Top Attractions at Lake Louise Canada

For many, Lake Louise Canada is the iconic lake that represents the real “true north strong and free” landscape.

Named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria), Lake Louise is located inside Banff National Park, only about 115 miles (185km) west of Calgary, Alberta. It’s also just 36 miles (58km) west of the town of Banff.

This alpine lake is famous for its glacier fed, sparkling, blue green waters and the glacier-capped mountain peaks surrounding the relatively small lake. In summer months guests can rent canoes and paddle across Lake Louise, or dare to dip their toes into the icy waters that rarely go above 40°F (5°C). In the winter Lake Louise freezes over to offer up one of the most breathtaking frozen lakes in the entire world!

Here are Caravan Tours’ top Lake Louise attractions and amazing sights to behold as you visit Banff National Park and Lake Louise Canada.


1. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

Opened in 1890, The Fairmont Lake Louise Chateau is now more than 130 years old. This is a year-round luxury resort for travelers seeking world-class outdoor adventures such as skiing, hiking, canoeing, and sightseeing. Situated just steps from the shores of Lake Louise, the chateau is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that takes great pride in responsible tourism. Guests of the Chateau Lake Louise can enjoy its fine dining, outdoor activities, as well as its spa amenities.

2. Hike to Victoria Glacier

Standing at 11,300 feet above sea level, Victoria Glacier is located directly above Lake Louise and feeds this iconic Canadian Rockies glacial lake. Researchers believe that there are millions of tons of ancient Glacial Ice held within this glacier! Lake Louise gets its stunning green color from the fine sediment known as rock flour that flows down in the water from Victoria Glacier. In the summer months, avid hikers take to the Plain of Six Glaciers to get closer to Victoria Glacier. Whether you decide to hike the Plain of Six Glaciers or get close up views of Victoria Glacier with binoculars from the shores of Lake Louise, we promise it will take your breath away!

3. Visit The Lake Louise Ski Lodge

The Lake Louise Ski Resort is not only open in the winter for amazing skiing and snowboarding but also open in the summer for awe-inspiring views. In fact, the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola will take you up the mountain while your feet dangle below. Be sure to have your camera on hand to capture what many call the “Home of the Grizzly Bear.”

4. Visit Lake Louise Village

The Lake Louise Village is situated just off of Highway #1 and offers guests a limited number of restaurants, hotel accommodations, shops, and other amenities, plus a Visitors’ Center. Although small in size, Lake Louise village is actually the highest community in all of Canada, situated at 5,033 feet above sea level!

Canadian Weather Conditions

The weather in Lake Louise Canada greatly depends on the time of year that you visit:

  • Winter months see an average of -7°C or 20°F, as daily highs, with up to 2 feet of snowfall possible on some days!
  • Spring is still very cool and it takes until Mid-June for Lake Louise to thaw.
  • Summer at Lake Louise Canada is typically warm with daily highs of 20°C or 68°F, although there can still be a cool nip to the air. Visitors are recommended to bring a sweater or light jacket, especially if planning to hike in and around Lake Louise.
  • Fall is considered an excellent time to visit as most summer tourists are gone and the winter ski season has not yet started. You can start seeing the signs of autumn with trees changing color. Fall is a very short season at Lake Louise with temperatures dropping down to 8°C or 46°F by October.

Book A Caravan Canadian Rockies Tour

We invite you to take an all-inclusive Canadian Rockies tour with Caravan Tours and experience the majesty of Lake Louise for yourself.  Current Caravan Canadian Rockies vacations include a stop at beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park.


Here’s what some past Caravan Tours guests had to say about their Rocky Mountains tour and Lake Louise Canada:

“My favorite part of the tour was sitting in the sun on a bench on the banks of Lake Louise, facing Victoria Glacier, eating a roast beef sandwich while watching a chipmunk pose for pictures.”
~ Mr. & Mrs. E.L., North Port, Florida

“I don’t see how you can put together such an interesting trip for the price you charge. I would certainly consider using Caravan Tours again.”
~ Mr. & Mrs. N.N., Waco, Texas

“Everything was spectacular, the scenery, the exciting animals such as the deer, elk, a calf moose, Rocky Mountain sheep, the breathtaking mountains, the turquoise blue lakes, lovely waterfalls, mountain streams and rivers.”
~ Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Columbus, Ohio

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