Costa Rica Vacations

(Editor’s Note – This original post from December 2011 has been updated to reflect current tour activities.)

With a name that means “Rich Coast,” Costa Rica is the perfect vacation destination, with something in store for everyone who visits.

This Central American country is small in size (just under 20,000 square miles) but is overflowing with natural wonders and exotic beauty.

Types of Costa Rica Vacations

Because the country is small it is possible to travel from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast and see all the major attractions in between while on a 9-day Costa Rican vacation. Most Costa Rica tourists are surprised by the diverse nature and their ability to see it all on one, all inclusive vacation!

There are many types of Costa Rica vacations designed to suit to all types of traveler’s needs:

  • Costa Rica Vacations for Singles
  • Costa Rica Vacations for Families
  • Costa Rica Vacations for Couples
  • Costa Rica Vacations for Seniors

No matter who you are, a well-planned Costa Rica vacation should include stopping at the country’s two most famous volcanoes (Arenal volcano and Poás volcano), hiking or walking through tropical virgin rainforests, relaxing on white sandy beach resorts, exploring wildlife refuges and turtle nesting beaches, taking in jungle and bird watching cruises, and taste-testing at local coffee, pineapple, and banana plantations.

Costa Rica Tourism Destinations

When visiting Costa Rica you cannot miss out on the most popular, must-see Costa Rica destinations, such as:

Leatherback Turtles National Park: This protected marine and wildlife refuge is one of the more popular National Parks in Costa Rica and a popular eco-tourism destination. Plan to travel here between September and March to catch a glimpse of the prime nesting season. This national park also has an overabundance of mammals, birds (over 174 species!), and flora and fauna to be explored.

Poás Volcano: This popular volcano is located near the center of Costa Rica. Poás Volcano is often misty and cloudy but when the mist breaks, visitors are given a unique glimpse of the green sulphuric lake that shoots geysers up over 800 feet in the air.  At a mile wide and over 1,000 feet deep, Poás is the world’s largest active crater.

Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge: The only way to get to one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations is on a boat cruise along the Rio Frio River. Tour guides help visitors stay on the lookout for migratory birds, crocodiles, web-footed water walking lizards, spider monkeys, jaguars and cougars.

Arenal Volcano: Located about 55 kilometers northwest of Costa Rica’s capital San José, Arenal volcano remained dormant for several hundred years until it erupted suddenly in 1968 creating three more craters. Only one crater still exists today and tourists enjoy visiting one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world (from a safe distance of course).

Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations by Caravan Tours

There is a reason Caravan Tours has named Costa Rica the “Natural Paradise”.

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