Caravan Tours’ Top Rated Guatemala Hotels and Resorts

Caravan Tour’s all-inclusive Guatemala Vacation includes some of the best Guatemala hotels and resorts as well as your meals, ground transportation, and tour activities.

When you do the math, it often works out that the price you pay for the entire tour is less than what you would otherwise pay to stay in the selected Guatemala hotels for the length of your visit.

Caravan Tours prides itself on selecting the very best Guatemala hotels and resorts at each destination point along its Guatemala Tour. We want to provide ultimate comfort and security for all our guests. Below is an outline of the current hotels included in our All Inclusive Guatemala vacation packages.

Barcelo Guatemala City Hotel

Caravan tour guests spend two nights at the start of their vacation and one night at the end of their vacation at Barcelo Hotel in Guatemala City, which is near the airport. The close proximity to Guatemala’s airport makes for easy hotel transfers.

Guatemala’s Barcelo Hotel has spacious modern rooms, which are a welcomed transition into Guatemalan culture. From here, our Guatemala tour guests leave the city to explore Antigua, Tikal, Quiriguá, and Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Barcelo Hotel Guatemala features:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • High speed Internet access
  • Local shops and restaurants within walking distance

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Hotel

Guatemala hotels and resorts located in Panajachel include Lake Atitlan Guatemala Hotel. This hotel was built on the shores of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Atitlán, which is also the deepest lake in Central America.

At nearly 1560 meters above sea level and covering 50 square miles of land, Lake Atitlán is one of Guatemala’s most prized natural treasures. As an ongoing recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence, Atitlan Guatemala hotel is a hidden hotel that offers a unique Guatemalan vacation experience with its:

  • Spanish colonial-hacienda decor
  • Rainforest surroundings
  • Endless bird watching opportunities
  • Close proximity to the Atitlán Natura Reserve featuring butterfly gardens, herb gardens and suspension bridges

Porta Hotel Antigua Guatemala Hotel

Located in the “Land of Eternal Spring”, Porta Hotel is one of the more renowned  Guatemala hotels and resorts. Porta hotel welcomes guests with its personalized service and modern amenities.

Guests find the central location of Porta Hotel Antigua (only two blocks from Antigua’s Main Plaza) great for exploration and experiencing the culture of Guatemala’s old capital city. Porta Hotel Antigua has also been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. It was chosen by Condé Nast Traveler magazine as a Top 5 hotel in Central America. At Porta Hotel, Caravan tour guests can enjoy:

  • Two solar heated pools
  • Natural trees, plants, flowers and tropical birds including macaws and parrots
  • Warm reading room
  • Ceiba Porta Spa offering relaxation, exfoliation and hot stone massages

Villa Maya Tikal Guatemala Hotel (Petenchel)

Located at the heart of a true Guatemalan nature reserve and surrounded by lavish tropical landscape Villa Maya Hotel is a grand Tikal Guatemala hotel. This is one of the most popular Guatemala hotels and resorts booked by tourists visiting Tikal.

Situated between two lagoons feeding into nearby Lake Peten, this Tikal Guatemala hotel offers a true Guatemalan wildlife experience with toucans, macaws and monkeys visible from your hotel room balcony.

Guests of Villa Maya can enjoy:

  • Swimming in the pool that features a magnificent waterfall
  • Dining in the open air restaurant
  • Breathtaking views of the Tikal, Guatemala region

Caravan Vacations Include Guatemala Hotels and Resorts

This Caravan all inclusive tour includes some of the best Guatemala attractions like Tikal and other Mayan ruins. Caravan guests have the opportunity throughout the 10-day tour to relax and enjoy at minimum 2-night consecutive stay at each of these Guatemala locations.

Visit Caravan’s Guatemala Travel Tips page for more details about this Guatemala Central American tour or visit our Guatemala Tour description page for an up to date detailed list of Guatemala hotels and resorts featured on this exciting Caravan tour.

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