the Concord River where the first day of battle, known as the Battle of Concord, took place in the Revolutionary War.

Plymouth Rock – A significant symbol in American History, this popular Massachusetts attraction memorializes the arrival of William Bradford and the Mayflower pilgrims in 1620, who would later go on to establish Plymouth Colony.

Oak Bluffs –Situated on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, the Oak Bluffs are dotted by five historic lighthouses that for decades have guided ships through dark and foggy nights.

Vineyard Haven – As a small community in the town of Tisbury, Vineyard Haven is the access point to Martha’s Vineyard. Home to the Steamship Authority Wharf, steamboats and ferries arrive and depart from Vineyard Haven year-round.

Areas to Vacation in Massachusetts

While Boston Massachusetts still attracts the most state visitors, there are several other quaint locations suitable for wonderful Massachusetts’ vacations:

Cape Cod, MA – Long sandy beaches that line Upper, Mid-Cape, and Lower Cape Cod are natural attractions for tourists seeking historical maritime charm.

Hyannis, MA – As part of Cape Cod, Hyannis is a hot spot village that features fish shacks, endless outdoor activities, and Cape Cod’s most unique shopping opportunities.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA – A short 45 minute ferry transports Massachusetts vacationers from Falmouth to Martha’s Vineyard. The glacial Aquinnah Cliffs are a sight to behold and the colorful 1800’s cottages reflect the charming lifestyle of many artists, poets, and singers that have come to the island seeking peace and creative inspiration.

Edgartown, MA – Once a prosperous whaling community and port, Edgartown has been transformed into an upscale yachting center, where art galleries, local shops, and stately homes line the narrow streets.

Massachusetts Vacation Attractions – Part of New England Fall Tours

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Explore some amazing Boston vacation attractions on our fully guided, Caravan New England tour.

Each year 12 million people from across North America and the globe come to enjoy the unique attractions in Boston. Boston Massachusetts is a vibrant port city and thrives on its cultural facilities and historical education sites. After playing a pivotal role in the American Revolution, Boston will forever be a significant city marked in American history.

Boston is the social and commercial hub of most New England vacations and more than capable of entertaining and accommodating visitors, as very few other US cities can. Some of the more popular Boston vacation attractions include:

  • Shopping at Fanueil Hall Marketplace
  • Old North Church
  • Taking a tour of the State Capitol
  • Strolling through the Boston Commons (America’s oldest park)

Boston’s Fanueil Hall Marketplace – 270+ Years Old!

Fanueil Hall was constructed in 1742 by one of Boston’s most affluent merchants, Peter Faneuil, and then generously donated to the city. It quickly became an active marketplace for various merchants, meat producers, and fishermen. As a town gathering place, Fanueil Hall was also where colonists protested the Sugar Act in 1764 and created the doctrine of “no taxation without representation.”

Quincy Market was added to the shopping marketplace in 1826 and the area remained the business hub into the early 1900s. Unfortunately, it fell into disrepair in the mid-1900s and by the 1970s Faneuil Hall was set to be demolished. Thanks to a group committed to preserving Boston’s heritage, the buildings were revitalized, which gave a massive facelift to Boston’s downtown core.

Today the urban marketplace is a social hub for Boston residents, vacationers, and visitors alike. Over 18 million people visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace each year to enjoy its shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Old North Church –Oldest Church in Boston

The Old North Church in Boston is also known as Christ Church in the City of Boston. Church services are still held at this site on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings but it has become more than just a place of worship; Old North Church has also become a popular Boston vacation attraction.

The Old North Church is also a Historical and Architectural Site. In 1775, Robert Newman made the church’s steeple famous by holding up two lanterns as a signal to Paul Revere that the British were invading by sea and not by land. Inevitably, this event started the American Revolution.

The church is the oldest standing church in Boston – a city known for its historical buildings. The Old North Foundation has been set in place to restore the church and create an interactive learning environment on the site.

Boston State Capitol Building

The Massachusetts State House was designed by Charles Bulfinch, one of Boston’s most beloved architects, and built to completion in 1798. Marble decorations and statues embellish the building throughout, a constant reminder of its importance as the first building built on Boston’s Beacon Hill. This unique Boston vacation attraction is host to many popular guided tours through the facility, where curious visitors get to see Doric Hall first hand, as well as the Hall of Flags, Nurses Hall, the Great Hall, and the House of Representatives; plus the Senate Chambers and Executive Offices.

Boston Commons – Oldest Park in the USA

Covering over 50 acres, Boston Common is the oldest park in the United States and acts as the anchor for the Emerald Necklace, which is the set of connected parks weaving throughout the city of Boston.

Originally, the Commons was a cow pasture where anyone could bring their cows to graze. Up until 1817 public hangings also took place in the area. The area holds another historical significance: it was here the British troops camped out prior to the Revolution and where the troops left to face attacks at Lexington and Concord in 1775. Today the Boston Commons serves as Boston’s ‘Central Park’.

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