Just saying the words “California coast road trip” conjures up visions of California vacations with a beautiful sunny landscape defined by the crashing waves of the warm Pacific Ocean.

To some, the phrase might also mean the California coast highway, surfing, boats skimming along the surface, and marine wildlife that awes even the veteran coastal visitor.

Evidently, a California coast road trip is on the wish list of most travelers to the US since California tours are quite popular. In fact, California is the most visited state in all of the USA and many US citizens choose to stay after visiting California only once.

California Coast Road Trip Attractions

People are drawn to the “Golden State” by the warm weather, the landscape, and of course the amazing California coastline but what makes the California coast so alluring for travelers are the many unique attractions. Of course, the most popular California must-see attractions are places like Hollywood, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park but other prominent California coast destinations include:

Pacific Grove Sunset Drive – Take a leisurely journey along Pacific Grove Sunset Drive. Long used as a retreat for the rich and famous, Pacific Grove has prompted many to use such words as “dream-like,” “rugged” and “stunning.” In addition to the outstanding scenery, Pacific Grove has more than 1,000 houses on its historic-homes list. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are “top-shelf” in Pacific Grove as well.

Big Sur – Many have heard the term “Big Sur” but most have never experienced this one-of-a-kind location on the California coast. A favorite destination for California residents and out-of-state visitors alike, Big Sur offers just about everything: art galleries, gift shops, excellent restaurants, unrivaled camping, and hiking, along with some of the finest natural landscapes in the world. If you enjoy wildflowers, birds, and other native animals, this may be the perfect place for you. It’s possible to spot a California condor or a whale during your visit here.

Beach lovers are reminded that the beaches of Big Sur and the immediate area are not like the warm beaches of the Southern California coastline. Weather conditions are generally cool in this region, making the beaches better for hiking in a good pair of shoes, with a jacket along (just in case).

Pfeiffer Burns State Park – A visit to Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park should probably be on the itinerary of every traveler to the Big Sur region. The waterfall, granite cliffs, and lush tree growth make this a great place to spend a day. Located just half an hour’s drive from Carmel, this state park joins Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park as two of the most popular spots in central California.

Giant California Redwood Trees – One of the most amazing sites that central California has to offer is the giant redwood. Some of these older “coast redwood” trees have been here for more than 2,000 years. If this bit of natural history isn’t fascinating enough for you, the sheer size of these trees surely will be. Sequoia redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and grow to more than 375 feet in height and more than 25 feet in diameter. In addition to this magnificent site, visitors are urged to experience the Santa Lucia Range that extends from Monterey to San Luis Obispo (more than 100 miles). While not the highest mountains (the tallest peak is about 6,000 feet) the Santa Lucia Mountains are one of the most beautiful sections of the Pacific California Coast range.

Bixby Bridge – Visitors to the Golden State should also experience such engineering marvels as the Bixby Bridge, just a short drive south of the wonderful community of Carmel on the California coast. Bixby Bridge was constructed in 1932, with a length of more than 700 feet. Another popular stop not far from Bixby Bridge is Bixby Ocean Ranch. Groves of redwoods, open grasslands, and views of the rugged coastline make this a great place for sight-seeing and photography.

California Coast Tours by Caravan

With Caravan Tours, Big Sur, the giant redwoods, and other popular California attractions like Yosemite National Park are included as part of our all-inclusive California Tours. These are exceptionally priced, fully escorted 9-day tours.

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Vacations in California would never be complete without Yosemite tours.

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite Valley is one of California’s prime tourist spots. Yosemite National Park is home to El Capitan, the world’s largest exposed chunk of granite and a highlight of most Yosemite tours. Other Yosemite attractions include Lower Yosemite Falls, Upper Yosemite Falls (considered to be North America’s highest waterfall), and three groups of huge old-growth sequoia trees (considered to be some of the oldest living things in the world).

Most Yosemite tours from San Francisco are fully escorted by knowledgeable guides who help you to fully appreciate the history and uniqueness of this World Heritage Site. Over three and a half million visitors descend upon Yosemite Park each year so a guided Yosemite Valley tour provides the best opportunity to explore everything this amazing park has to offer. Come breathe in the fresh country air and witness spectacular rainbows created within the mists of Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite History

Yosemite Valley was discovered by a Swiss immigrant named John Muir in the 1860s when he migrated to California after finishing college in Minnesota. On his arrival to San Francisco during the period of the Gold Rush, John Muir began to ask the local townsfolk about the most wonderful place in the area, to which he got the answer, ‘The Sierras’, where Yosemite Valley rests. Muir wrote several papers about the beauty of Yosemite Valley and these write-ups reached the US Congress in the capital of Washington, DC.

