All Caravan guided tours are also all inclusive vacations. That means for one low, all inclusive price, Caravan guests can travel fully guided and enjoy all ground transportation, accommodations, meals and tour itineraries without added costs.

Our Caravan guided tours are some of the very best on the market. Caravan tour operators offer North and Central American guided bus tours including all inclusive tours in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

US Guided Tours

Grand Canyon Guided Tours – Have you ever wanted to explore the Grand Canyon with an experienced tour guide? Caravan’s Grand Canyon guided tours are exceptional and also include escorted visits to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Other destinations on this all inclusive fully guided tour include Sedona, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

California Guided Tours – Take a guided vacation tour down along the coast of California and enjoy escorted visits to the California redwoods, San Joaquin Valley, California wine country, San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Caravan’s all inclusive fully escorted California tours also include Yosemite National Park guided tours.

Yellowstone Guided ToursCaravan’s all inclusive Yellowstone National Park guided tours explores many of the park’s most popular sites including Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs. The Yellowstone guided tour also includes visits to Mount Rushmore Memorial, Crazy Horse Monument and the Custer Battlefield.

New England Guided ToursNew England’s fall foliage guided tours are the most popular however Caravan’s New England guided tours also include Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth Rock, Woodstock, Norman Rockwell Museum and of course a guided bus tour through New England’s Appalachian Mountains.

Canada Guided Tours

Guided Tours of the Canadian Rockies – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of the Canadian Rockies includes visits to Waterton Park, Glacier Park, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park and the Columbia Ice Fields.

Guided Tours of the Canada’s Maritime Provinces – Caravan’s all inclusive bus tour of Eastern Canada includes escorted visits to Nova Scotia’s Halifax and Peggy’s Cove. Other destinations include the Fortress of Louisbourg and Cabot Trial on Cape Breton Island, Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island and the Bay of Fundy (home of the world’s highest tides) in New Brunswick.

Latin America Guided Tours

Costa Rica Tours

Traveling fully escorted is absolutely the best way to explore Costa Rica’s many volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, cloud forests and National Parks.  Other destinations on Caravan’s guided tours of Costa Rica include San Jose, Leatherback Turtles National Park, Poas and Arenal Volcanoes, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Guatemala Tours

Caravan’s all inclusive guided tours of Guatemala also include escorted visits to the ancient ruins of Tikal and Copan. Other sites including in this Guatemala guided tour include Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, Quiriqua, Rio Dulce and Antigua.

Panama Tours

Caravan’s newest all inclusive Central American vacation is the fully guided Panama Canal tour. Travelers will also enjoy escorted visits to Panama City, Old Panama, Playa Blanca, and the rainforest village of the Embera Indians.

All Inclusive Guided Tours by Caravan

Caravan Tours has been offering fully guided tours throughout Central and North America since 1952. Caravan uses knowledgeable local tour guides who are eager to share their history and knowledge.

Visit why buy Caravan guided tours to learn more or check tour availability now.

For bookings, call toll free 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).

Brightly coloured red and yellow flower in Panama


Caravan Tours offers 3 different fully guided all inclusive Central America vacations including:

  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Guatemala

Central America, otherwise known as Latin America, is classified as a biodiversity hotspot extending from Guatemala in the north down to Panama in the south.

As one of only 25 biodiversity hotspot areas in the world, this sub-continent contains over 1,500 species of plants.

To preserve this fragile but attractive biodiversity, many countries within Central America, including Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama have embraced eco-tourism and actively promote Central America vacations to travelers around the world.

Panama Vacations

Panama is a vibrant and lively country that is famous for accommodating over 14,000 vessels that pass through its waters each year thanks to the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal and its amazing lock systems has proven to be a popular Central America attraction but Panama’s biodiversity has even more to offer when holidaying in this beautiful country:

Panama Rainforests – The rainforests border both sides of the Panama Canal. Because the canal acts as a bridge between Central and South America, Panama Central America vacations often include guided tours of the Panama rainforests, which have a wide range of plant and animal species including jaguars, armadillos and howler monkeys.

