Waiting to board the Caravan Panama Cruise boat.

Caravan Panama Canal Cruise Boat

Explore the Panama Canal with Caravan Tours

Rather than vacationing on a cruise liner that passes through the Panama Canal in less than a day, many vacationers are opting for our 8-day Caravan Panama cruise package.

Our Caravan tour features day trip cruise expeditions in addition to rainforest adventures, beach excursions, and a visit to an authentic Embera Tribal village.

Each year, more than 14,000 vessels pass through the Panama Canal. A fair number of these ships are Panama cruise liners filled with passengers eager to get a peak of one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

The Panama Canal is approximately 48 miles long. With the gateways and lock systems, it can take a Panama cruise ship between nine and fifteen hours to cross through the canal, depending on the canal’s efficiency.

Caravan Panama Cruise on Gatun Lake

One of the most popular day cruise packages is through Gatun Lake.

Gatun Lake is a manmade lake in Panama’s Chagres Valley. The lake’s waters form a speedy 33-kilometer passageway for vessels to move through the Isthmus of Panama. However, Gatun Lake has much more to offer than just a convenient passageway.

Gatun Lake is spotted with hilltop islands that were once mountain peaks. Day cruises along Gatun Lake take guests to some of these islands, including the very popular Monkey Island. It is here that glimpses of Panama’s diverse wildlife and in particular, monkey population, can be seen in a close-up setting.

Locks Transit Panama Canal Cruise

After seeing Panama’s lock system work from the solid ground, Caravan guests have the opportunity to see the gates function from the water level on a passenger’s vessel. While seated on the small Caravan Panama cruise boat, guests get eye-level views of the magnificent Panama Canal. Guests often get to see the steel gates open and close, depending on the schedule of the Canal that day.

A Locks Transit Cruise features both the two-step Miraflores Locks (the tallest gate) and Pedro Miguel Locks, which move vessels up from the Pacific Ocean into Lake Gatun. In addition to the Canal, this Caravan Panama cruise gives guests excellent views of the Bridge of Americas while crossing the Continental Divide.

All-Inclusive Panama Cruise Vacations

The benefit of these Panama all-inclusive cruise vacations is that once you arrive in Panama there is no need to spend an extra penny. Included in the price of the fully escorted Caravan Panama cruise package:

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) while in Panama
  • 3 nights stay in Panama City
  • 2 nights stay in Gamboa, Panama
  • 2 nights stay in Playa Bonita, Panama
  • Day cruises and land travel

Panama Canal is easily one of the Best Central America Vacations you can enjoy.

Panama All Inclusive Travel

Our fully escorted Caravan Panama Cruise Packages feature two daytime cruises and land travel along the entire Panama Canal.

Visit Caravan’s Panama Cruise FAQ page for more details about this 8-day all-inclusive vacation package.

To learn more about the Panama Canal visit this page by Britannica.

For more information or to check the availability of our Caravan Panama cruise package tour, please Call Toll-Free 1-800-CARAVAN.