Top Attractions of Guatemala Mayan Ruins Tours

In this post we’ll take a look at our Guatemala Mayan ruins tours including the Tikal ruins and the ancient Mayan archaeological site of Quiriguá.

As far as we can tell from what has been recovered (and from ancient folklore) Mayan culture is really a diffusion of cultures that evolved through trade exchange. The Mayan culture of Guatemala is also famous for its sophisticated written language, art, architecture, and astronomy.

Caravan also includes additional stopovers at a number of less visited authentic Mayan villages where Caravan travelers can experience today’s Mayan culture firsthand.

Our itinerary for Caravan Guatemala Mayan ruins tours include the following Mayan locations:

National Museum of Archaeology

Guatemala’s National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology is full of ancient Mayan artifacts and is located in Guatemala City. Caravan vacationers will enjoy an immersive tour through ancient Mayan history and how Guatemala’s civilizations existed prior to Columbian cultures entering the country. At the museum, Caravan guests can view an extensive collection of Mayan pottery and jewelry, which is sure to tweak the interest of the artist and historian in all of us.

Mayan Villages along Lake Atitlán

While many visit Lake Atitlán in Guatemala simply because of its reputation as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, most Guatemala visitors also get to experience Mayan culture as it exists today. Many Indian villages surround Lake Atitlán and Mayan residents still wear traditional Mayan clothing. Our Guatemala Mayan ruins tours offer a glimpse into pure Guatemala Mayan culture; one can even visit a colorful artisan market!

Tikal Ruins of Guatemala

The Tikal ruins are a major part of our Caravan Guatemala Mayan ruins tours. Tikal was once the most powerful kingdom in the entire ancient Mayan empire.

One of the best places to stay when up north in Tikal National Park is the Villa Maya, a near 70-acre nature preserve. From here, Guatemala vacationers can set out to explore the ancient Mayan civilizations among the ruins of Tikal.

Dating back to 700 B.C., Tikal is one of the most magnificent Mayan cities of all time. Set in a backdrop of tropical rainforests, complete with spider monkeys and tropical birds, Tikal allows Guatemala vacationers the chance to explore all the famous points in Tikal’s great plaza, including Mayan temples, ball courts, pyramids, and more.

Quiriguá Mayan Site

Perhaps a little less visited but just as intriguing is Quiriguá, an ancient Mayan archaeological site. The Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua have undergone amazing preservation and is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. Here visitors can see some of the world’s largest stone monoliths complete with carvings from ancient Mayan citizens. The carved Staelae and the ruins of Quiriguá act as a historical record of Guatemala’s ancient past dating back to the 8th century.

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