5 Unique Experiences – Things to Do in Montreal Canada

Caravan Tours will be adding a Montreal Canada tour in 2023 but until then, we wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things to do in Montreal.

There are few Canadian cities with a character that rivals this French (and English) speaking city.

With nearly one hundred festivals a year and a vibrant art and music scene, those seeking a cultural getaway don’t have to look much further than this vibrant city.

Montreal is often called the “Paris of Canada”.

While it may not be the capital of the province, this city is the principal metropolitan center in Quebec.

Its current population is approximately 4.3 million making it the second-most-populous city in Canada behind Toronto.

Visitors will love the delicious cuisine, ample sightseeing, and European-inspired flair unique on this side of the Atlantic.

There are plenty of things to do in Montreal making it a perfect weekend getaway destination. There are so many unique sights, accommodations, and restaurants to suit every type of traveler and budget.

Read on to discover why you should visit the city, and what to see while you’re there!

What To Do in Montreal

Experience The Culture

There is never a dull moment here for those who appreciate art and culture.

From the many festivals that happen year-round to the art, cinema, music, and dance available every day, there is always something exciting happening in the city.

To see what’s scheduled during your visit, be sure to visit the Quartier des Spectacles. The Quartier is a dedicated hosting space as seen by its many indoor and outdoor stages.

One of the city’s most famous events is the Montreal International Jazz Festival,  a 10-day event that takes place in the summer. If you can, try to plan a trip during this time so you can experience great international music!

Visit Old Montreal

This city was established in 1642, a full 151 years before Toronto.

If you’re looking for a dose of history, then don’t skip out on visiting the neighborhood of Old Montreal.

Situated near the Saint Lawrence River waterfront, this is a distinct cultural hub that houses historical sites dating as far back as the 17th century.

Take a walk along the cobblestone streets and be sure to visit the Place d’Armes, a beautiful historical square in the heart of Old Montreal.

There you’ll see the famous Notre Dame Basilica, a ‘mini’ version of Paris’ Notre Dame, which is great for a photo op.

Not far from the Place d’Armes is the Hôtel de Ville (city hall) which was built in the Second Empire style to emulate the Hôtel de Ville Tours in France.

Check Out the Underground City

Planning your visit during the cold winter months?

That’s all right, you don’t even have to go outside if you don’t want to! Travel instead through the RÉSO, also known as the Underground City.

Montreal’s Underground City is a downtown subterranean network that covers 33 km and is composed of walkways, subway stations, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theatres, and more.

Shop and experience a taste of the city’s style with retail destinations that – while not quite rivaling those of Paris – give the rest of Canada a serious run for its money.

Try The Local Flavours

Poutine anyone? Whether or not this famous dish originated in Quebec (there’s some debate), there’s nothing exaggerated about the claim that Montreal has a great food scene.

The city has more restaurants per capita than any other North American city, making it the perfect destination for foodies.

Explore everything from food festivals that celebrate local chefs, to food trucks that can be spotted throughout the city, to the 24-hour poutine at La Banquise. You can happily eat your way through Montreal for an unbeatable holiday.

Believe us, it’s worth the few extra pounds!

Appreciate The Architecture

Montreal’s unique blend of architectural styles can be attributed to its rich and diverse history.

Often referred to as the most European city in North America, on account of its French colonial roots, each ensuing wave of immigration has left its mark upon the city.

The façades throughout the city bear witness to a mix of historical, religious, and modern architecture.

From the old-world beauty of Old Montreal, distinct row homes of Plateau Mont-Royal, and sprawling mansions in Westmount and Outremont, every corner of this city tells a story.

Get lost and wander the streets, you’ll never run out of things to see.

Looking for more in-depth knowledge? Then be sure to visit the Canadian Centre for Architecture to stock up on facts before you hit the streets.

From foodies to shoppers, to culture-seeking travelers, there’s something for everyone in this unique city!

Don’t miss this stop next time you’re passing through Canada. Make it a weekend getaway and return to work on Monday with an unforgettable experience under your belt.

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Montreal Canada FAQs

Where Is Montreal?

The city of Montreal is in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada.

Is Montreal an Island?

Yes, the city of Montreal is located on an island on the St Lawrence River in southern Quebec.

What Time Is It in Montreal?

Montreal is in Eastern Standard time which is the same Time Zone as New York, Ohio, and Washington DC.

Do They Speak French in Montreal?

Montrealers are bilingual with French as their first language and English as their second language.

How Far Is Montreal from Toronto?

Montreal Quebec is 336 miles (541km) from Toronto, Ontario.

How Far Is Montreal from Quebec City?

Montreal is 163 miles (262km) from Quebec City.

How Far from Montreal to Ottawa?

Montreal is 102 miles (165km) from Ottawa, Ontario.

How Far from New York to Montreal?

New York City is 372 miles (599km) from Montreal Canada.

How Far Is Boston to Montreal?

Boston MA is 307 miles (494km) from Montreal Canada.