Gatun Lake and Embera Indian Village – Man-made Gatun Lake is over 33 kilometers long and guides vessels through the Isthmus of Panama. Panama vacations also include a rainforest cruise on the Chagres River to visit an authentic Embera Indian village..

Central America vacations to Panama may also include other popular tourist attractions including Panama City (Old Panama), Panama Canal Cruises, Gamboa Rainforest, and Playa Blanca. Read more information here.

Costa Rica Vacations

The name Costa Rica literally means “Rich Coast” and despite its small size (only 20,000 square miles), Costa Rica is full of major ecological attractions. Eco-tourism vacations can include:

Leatherback Turtle Marine National Park – Located in Guanacaste, Leatherback Turtle National Park is part of a wildlife refuge and was created in 1991 to help protect the nesting grounds of the Giant Leatherback turtle, which can grow up to 11 feet long and over 1100 pounds. Come vacation in Costa Rica during nesting season, which is any time between September and March. This national park also protects 174 bird species, plus monkeys and crocodiles and numerous other indigenous wildlife..

Poás and Arenal Volcanoes – Poás Volcano, with its mile wide crate, is located in the middle of Costa Rica and has the world’s largest active crater, which is capable of shooting 800 foot geysers. Arenal Volcano is northwest of San Jose and features three craters and holds a place among the top ten active volcanoes in the world.

Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge – The best Costa Rica Central America vacations include a chance to float down the Rio Frio River through the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge where you can spot crocodiles, lizards that walk on water, spider monkeys and reclusive jaguars (from a safe distance, of course).

Costa Rica Central America tours may also include a trip through Guanacaste tropical rainforests, plus the rainforest near Arenal and the Escallonia cloud forests.

Guatemala Vacations

With a landscape shaped by sandy dunes, hilly valleys, rivers and highlands, Guatemala is an exciting place to travel and explore on any Central America vacation.

Guatemala’s amazing landscape includes Lake Atitlán, the deepest lake in all of Central America, which is uniquely surrounded by three of Guatemala’s volcanoes.

As well, the neighboring villages around Lake Atitlán have maintained their true Mayan culture.

The focus of most Guatemalan Central America vacations is generally on the ancient Tikal and Mayan Ruins of Guatemala. The village of Antigua has a real colonial feel to it the designation as world heritage sites help protect national monuments such as the ruins of the Temple of the Grand Jaguar and Plaza of the Seven Temples.

Central America Vacation Packages

Caravan Tours offers the best Central America vacations plus tour packages throughout the continental United States and Canada.

Ranging from 8 to 10 day fully escorted tours, these Central America vacations offer significant savings and are especially welcoming to seniors, families and groups.

Call toll free, 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to book your Central America vacation today.

Caravan’s all inclusive Guatemala tour takes you to one of the top tropical destinations in Central America. Experience unique adventures, World Cultural Heritage sites, ancient, ruins and relaxing all inclusive resorts.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and filled with mountainous highlands Guatemala vacations offer diverse activities along what has been called a near perfect climate.

In this blog post we will answer four popular questions about our all inclusive Guatemala tours.

What is a Fully Escorted All Inclusive Guatemala Vacation?

Caravan vacationers can enjoy a fully escorted Guatemala all inclusive tour for one low price which includes many of Guatemala’s top destinations such as Lake Atitlán, Antigua and the Mayan Tikal Ruins.

Cost conscious travelers wanting all inclusive tours in Central American countries such as Guatemala are finding significant savings through Caravan Tours.

Fully escorted and all inclusive Guatemala vacations satisfy the individual needs of group tours and senior tours as well as those looking for cost effective family vacations.

Does a Guatemala Vacation Really Include Everything I Need?

Caravan Tours is an All Inclusive Guatemala Tour Operator offering inexpensive fully escorted tours in the magical highlands of Guatemala.

Each all inclusive vacation includes everything you need to travel with ease; all you need to do is relax and take in the sights and sounds of Guatemala and its friendly people.

