Our Caravan Costa Rica itinerary has been carefully constructed to offer something for people of all ages and interests. Because of this, Caravan Costa Rica tours are our most popular all inclusive vacations.

Our fully guided Costa Rica tour packages are ideal family vacations and many are suitable for senior travel or for group travel as well.

Come experience all the natural wonders and tropical majesty that this tiny Central American country has to offer.

Itinerary for All Types of Travelers

The best Costa Rica itinerary will include visits to Costa Rica’s many unique offerings. Travel with Caravan and witness tropical rainforests, fantastic white sandy beaches, active volcanoes, pristine waterfalls, and Costa Rica’s exceptional National Parks. Come experience exotic Costa Rica wildlife plus amazing fauna and flora, up close.

Professionally guided by our experienced Costa Rica tour operators, these travel packages will suit most travelers’ needs. They offer the best way to see and experience all that Costa Rica has to offer, whether you are looking for a:

  • Costa Rica beach getaway
  • Eco-tourism package
  • Family oriented travel
  • Honeymoon travel
  • Budget travel package
  • Educational or spring break travel

Caravan’s Costa Rica Attractions

Below is an outline of some of our Costa Rica itinerary attractions that should absolutely not be missed. These are included in our Caravan all inclusive Costa Rica travel package.

San Jose Costa Rica

The capital San Jose is the first stop on our Costa Rica itinerary. Costa Rica is a democratic country that enjoys a peaceful existence with a lifestyle that ranks near the top as one of the best places in the world to live. There are two international airports near San Jose Costa Rica and about 19 other regional airports conveniently located around the country.

San Jose is an important starting point for many Costa Rica travel packages. It is a vibrant colonial city with intertwined modernity and its own exotic charm. Attractions in San Jose Costa Rica include The National Museum, mysterious stone spheres from ancient times, the Gold Museum, the National Theater, Central Park, and the San Jose Plaza de la Cultura.

Volcanoes & Cloud Forests

Driving through the coffee growing region of Costa Rica takes you to Poás Volcano where tourists come to view the spellbinding mile wide crater from a safe distance. Another interesting area close by is the Escallonia Cloud Forest Trail with numerous orchids, rare ferns, epiphytes, and lovely hummingbirds. These two top tourist draws are included in our Caravan Costa Rica itinerary.

Costa Rica National Parks & Plantations

Banana plantations, butterfly gardens, and cascading waterfalls are usually featured on many Costa Rica package holidays. Braulio Carrillo Park and Leatherback Turtle National Park are home to some of the more exotic Costa Rica wildlife species including birds, otters, manatees, and sea turtles. There are many rivers and canals to cruise on or to engage in adventure sports such as white water rafting.

Taking a scenic look at the rainforest while on an aerial tram, and gliding through the jungle canopy is one attraction you will never forget. Generally, rainforests have more rain and a cloud forest has more humidity. Howler monkeys, white faced monkeys and green iguanas join the tropical exotic rare birds in these unique jungles.

Turtle Nesting Beaches & Research Station

This part of our Costa Rica itinerary is where you can see nature at its finest. Costa Rica travel packages generally include the Pacific coast Leatherback turtle nesting beaches at Leatherback Turtle National Park.

Here, Ii’s possible to see other turtle species including black turtles, Hawksbill turtles, and of course, the Giant Leatherbacks. You can also explore firsthand, the turtle nesting beaches and natural habitats where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

Leatherback Turtle National Park was created to help protect the nesting beaches, turtle eggs, and the young hatchlings that race to the ocean.

Arenal Volcano, Cano Negro & Volcanic Hot Springs

These are additional Costa Rica itinerary favorites on Caravan’s all inclusive tour. Take a river cruise along the Rio Frio, which will take you to the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, home to migratory birds, crocodiles, caimans, spider monkeys, web footed water walking lizards, and a host of other rare tropical animal species. You can relax at the volcanic hot springs and enjoy the view of the Arenal Volcano and its glowing lava flow, which is sure to be a most memorable experience for any visitor.

Costa Rica Beaches

Beautiful Manuel Antonio public beach is just one example of the many white sandy Costa Rica beaches revered by beach lovers. Some leisurely time on the pristine beaches of the Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is another favorite of tourists who enjoy all inclusive Costa Rica travel packages with Caravan Tours.

The name Costa Rica means ‘rich coast’ and the country’s sandy beaches stay true to this even today. Outside of the well-known Costa Rica beaches there are many others more remote, but well worth the time and effort to visit.

Caravan Costa Rica All Inclusive Tours

Caravan Tours conducts fully escorted Costa Rica tours that include most of the attractions and excursions contained in this article. Please refer to our site pages for information on Caravan’s Costa Rica Natural Paradise Tour, and explore our Costa Rica itinerary plus an up to date list of activities and hotel accommodations.

