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Welcome to our Caravan Tours blog. You’ll find helpful and insightful articles with a wealth of information on what to see and things to do when vacationing with Caravan Tours. Discover interesting facts about our USA tours including the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion Park tour, our Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone Park tour, and our New England Fall Foliage tour. There are also great articles about Canada’s Nova Scotia and the Canadian Rockies, plus Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala in Central America!

Fun Things to Do in New England for Couples

Are you looking for something fun and romantic things to do in new england to do with your significant other? Well, look no further! New England’s glorious capital city offers many exciting activities to enjoy as a couple. Whether you’re local or just visiting for the weekend, you’ll find plenty of things to please both […]

Can You Stay Inside Yellowstone? What to Know

Have you ever stopped to wonder if there was a way to immerse yourself in the beauty and splendor of Yellowstone National Park without actually camping and roughing it? You’re not alone! We all love enjoying a spot of nature during our travels, and sometimes, finding alternative accommodations spices things up. Well, we have great […]

Best Time To Visit Nova Scotia For Fall Colors

Unsurprisingly, Nova Scotia is one of the most breathtaking places to visit year-round. However, when it comes to exploring scenic views during the autumn months, there’s nothing quite like the sights of this Canadian province! The brilliant fall foliage lighting up all corners of this gem in Eastern Canada will take your breath away and […]

Best Airbnbs Near Yellowstone

Are you looking for an unforgettable vacation away from your everyday life? Visiting Yellowstone National Park is the perfect escape! Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone offers tons of breathtaking sights that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast hiking through its many trails or taking in majestic views from nearby […]

Canadian Rockies or American Rockies: Which Should You Visit?

The Canadian Rockies and American Rockies are two of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world. Both regions offer breathtaking natural beauty, unique wildlife, and endless outdoor activities. However, there are some significant differences between the two mountain ranges that are worth exploring. If you’re trying to decide between visiting the Canadian Rockies or […]

Your Guide to Viewing Northern Lights in the Canadian Rockies

When it comes to natural wonders, few are as mesmerizing and awe-inspiring as the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. This spectacular light show is caused by the collision of charged particles from the sun with atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a dazzling display of colors and shapes. While northern lights can be […]

Discover the Best Time to Visit the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders on the planet. With towering peaks, glistening glaciers, and pristine alpine lakes, this region is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. But with so much to see and do, it can be tough to know when the best time to visit […]

Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. With its breathtaking views, hiking trails, and outdoor activities, the Grand Canyon is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to the American Southwest. But when is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon? The […]

10 Tips for Touring the Grand Canyon on a Budget

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder that attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year. It’s a must-see destination for many travelers, but the cost of a visit can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are ways to tour the Grand Canyon on a budget. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips […]

The Pros and Cons of Touring vs Driving the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world, and it’s no surprise that millions of visitors flock to this iconic destination each year. If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, you may be wondering whether it’s better to take a tour or drive yourself. Both options have […]