  • Each Guatemala tour group is assigned a qualified Caravan escort guide for the duration of their entire stay in Guatemala.
  • The cost of the designated tour guide plus all planned meals, accommodations and activities are included in one low Guatemala tour price.
  • Top of the line motor coaches will escort you between cities offering the chance to rest, cool off and drink free bottled water.
  • Transfers to and from the Guatemala City airport and covers all gratuities typically given to guides, hotel staff and restaurant servers.

Virtually everything is included in your Guatemala tour package – all your costs are incurred up front and you don’t need to worry about traveling Guatemala with extra Quetzals (the Guatemalan currency pronounced ket-sahl). Plus, the US dollar is readily accepted in most areas.

What are Some Guatemala Vacation Highlights?

From the moment your plane touches down in Guatemala City the energy exuberated from the largest urban city in Central America is unforgettable.

You will travel fully escorted to the “must see” historical Mayan sites in Guatemala including the Tikal Ruins. Stand in awe of how giant the pyramids are in comparison to Guatemala’s rainforest canopy. Visit the Temple of the Grand Jaguar, Temple II and Plaza of the Seven Temples plus the Lost World.

Experience Lake Atitlan, named one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring lakes thanks to the set of three dormant volcanoes close by. Many Guatemala vacation guests have fun in the tropical landscape setting looking for spider and howler monkeys along with tropical birds. Come enjoy the walking tour along designated nature trails and experience Guatemala up close.

Also included in each all inclusive Guatemala vacation are other “off the beaten track” but unforgettable activities such as a Guatemalan coffee plantation tour, the Mayan archeological Quirigua site, and a two night stay at a 67 acre nature preserve along the shores of Petenchel Laguna.

How Do I Book an Inclusive Guatemala Vacation?

To travel Guatemala all inclusive and experience the very best it has to offer at the best value, call 1-800-227-2826.

You can also visit Caravan’s Guatemala Vacation reviews page to hear about what others have to say about Caravan’s Guatemala All Inclusive vacation tour.

Caravan Central America vacations are all inclusive and our most popular tours. Caravan Tours is locally owned and family operated and has been offering fully guided, all inclusive tours since 1952.

Below you will find answers to a few of the questions we get asked about our Caravan Central America vacations.

How big is Central America?

With the warmer weather and tropical climate, each year millions of tourists from around the world are attracted to Central America, which is only about 200,000 square miles in size.

What countries make up Central America?

Central America includes the following countries:

  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

The cultures in Central America are so uniquely different that Caravan Tours only uses very knowledgeable, highly experienced local tour guides to accommodate our all inclusive Central American vacations.

What Central American countries do Caravan offer tours for?

Caravan offers affordable all inclusive Central America vacations in Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

Costa Rica Tours – Famous for its lush rainforests, exotic birds and animals, active volcanoes, and eco-tourism activities, Caravan’s Costa Rica vacations are ideal for travellers of all ages. Activities include tree top adventures, rainforest hikes, Poas and Arenal volcanoes, plus turtle nesting beaches.

Panama Tours – Come take a cruise of Gatun Lake and the Panama Canal, the most important waterway in the world. Caravan’s all inclusive Panama Canal vacations also includes other wonderful destinations in Panama such as Panama City, Playa Bonita, Gamboa Rainforest Resort, and a visit to an authentic Embera Indian village. Click here to find more Panama Canal tour information.

Guatemala Tours – Guatemala is traditionally known as the “Land of the Eternal Spring” and attracts vacationers with its ancient Tikal ruins, Quirigua ruins, Antigua, majestic volcanoes, and the near perfect climate.

All Caravan Central America vacations features a well thought out itinerary that allows vacationers to get the most out of their trip while finding time to relax and enjoy all there is to experience in Central America.

Who are Caravan Central America tours designed for?

All Caravan Tours to Central America are designed to be fully guided, all inclusive vacations specifically for travelers who:

  • Are cost-conscious
  • Feel safer traveling with a local tour guide
  • Do not want to plan all the details of their vacation
  • Enjoy meeting new people

What do Caravan Central America vacations cost?

Caravan vacation packages to Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala are incredibly priced, at least 30% less than our major competitors. Each tour includes all itinerary accommodations, as well as food and purified drinking water, ground transportation, activity entrance fees, and in most cases, gratuities.

