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3 Benefits of Caravan Costa Rica Travel Packages

Costa Rica travel packages continue to be Caravan’s most popular tours. This beautiful little country has earned its place as one of the world’s best vacation destinations. It attracts visitors from around the globe who come to enjoy the pristine beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforests, white sandy beaches, active volcanoes, and its wildlife sanctuaries and […]

6 Facts About Costa Rica Oranges

There are numerous smaller Costa Rica orange farms but commercial production of Costa Rica oranges has been a major factor in the economy for decades. For example, the largest Costa Rica orange production company is Tico Fruit, which produces 75% of all Costa Rica orange juice. Did you know that you can get your recommended […]

Travel to Costa Rica – Voted #1

Come travel to Costa Rica with Caravan Tours! You will soon understand why this peaceful and friendly little country (with a thriving democracy) was voted one of the best places in the world to live. Costa Rica is one of those delightful places where you can truly enjoy your vacation, whatever your preferences may be. […]

Coffee Plantations In Costa Rica

Taking a Costa Rica coffee plantation tour is at the top of the list for most coffee loving tourists when visiting this small Central American country. Even those who don’t drink coffee find the guided coffee tour to be very informative and interesting. Along with bananas, oranges, and pineapple plantations, Coffee is one of the […]

Costa Rica Poás Volcano Facts

In this Caravan Tours post explore Poas Volcano facts and sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforests, Poás Volcano in Costa Rica is not only one of this country’s most important protected areas but historically, it has also been one of the country’s most visited tourist attractions. Poás Volcano actually has two […]

Canadian Rockies Part of Western Canada Tours

Tour western Canada all inclusive with Caravan Tours. Caravan offers some of the best opportunities for travelers of all ages to see the Canadian Rockies. Western Canada tours are unique vacations into what is arguably some of the most picturesque destinations in all of North America. The Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, and more specifically […]

Canada East Coast Tours with Caravan

Why are Canada east coast tours extremely popular? For one, the East Coast of Canada is home to almost 17,400 miles of incredibly beautiful coastline. Canada is a remarkably large country, the second largest country in the world! From Vancouver on Canada’s west coast to Halifax on the east coast of Canada, one must travel […]

4.6 – Stride Travel Review of Caravan Tours

96% of Travelers Recommend Caravan Tours In their Stride Travel review of Caravan Tours, this review site noted that Caravan, “Fills a specific niche for travelers looking to see the major sights in North and Latin America on a budget.” If you are 50+ or traveling with a family, Caravan’s exceptional, no frills tours are […]

Atlas Travel Web Highlights Caravan Tours

All Inclusive Central America, Canada & USA Tours Caravan Tours’ fully guided all-inclusive 2019 tours to Central America, Canada, and across the United States were highlighted in an online article by Atlas Cruises & Tours. According to Atlas Cruises & Tours, Caravan offers “Great vacations at an affordable price,” that are “polished, complete, and fun…when […]