Biological Curiosities of Costa Rica Cloud Forests

What Are Cloud Forests?

This information about a cloud forest Costa Rica location is provided by Caravan Tours.

A cloud forest (aka “fog” forest) is similar to a rainforest except that they have high humidity and less rain. Cloud forests can be found in nearly four dozen countries around the globe that have either tropical or sub-tropical climate conditions.

The cloud forest Costa Rica location exists in a forested mountain area with high humidity and is persistently shrouded in low-lying clouds (usually at the forest canopy level). This is usually caused when warm moist winds push up against mountain terrain. As the air rises and cools the cool air can’t hold as much moisture and clouds or mists are formed by the excess humidity.

Costa Rica cloud forests can be found in a number of locations throughout this small country. These cloud forest regions have the right combination of geography and weather and many are designated as national parks.

Places like Braullio Carrillo National Park, Irazu’ Volcano National Park, J. Castro Blanco National Park and Monteverde Biological Reserve all display the unique characteristics of cloud forests and are major tourist attractions.

Escallonia Cloud Forest Trail

There is a cloud forest near Poas Volcano National Park, which used to be part of our Caravan Tour until the volcano became active. Escallonia Cloud Forest Trail is a favorite tourist destination primarily because of the cloud forest Costa Rica is so famous for.

There is an abundance of small cypress and myrtle growth plus orchids, tropical ferns, and Escallonia plants that give the Escallonia Cloud Forest Trail its name.

Escallonia Plants

The varieties of Escallonia plants that dominate many of the Costa Rica’s cloud forest sites include more than three dozen varieties of small evergreen trees, along with many ferns and shrubs. Escallonia plants are native to South American but obviously they do well in many other tropical and subtropical locations like Costa Rica.

Escallonia plants flower at various times throughout the year, with primary colors appearing in summer and autumn. This makes a cloud forest trail hike a perfect escape for visitors wanting to get away from winter weather in the Northern Hemisphere and immerse themselves in tropical flora and fauna.

Biological Curiosities

Unlike many other locations, this cloud forest Costa Rica location stands apart as a biological curiosity because it differs slightly from many other rainforests, especially those in lowlands of tropical countries.

Biologists have found that some of the species in certain Costa Rica cloud forests are found only in that one place. This is reason enough for many travelers want to include an Escallonia Cloud Forest hike as part of their Costa Rica vacations.

But even the cloud forests of Costa Rica are changing. As rising world temperatures affect plant growth, many animal and plant species move to higher elevations, which eventually affect the biological map of the mountain forests.

As mentioned earlier, this cloud forest Costa Rica site is a result of a unique combination of factors that come together perfectly in the mountains of Costa Rica. With the right humidity levels and elevation, the thick green forest vegetation becomes shrouded with added beauty and mystery when engulfed with low-level clouds and fog that move in and stay, depending on strength and direction of the winds.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Tours

Due to recent volcanic activity in the area, trips to Escallonia Cloud Forest Trail and Poas Volcano have been temporarily suspended and at present, are not part of Caravan’s Costa Rica Natural Paradise tour.

See this Costa Rica Guide page for an update on Poas Volcano activity.

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