Guatemala Vacation Travel Package Highlights

In addition to the natural beauty and landscape of the country, the historical Mayan ruins of Guatemala are the focus of the all-inclusive Guatemala travel packages by Caravan Tours.

Guatemala is a magical place that attracts adventure, nature, and history enthusiasts alike. With outdoor adventure activities, World Heritage sites and top attractions like Mayan ruins and natural nature reserves, there is something for everyone in Caravan’s Guatemala travel packages.

Here are some of what we consider to be the top destinations and highlights on Caravan’s fully escorted Guatemala tours.

Guatemala City

Travel to Guatemala City, home to over 2.3 million people of diverse ethnic origins such as Spanish and Mestizo (mixed race). During a two-night stay in Guatemala City at the Barcelo Guatemala City Hotel, Caravan travelers experience what Guatemala was like prior to Columbian cultures with a visit to the National Museum of Archaeology. A sightseeing tour of the historical downtown center passes the Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace.

Lake Atitlán Guatemala

The fact that Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three dormant volcanoes makes it a must see while traveling in Guatemala. The lake is the deepest lake in all of Central America, having been formed over 84,000 years ago. Mayan villages and extensive coffee plantations surround the shores of Lake Atitlan. After your two-day stay at Hotel Atitlan you will understand why this body of water, surrounded by dormant volcanoes, is known worldwide as one of Central America’s most beautiful lakes.

Antigua Guatemala

A two-night stay in Antigua at the Porta Hotel Antigua gives travelers the opportunity to stay just two blocks from Antigua’s main plaza. Travelers have ample time to explore the cobblestone streets of Antigua and capture photographs of colonial buildings or purchase exotic native art souvenirs. An official walking tour of Antigua’s Main Plaza, as guided by a knowledgeable tour guide, provides a live Guatemalan history lesson.

Tikal Guatemala Tours

Virtually every traveler who makes a visit to the Tikal ruins in Guatemala says it is an unforgettable experience. Once the greatest of all Mayan Cities, Tikal is now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, giving vacationers the opportunity to explore ancient Mayan history. The highlights of the Tikal tour include the Temple of the Grand Jaguar, Temple II, and the Plaza of the Seven Temples.

Other Mayan Ruins Tours

In addition to Tikal ruins, other Mayan historical sites are visited, such as Quirigua. Quirigua Guatemala has preserved some of the largest stone monoliths in the world known as Stele (or Stelae). Mayan history is inscribed in many of these Stele telling the stories of Guatemala’s past.

Guatemala Travel Packages Suitable for All Ages!

Caravan’s Guatemala vacation packages are designed for travelers of all ages. Even the most discerning traveler will be satisfied with the added touches Caravan provides in its Guatemala travel packages. These tours include free bottled water, air conditioned luxury coach buses, and all itinerary activities for one low tour price.

The 10 day vacation tour of Guatemala is set at a comfortable pace allowing for plenty of stops throughout Guatemala and the opportunity to relax and rest along the way.

Caravan chooses only the best resorts and hotels in Guatemala such as the 67-acre Villa Maya resort near Antigua. Guatemala vacation guests are invited relax and enjoy each hotel with a minimum two-night stay in each location – there is no need to pack up your belongings each morning!

These Guatemala travel packages are especially suitable for seniors and families with children over the age of 6. For more information or to book a Guatemala travel package for yourself, your family or a large group please call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

Budget Friendly Guatemala Travel Packages

As all-inclusive tour operators, Caravan Tours offer very affordable fully guided Guatemala travel packages that highlight the very best of Guatemala. In general, Guatemala is known to be a “cheap” country to travel in but as a Caravan Tour guest you can always feel assured of safe, comfortable travel during your entire 10-day stay in Guatemala.

Caravan’s all inclusive and fully escorted Guatemala tours include all itinerary meals, accommodations, activities and ground transportation while on the tour. Even guide and restaurant gratuities are covered in the low all-inclusive cost. These Guatemala vacations fall well within the budget of even the most cost-conscious traveler.

Visit the official Guatemala tour reviews page to read what others are saying about Caravan’s all-inclusive Guatemala travel packages.

For bookings, call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).