Guanacaste & Liberia Costa Rica

Guanacaste Costa Rica is one of seven provinces in this tiny central American country.  The provincial borders roughly define certain regions by geography, government, and population.

The province of Guanacaste is located in the northwest part of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean. It shares a border with Nicaragua and is the least populated province in the nation.

History of Guanacaste Costa Rica

The recorded history of the Guanacaste province (so named for the national tree – Guanacaste or ear-pod) dates back hundreds of years. People began to settle the Nicoya Peninsula in earnest in the 17th and 18th centuries. The region first existed as an independent territory and was annexed to the larger nation almost 200 years ago.

Guanacaste Costa Rica is a fascinating and beautiful part of the world, with heavy forestation and mountainous rivers. The region is relatively dry compared to the rest of Costa Rica.

Guanacaste Weather

Residents and visitors to Guanacaste Costa Rica experience consistently hot temperatures beginning in November. Respite from this heat is found on the wonderful Pacific Ocean beaches. Temperatures are moderate in May and the region receives a bit more rainfall. This pattern usually continues until October.

Guanacaste Agriculture

The open areas of Guanacaste province are often devoted to cattle grazing. The beef industry was a mainstay of the economy for decades, but it has declined in recent years. A massive irrigation program has boosted crop production, with sugar cane, cotton, and rice leading the way, although coffee growing is also quite popular.

Liberia – The Capital of Guanacaste

Liberia Costa Rica is the largest city in Guanacaste province with a population of of over 75,000 people. Liberia is also the capital of Guanacaste and major hub for tourism in Costa Rica.

Tourists have flocked to Guanacaste Costa Rica in ever-greater numbers in the past few decades, taking advantage of the beautiful beaches and the natural beauty of Costa Rica. This has revived the area’s economy to some extent and has contributed to the importance of the capital city.

The warm tropical climate and beautiful beaches in Liberia lure travelers wishing to escape the cold months of the Northern Hemisphere. They mostly travel down to Liberia Costa Rica between December and March.

Liberia Costa Rica offers a relatively new international airport and many of the amenities that international visitors seek. Yet Liberia remains a comfortable city with an atmosphere often described as “colonial.”

Liberia’s proximity to Costa Rica beach resorts and beautiful national parks make it a popular destination and base for touring the countryside. In fact, one of Costa Rica’s national parks, Santa Rosa, also includes one of the world’s top surfing locations. Historic landmarks also add to Liberia’s increasing popularity.

If surfing and sun-tanning are not quite your style there are many other Liberia Costa Rica excursions and activities to explore. Aside from the many attractions, the city is a perfect base for horseback riding through the amazing countryside, bird watching, or for a trip to one of the many volcanoes along the eastern border of Guanacaste Costa Rica. It is not unusual for visitors to witness dozens of rare birds in addition to the native tapir (and even the elusive jaguar).

Those who choose to explore Liberia Costa Rica will see many whitewashed houses that have given this city a reputation as “ciudad blanca,” which is Spanish for “white city.” It is also home to a number of annual festivals that celebrate local culture and the heritage of the residents.

Liberia’s government and city leaders have made an effort to attract new visitors with its international airport and easy access to major highways. Take one of the many interesting side trips off the Pan-American Highway and see why Guanacaste Costa Rica and its capital city Liberia have become so popular.

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