What hotel accommodations are included?

Caravan all inclusive Central America vacations are designed to be the most cost-effective way to travel Central America. Wherever possible, Caravan hotel accommodations include four and five star hotels plus fine dining and all the best local amenities and activities. Each tour offers significant savings over travelling on your own, particularly for seniors, groups, and families that travel together.

Book Your Central America Vacation with Caravan

Travel GuatemalaCosta Rica, or Panama fully escorted with Caravan Tours. Come experience the very best that all inclusive Central America vacations has to offer.

Every Caravan tour guest returns home with their own unique memories and experience of Central America.

Call Caravan today, toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to book the Central America vacation of your dreams with Caravan Tours!

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panama canal cruise tour

This post includes additional Panama Canal tour information to help you plan your next Central America vacation.

Panama is a tourist friendly Latin American country that keeps a rather low profile despite its natural beauty. The country is referred to as a traveler’s paradise, although most people only recognize this destination for the Panama Canal.

In more recent years, Panama Canal tour companies like Caravan Tours, have successfully provided Panama tourists with all inclusive, fully guided tours through the Panama Canal.

Caravan’s Panama Canal tours are escorted by experienced local tour guides who are familiar with Panama and its local people and culture. Caravan offers the best Panama Canal sightseeing tours that also include visits to other exotic Panama destination points including, Colon, the Gamboa Rainforest, and a visit to an authentic Embera Indian village.

Family, Senior & Group Tours

Other Panama Canal tour companies have trouble matching the value of Caravan Tours’ All Inclusive Panama Canal Tours. Caravan is North America’s leading all inclusive, fully escorted travel company. These tours are led by a trained Panama tour guides who are eager to share their Panama Canal tour information. As well, all guided tours also include all itinerary activities, meals and accommodations for one affordable, low tour price.

These Panama Canal tour packages are designed to accommodate special travel groups for anyone interested in:

  • Family Panama Tours
  • Senior Panama Tour Groups
  • Panama Tours for Large Groups (schools, clubs, etc.)

Call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) to book your family, senior or group Panama Canal tour today.

Panama Tours & Tourism

Did you know that Panama was recently named the #1 place to visit in 2012 by the New York Times?

Despite its small size (approximately the same size as Southern Carolina) Panama is an exotic destination filled with tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, volcanoes and two ocean coastlines including the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Coast.

Panama City is the capital of Panama and has a well-developed international flavor with a vibrant nightlife and world class amenities. In contrast, rural Panama supports seven separate Indian cultures that live in remote reservations.

Some tourists choose to stay in Panama’s modern hot spots while others choose to venture off the beaten path. Caravan Tours’ fully guided Panama Tour does it all and features popular Panama activities such as a Panama Canal Cruise tour as well as a visit to an Embera Indian village in the tropical rainforests of Panama.

For additional Panama Canal tour information, statistics and rankings check out this post by US News.

Panama Canal Tour Highlights

Panama City, the capital of Panama, is the core of the country and where most Panama Canal tours begin and end. Upon landing at the Tocumen Panama International Airport, visiting tourists become acquainted with Panama’s fresh Central American air.

Caravan’s all inclusive Panama Canal tour includes two nights in Panama City while exploring the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Here tourists have the opportunity to explore the Canal’s locks system along with visiting Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo.

From here the excitement continues as the Panama Canal tour from Panama City then travels the canal through Gatun Locks, past Monkey Island and into the Gamboa Rainforest. Before Caravan’s Panama Canal guided tours end, the tour group will travel back south to the Pacific Coast to enjoy two nights at Playa Blanca beach resort’s white sandy beaches.

Affordable Panama Canal Tours

Caravan’s fully escorted Panama Canal tours are unrivaled, starting at just $1,295 per person for an 8-day all inclusive Panama Canal vacation.

Visit Caravan’s Panama Tour Reviews page to read what other travelers have to say about this well-liked and extremely popular Central American tour.

For additional Panama Canal tour information or to make a booking, please call our Caravan office toll free at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826).