Because of John Muir’s documents, in 1890 congress was moved to declare Yosemite National Park as the world’s second national park. Yosemite took its name from the local tribe in the area, and its Ahwahnee origin literally means ‘grizzly bear’. Yosemite National Park includes awesome mountain formations, verdant meadows, teeming wildlife and huge sequoia trees, natural wonders which have survived since the Ice Age.

El Capitan, Lower & Upper Yosemite Falls

El Capitan, a granite monolith, is a featured rock formation at Yosemite National Park. It is the largest chunk of granite in the world, which rests on the Yosemite Valley floor and rises up to an elevation of over 3600 feet. During clear weather, expert mountain climbers scale the smooth surface of El Capitan. The Cathedral Rocks, just beside the El Capitan and fronting the Merced River, protrude into the valley in three areas and is home to the imposing Bridal Veil Falls.

The Lower Yosemite Falls is the most famous and most reachable waterfall in the park, rising to nearly 330 feet and originating from the bigger Upper Yosemite Falls which measures 1410 feet high. Combined, these two waterfalls are considered to be the highest waterfalls in the entire North American continent.

Yosemite Wildlife

Various wildlife can be seen in Yosemite Valley including falcons, vultures, timber wolves, black bears, and a host of mule deer, to name a few. Aside from the mountain goats, chipmunks, and squirrels, the Yosemite Valley is home to almost 200 varieties of birds, 60 different species of animals, and more than 30 species of trees. Yosemite National Park is also a virtual sanctuary of interesting and unique flora and fauna.

Yosemite Tours Included with Califonia Tour

Rock monoliths like Half Dome and El Capitan, as well as other California attractions like Bridal Veil Falls and Upper Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, are included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive California Tours.

Yosemite tours are always a favorite and included in this fully escorted 8-day tour, exceptionally priced. Caravan also offers a  US National Parks tour.

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Caravan Tours offers all-inclusive USA sightseeing tours that attract tourists from around the globe. They come to enjoy fully guided bus sightseeing tours of our parks, our historic landmarks and our incredibly beautiful landscapes.

The United States is such a diverse country with everything from the deserts of Arizona and the beaches of California to the supervolcano of Yellowstone National Park and the rolling Appalachian Mountains of New England.

Tourists can find plenty of different USA sightseeing tours to choose from including all-inclusive USA Sightseeing Tours like those offered by Caravan Tours.

USA Sightseeing Tours by Bus

Here are some of the more popular Caravan USA bus sightseeing tours;

  • Motorcoach tours to the Grand Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon Sightseeing Tours
  • Zion National Park Sights
  • Yellowstone Sightseeing Tours
  • Yosemite National Park Sightseeing Tours
  • California Coast Sightseeing Tours
  • New England Sightseeing Tours

Grand Canyon Sightseeing

It doesn’t matter if you standing on the Grand Canyon south rim or standing 18 miles across on the north rim; or if you are descending down into the mile-deep canyon itself; or if you are river rafting through the canyon on the Colorado River, the effect is the same… sightseeing in the Grand Canyon is absolutely incredible from every perspective.

Bryce Canyon Sightseeing

Along with bus sightseeing tours, backpacking, horseback riding, and hiking are a few other great options for taking in Bryce Canyon sights including the incredible display of hoodoos, natural arches, fins, and spires as well as Bryce Canyon’s Grand Staircase and Thor’s Hammer, among others. Bryce Canyon National Park is included as part of Caravan’s Grand Canyon fully escorted tour.

Zion National Park Sightseeing

Checkerboard Mesa, the Great Arch, the Beehives, Twin Brothers, and the many towering monoliths like the Watchman, West Temple, and Temple of Sacrifice are some of the names given to the unique rock formations and other Zion Canyon sights worth exploring. Zion National Park is included on Caravan’s all-inclusive Grand Canyon tour.

Yellowstone National Park Sights

If there is one play you don’t want to miss on our USA sightseeing tours it’s Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is literally one big supervolcano with over 10,000 geothermal activities that offer tourists such unique Yellowstone attractions as Old Faithful Geyser, fumaroles, mud pots, and hot springs. Other Yellowstone sights worth visiting include Upper Yellowstone Falls, Lower Yellowstone Falls, Norris Geyser Basin, Upper Geyer Basin, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Along with Crazy Horse Monument, Yellowstone Park is part of our Caravan Mount Rushmore tour.

