The Top Mountain Ranges in the Rockies

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If you love visiting the mighty Rockies, then you know there’s nothing like summiting a peak or taking in views of mountain ranges that span miles. Whether you’re an experienced climber looking for new challenges or just itching to get out and start your first big hike, this list is perfect for you!

Let’s explore some of the best—and most iconic—mountain ranges in the Rockies. From here, we’ll break down what makes each location special so that it’s easy to find your ideal destination no matter what level of experience you have outdoors. Get prepared for breathtaking alpine views and plenty of outdoor adventure.

1. Mount Robson

Get ready to dive into 1,800 square kilometers of pure, unadulterated wilderness at Mount Robson Park– the second-oldest provincial park in British Columbia! Whether you’re looking for an easy vehicle-accessible camping getaway or want to get lost in remote, hidden valleys, Mount Robson Park has got you covered.

Coming in at a staggering 3,954 meters tall, Mount Robson itself serves as the protective figurehead of the park, towering high above the surrounding landscapes. As part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site, Mount Robson Park adds to the ripple effect of protecting the mountain itself and the headwaters of the Fraser River and its adjacent ecosystems.

With over 3km of elevation gain, which starts at the valley floor, your inner adventurer begs you to scale the iconic peak of Mount Robson.

2. Mount Columbia

Imagine standing at the peak of Mount Columbia, knowing that you’re at Alberta’s highest point, reaching an impressive 12,294 feet (3,747 meters). However, it doesn’t stop there. There are even more peaks in the Rockies that match over 11,000 ft. As we move east, a narrow foothill zone hugs the mountains.

As you go northeast, the interior plains descend from around 3,000 ft to below 1,000 ft, where exciting ancient Precambrian rocks emerge in the Canadian Shield. Wait, there’s more! Cypress and Swan Hills and the Caribou Mountains form peak higher than the surrounding area too!

3. Mount Forbes

Did you know that the tallest mountain found exclusively in Banff National Park is Mount Forbes? 1859 it was named after James Hector’s Edinburgh professor, Edward Forbes. While other peaks in the Canadian Rockies, like Mount Robson, Mount Alberta, and Mount Assiniboine, are taller, Mount Forbes has the distinction of having its summit entirely within the park’s boundary.

4. Mount Assiniboine

Picture yourself exploring Mount Assiniboine National Park, 29 miles southwest of Banff in Alberta, Canada. You’ll find amazing alpine lakes, brilliant glaciers, lush alpine meadows, and towering snow-capped summits. It’s a total package! The park was established in 1922 and designated as a Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990, along with:

  • Yoho
  • Banff
  • Jasper
  • Kootenay National Parks
  • Mount Assiniboine
  • Mount Robson
  • Hamber Provincial Parks

This is for being ridiculously beautiful and significant in culture, history, and science.

5. Mount Temple

So, you’re thinking about climbing Mount Temple? First, a triangular peak covered in fluffy snow looks right down on Lake Louise. You can go the technical route up the main face or be a sneaky hiker and scramble up the southwest side, which is hidden from view. Just be careful, though, since people have wiped out pretty badly before on this big guy.

6. Mount Bryce

Do you love incredible views and epic adventures? Well, then, Mount Bryce is a must-see! Located in British Columbia, Canada, this mountain is the fifteenth-highest peak in the province. It’s connected to the Columbia Icefield by ridges, and the view is worth the challenging climb. But don’t worry, recently built logging roads are making the climb more accessible than ever!

7. Mount Athabasca

Venturing into the Rockies is every explorer’s dream, and the Columbia Icefields offer unending possibilities for every mountaineer out there! You can get started with the following:

  • Simple glacier ascents
  • Scale steeper ice faces
  • Smoothen out your climb with mixed ridges

No matter what you choose, you’re in for a fantastic experience. Have you heard of climbing Mount Athabasca? It’s a must-try when taking the Alpine Skills Course—people have been beasting it with over 100 climbs via 13 diverse routes!

8. Hungabee Mountain

Have you got your hiking boots and ready for an adventure? Look only as far as Hungabee Mountain, located in the Canadian Rockies. This epic summit sits on the Continental Divide, borders Alberta and British Columbia, and straddles Yoho and Banff National Parks.

Views of this beauty are impressive from any side, but make sure to check out the east face from Mount Temple, which depicts a steep 3500-ft wall. If you’re into a unique viewpoint, Deltaform Mountain from the south showcases the standard West Ridge route. Bill Corbett’s 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies guidebook has more info about this route.

Caravan makes it easy for you to experience the majesty of the Rocky Mountains ranges

From the highest peaks of the Rockies to the inviting forests below, experiencing the majesty of the mountain ranges in this region can be a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you hike or ride on a guided Caravan tour, you will find something magical in these amazing locations.

As you plan to visit the Rocky Mountains, don’t forget to include one or all of these magnificent ranges in your next family vacation. One thing is certain; time spent getting to know these remarkable mountains will never be forgotten and will give you a lifetime of memories that can never be replaced.

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