Things to Do and See at La Fortuna Arenal, Costa Rica

If you seek spectacular scenery with a panoramic view of Costa Rica’s most active volcano (Arenal Volcano), the city of La Fortuna de San Carlos (La Fortuna Costa Rica) may be the place for you.

Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, La Fortuna is one of only a few sizeable towns and small cities in what is known as Costa Rica’s Northern Lowlands.

But La Fortuna is far from isolated. The city offers all the amenities that a traveler could desire and is easily accessible from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital.

Things to Do In La Fortuna Costa Rica

There is plenty to do and see in and around La Fortuna Costa Rica. Common tourist attractions include:

In the town of Fortuna a morning shopping trip could include the regular Friday farmers’ market where you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and delicious baked goods plus select from a range of cheeses.

If you plan your La Fortuna trip for the month of February you can catch the annual La Fortuna Civic Festival that lasts for two weeks and includes bull fights, food, karaoke, concerts, dancing, and more.

La Fortuna Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica’s Biggest Attraction!

Arenal Volcano is this country’s biggest tourist attraction and because of its proximity, many travelers stay in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Arenal is the country’s most active volcano, with ash and smoke visible on a regular basis in recent years. In fact, Arenal volcano makes the top of many lists as Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attraction.

Comfortable hotel and guesthouse accommodations are available; however some travelers prefer the newly established resort/spa services near the volcano. Many visitors have witnessed glowing red-hot lava flows from the Arenal mountainside at night!

La Catarata de la Fortuna Waterfall

Near La Fortuna Costa Rica is La Catarata de la Fortuna, a glorious waterfall that drops more than 200 feet (70 meters) and features a favourite swimming spot for locals and visitors.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation and orchids. In addition, tourists can also enjoy nearby Tabacon Hot Springs, a quiet, relaxing naturally fed volcanic hot-springs.

Other La Fortuna Activities

Costa Rica is well known for its nature preserves, parks and protected areas. In fact, one-quarter of Costa Rica’s land mass is now within protected reserves, refuges and parks.

The La Fortuna area is considered by many to be the most visually spectacular location in all of Costa Rica. Travelers with a taste for outdoor activity regularly come to the La Fortuna region to enjoy many of the other outdoor attractions in the area.

Tourists visiting Fortuna can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, boat tours, fishing, white water rafting, and much, much more.

For example, the magnificent Lake Arenal is a perfect place for windsurfing and is also frequented by avid fishermen.

A Rio Frio river cruise to Cano Negro wildlife refuge is included as part of this Caravan Costa Rica tour. Cano Negro is a nature reserve north of the Arenal and La Fortuna where tourists can get close to the abundant wildlife. Among the sites will be dozens of bird and animal species, including monkeys and toucans. You may even see an alligator or two!

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