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Tour western Canada all inclusive with Caravan Tours and explore the Canadian Rockies!

Canada’s Western Provinces

The western provinces of Canada include Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, and most are land locked. The exceptions include a small portion of northeastern Manitoba that borders the Hudson Bay (home to the Port of Churchill) and of course the Pacific Coast on the west side of British Columbia.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are all considered “Prairie Provinces” and at one time the vast majority of the “Prairies” consisted of flat grasslands. Today, the majority of the grasslands have been converted for farm use.

View of the Rocky Mountains from downtown Banff Alberta.

Western Canada Tour

Your Caravan tour starts in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta offers everything from endless prairie landscapes and freshwater lakes, to badlands, glaciers, national parks, World Heritage sites, and hiking through the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

With Caravan Tours, you’ll have some of the best opportunities to see this part of western Canada fully guided and all inclusive.

Western Canada tours are unique vacations into what is arguably some of the most picturesque destinations in all of North America. The Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, and more specifically Alberta, are home to some amazing sights and destinations including:

  • Banff National Park
  • Lake Louise
  • Jasper National Park & the Columbia Icefields
  • Waterton Lakes National Park
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If you search for eastern Canada vacation packages some of the more popular destinations that come up might include Toronto, Montreal, and Niagara Falls.

If you search for western Canada vacation packages, popular destinations might include Victoria, Whistler, and Vancouver.

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Caravan all-inclusive vacations are a great way to travel worry-free, especially in Central America.

One of the main benefits of traveling with Caravan Tours is that outside of your airfare, our select all-inclusive vacations include virtually all other costs in the ticket price. Your food, lodging, travel itinerary, plus all activities, outings and even tips are taken care of by Caravan.

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