California Coast Sightseeing

A place like no other, the California Coast offers tourists some of the most unique coastal landscapes in the world. Some of the more popular California sights include Big Sur, Napa Valley wine country, the stand of ancient giant redwoods, the cable cars of San Francisco, Monterey and Carmel, Hearst Castle, and Hollywood.

Yosemite Sightseeing

Yosemite Valley is also known as the “Incomparable Valley”. A few of the more notable Yosemite sights include the 3600-foot granite monolith El Capitan, the 8840 foot Half Dome, the 650-foot Bridal Veil Falls, and Yosemite Falls, which has a total drop of over 2400 feet making it North America’s tallest waterfalls. Yosemite National Park is included as part of Caravan’s fully escorted California Coast tour.

New England Sightseeing

Fall foliage tours are quite popular in New England however there are many other New England sights worth exploring including Atlantic coastal beaches and fishing villages, the home of Mark Twain, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

All-Inclusive USA Sightseeing Tours by Caravan

Caravan Tours is a family-run tour company and has been offering fully escorted tours since 1952. All of Caravan’s USA sightseeing tours are all-inclusive, meaning all meals, activities, accommodations, and ground transportation are included for one low incredible price.

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Say the words Yosemite National Park in virtually any home in the United States and chances are whoever is listening will be familiar with the name.

In fact, the same can be said for many homes around the world, thanks in part to the popularity of Warner Brothers’ animated Looney Tunes character “Yosemite Sam,” who represented much of the best and worst the “old west” had to offer.

As a World Heritage Site, Yosemite National Park in California is one of the world’s most visited national parks attracting over 3.5 million visitors annually. Yosemite Park is one of the top attractions in America and is also a part of many professional California tours. It is viewed by most international visitors as a symbol of America’s natural beauty.

Yosemite National Park’s more popular attractions like Half Dome and El Capitan are also recognized by those who are familiar with Yosemite National Park and its geography.

Yosemite National Park History

But what is the story of Yosemite National Park and how did it become one of the most popular travel destinations in North America? A brief look at Yosemite Park’s history and important facts should give the reader some clues.

One of the first men involved with the Yosemite region in an “official” capacity was Galen Clark who said he was “overwhelmed in the sudden presence of the unspeakable, stupendous grandeur.”

The park is also closely associated with naturalist and writer John Muir, an early proponent of preserving the park.

By the Civil War era, hundreds of people had made the trip to the Yosemite Valley but the numbers were limited by the area’s rugged landscape. Only the most adventurous traveled by horseback in order to gain access to this amazing part of California.

By the late 1800s, railroad construction helped to open up access to Yosemite Park and brought many more visitors who came by the thousands. Yosemite Valley soon became home to miners, gold-seekers, and fortune hunters, prompting the construction of hotels that catered to upper-class citizens.

Yosemite was officially established as a national park in October of 1890. Before long, members of the seven resident Native American tribes were displaced by visiting tourists; from U.S. residents in the east to European visitors and travelers from around the globe.

Yosemite Attractions

What draws visitors to Yosemite National Park by the thousands every day, aside from the magnificent scenery?

  • Yosemite National Park museum is an amazing museum that contains thousands of books, magazine articles, and photo information associated with Yosemite National Park and its history. In addition, the museum holds many natural and archaeological treasures from the region.
  • Even though Yosemite National Park is comprised of 95% wilderness, the majority of park visitors explore only about 7% of the total park area according to information from the National Park System.
  • Within the park, there are nearly 800 miles of trails for hiking, plus numerous magnificent waterfalls, giant Sequoia trees in old-growth forests, and almost 1600 miles of creeks, rivers, and waterways to explore.
  • Yosemite Falls is the tallest on the North American continent at an astonishing 2,425 feet. The sheer granite faces of Half Dome (at 4,800+ feet) and El Capitan (at 3,000+ feet) present unique challenges for rock climbers who come from around the globe to make the ascent.
  • Sentinel Dome is another unique attraction offering hikers who make to the summit a complete 360-degree view of the surrounding Yosemite Valley.
  • And of course, Yosemite National Park’s unique varieties of vegetation and animal species are also important tourist draws including mule deer, black bears, king snakes, and bobcats.

Accommodation at Yosemite Valley Lodge (formerly Lodge at the Falls) is included as part of our travel package by Caravan Tours. This is the perfect place to establish accommodations and act as a “home base” for exploring one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. Re-designed at the beginning of the millennium, Yosemite Lodge fits perfectly within the gorgeous natural surroundings.

Yosemite Park Included with California Tour

Yosemite National Park in California is included as part of Caravan Tours’ all-inclusive California Tours. These fully escorted 8-day tours are affordable and exceptionally priced.

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