Caravan’s Costa Rica travel package is an all inclusive 9-day vacation, exceptionally priced considering that all hotel accommodations and itinerary activities, meals, and gratuities are included.

Visit Caravan’s Costa Rica tour reviews page to read what others have said about this fully guided, all inclusive Costa Rica travel package.

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Costa Rica travel packages continue to be Caravan’s most popular tours. This beautiful little country has earned its place as one of the world’s best vacation destinations. It attracts visitors from around the globe who come to enjoy the pristine beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforests, white sandy beaches, active volcanoes, and its wildlife sanctuaries and reserves.

In addition to the natural beauty of Costa Rica, here are three reasons why Caravan’s Costa Rica travel packages are so popular!

1. Suitable Travel Tours for All Ages

Caravan’s Costa Rica travel packages are designed to accommodate travellers of all ages in many ways:

  • Bottled water is provided at all meals and during ground transportation.
  • Travelers enjoy air conditioned comfort aboard restroom equipped Mercedes motor coaches.
  • Travel package itinerary is set at a comfortable pace with plenty of stops and rest periods.
  • The Costa Rica itinerary also includes two night stopovers at carefully chosen all inclusive Costa Rica hotels and lodges, with ample time to explore other Costa Rica attractions on your own.
  • A professional, friendly, and knowledgeable local tour director, fluent in English, stays with your group the entire time.

In essence, Caravan’s Costa Rica travel packages are well suited for senior travel as well as for family vacations involving children over 6 years of age.

To inquire about a Costa Rica travel package for a large group call 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826) .

2. Travel Packages for the Budget Conscious

Some travelers come to Costa Rica for the tropical setting. Others come for the eco-friendly tours. Still others come to enjoy the pristine beaches, the exotic wildlife, or the magical Costa Rican rainforests.

Caravan Tours are all inclusive Costa Rica tour operators and have designed their Costa Rica travel packages to accommodate the travel goals of their patrons, but at an affordable price. Caravan’s Costa Rica 9 day travel tours are all inclusive and fully escorted, yet well within the budget of even the most budget conscious traveler!

3. “Must See” Attractions & Destinations

The exceptional natural beauty of Costa Rica is the focus of Caravan Tours’ fully escorted Costa Rica tour. Caravan’s Natural Paradise Costa Rica travel packages contain carefully selected activities and destinations to maximize your 9 days in this beautiful central American country.

Just a few must see attractions you’ll see on your Caravan Costa tour:

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is both the capital of Costa Rica and the most populated city in the country. This vibrant city has intertwined modernity with Colonial charm and has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Top attractions in San Jose include The National Museum, mysterious ancient stone spheres, the Gold Museum, the National Theater, and the San Jose Plaza de la Cultura.

Costa Rica Volcanoes and Cloud Forest

Two of Costa Rica’s best attractions are the lava flows of Arenal Volcano and its massive crater that is a mile wide, both of which can be viewed at a distance. The Escalonia Cloud Forest Trail near Poás Voclano is another must see Costa Rica attraction where you’ll enjoy seeing rare orchids, ferns, epiphytes, exotic wildlife, and an abundance of hummingbirds.

National Parks, Refuges and Plantations

Caravan’s Costa Rica tour packages also include an escorted coffee tour plus visits to some of the country’s many pineapple and banana plantations. Travelers enjoy guided canal cruises through the wildlife refuges of Braulio Carrillo Park and Carara Biological Reserve, home to exotic bird species plus otters and manatees.

These Costa Rica travel packages also include a visit to the butterfly gardens (Costa Rica is home to over 3000 butterfly species – more than all of Africa).

Other popular attractions for Costa Rica tourists include cascading waterfalls and a scenic aerial tram ride. You will be gently transported over the rainforest jungle canopy where you can see (up close) the indigenous canopy wildlife. If you look carefully you can probably spot White Faced monkeys and Howler monkeys, or the Scarlet Macaw.

Leatherback Turtle Nesting Beaches

See Mother Nature at her finest! Leatherback Turtles National Park is the ideal place to explore and learn about endangered Turtles, their nesting habitats, eggs, and young hatchlings. Costa Rica travel packages also include a visit to the Pacific coast turtle nesting beaches where the giant leatherback turtles return annually to lay their eggs.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge and Hot Springs

Cruise along the Rio Frio to reach the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, on the border with Nicaragua. Only accessible by water, this refuge is home to many exotic migratory birds, web footed lizards, crocodiles, spider monkeys, caimans, plus a variety of other animals. Take in the views of Arenal Volcano’s radiant lava flow while you relax in volcanic hot springs at one of many great La Fortuna resorts.

Costa Rica Beaches

With over 600 beaches in Costa Rica where do you begin? The Manuel Antonio public beach is one example of a pristine white sandy beach. Take some time to yourself on one of Costa Rica’s famous beaches and enjoy all that the pacific coast of Costa Rica has to offer. After all, when translated, the name Costa Rica simply means “rich coast.”

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