Caravan Costa Rica vacations are the perfect holidays offering something for everyone. With a name that literally means “Rich Coast,” how can you miss?

Costa Rica is a small Central American country but although small in size (just under 20,000 square miles), Costa Rica is overflowing with natural wonders and exotic tropical beauty.

No matter who you are or where you are from, Caravan’s well-planned Costa Rica vacations will astound you. Stops include the country’s two most famous volcanoes, Arenal volcano and Poás volcano plus some of the most popular attractions in the country:

  • Hiking or walking through tropical virgin rainforests and cloud forests
  • Relaxing on white sandy beaches at world class resorts
  • Exploring wildlife refuges, nature reserves, and protected turtle nesting beaches
  • Taking in jungle river cruises and bird watching cruises
  • Or taste-testing fresh coffee at a local coffee plantation

Top 4 Costa Rica Destinations

While on our Caravan Costa Rica vacations, travelers get to enjoy the most popular, must-see destinations including:

  1. Leatherback Turtles National Park: This protected marine and wildlife refuge is one of the more popular National Parks in Costa Rica and a top eco-tourism destination. Plan to travel here between September and March to catch a glimpse of the prime nesting season for leatherback turtles. This national park also has an overabundance of mammals and birds (over 174 species!), plus truly unique flora and fauna just waiting to be explored.
  2. Poás Volcano: This popular Costa Rica volcano is located near the center of country. Poás Volcano is often misty and cloudy but when the mist breaks, visitors are given a unique glimpse of the green sulphuric lake that shoots geysers up over 800 feet in the air. At a mile wide and over 1,000 feet deep, Poás volcano is the world’s largest active crater.
  3. Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge: The only way to get to Cano Negro, one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations, is on a boat cruise along the Rio Frio River. Experienced Costa Rica tour guides help visitors stay on the lookout for migratory birds, crocodiles, web-footed water walking lizards, spider monkeys, jaguars, cougars, and more.
  4. Arenal Volcano: Located about 55 kilometers northwest of Costa Rica’s capital San José, Arenal Volcano remained dormant for several hundred years until it erupted suddenly in 1968 creating three more craters. Only one crater still exists today and tourists enjoy visiting one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world (from a safe distance of course).

All Inclusive Vacations by Caravan

Because Costa Rica is small it is possible to travel from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast and see all the major attractions in between while on Caravan’s 9-day Costa Rican vacation. Caravan’s Costa Rica tour guests are pleasantly surprised by not only the tropical diversity of Costa Rica but also how affordable it is to travel Costa Rica all inclusive on Caravan’s fully guided tours!

Caravan Costa Rica vacations well planned with tour itineraries that make them ideal all inclusive, fully guided trips for every type of traveler including singles, couples, families and seniors.

Caravan Tours Are Fully Guided

There is a good reason why Caravan Tours has named Costa Rica the “Natural Paradise”.

Caravan Tours offers Costa Rica vacation packages that include most of the destinations and activities mentioned in this article. Visit Caravan’s Costa Rica tour reviews page to read about the personal travel experiences of previous tour guests on Caravan’s fully guided, all inclusive tour of Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica FAQs

Why is Costa Rica so popular?

Easily accessible from North America, Costa Rica is a safe natural paradise. This small country has 6% of the world’s biodiversity plus amazing turtle nesting beaches and is mostly sunny and warm throughout the year.

When is the best time to Visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s peak tourist times are during the dry season, between December and April. The wettest months are September and October. The best time to see nesting turtles and whales is between July and November.

Are masks required in Costa Rica?

Yes, both tourists and native Costa Ricans must wear a mask?

Do I need to speak Spanish in Costa Rica?

Tourism in Costa Rica is the #1 industry, and most locals can converse in English, so you don’t need to speak Spanish.

Can I drink the water in Costa Rica?

Yes, you can drink the tap water in most of the popular tourist destinations, but it is not recommended in rural locations.

What currency is needed in Costa Rica?

Colon is the local currency however US dollars are widely accepted over other currencies.

How expensive is Costa Rica to visit?

Costa relies heavily on tourism dollars and most visitors are from North America, so the cost is quite comparable to vacationing in the United States or Canada.

Like most of Costa Rica’s tourist destinations and natural wonders Arenal volcano (Volcan Arenal) is a sight to behold. It is perhaps the country’s most well-know attraction.

Arenal is a very active cone shaped volcano in the northwest portion of Costa Rica, within an hour drive of San Jose, the capital. The volcano is located in the district of La Fortuna and included on Caravan’s all inclusive tour.

With a height of more than 5,000 feet above sea level, Arenal was formed a mere 7,000 years ago and is considered to be a relatively young volcano.

Volcano Eruptions

Although Arenal volcano remained silent for centuries, the volcano suddenly erupted in 1968 and remains by far the most active among several Costa Rican volcanos. The glowing soft light of the volcano’s lava flow is visible at night if the weather cooperates.

Major eruptions include the 1968 event, another eruption in 1975 that destroyed large areas of vegetation and a third major eruption in 1984 that featured mostly steam and super-heated water. Smaller volcano eruptions also occurred in 1993, 1996 and 1998. Significant changes occurred in the crater walls during these latter eruptions. One event included 23 separate eruptions in one day.

Arenal Volcano National Park

The area around the volcano is officially designated as Arenal Volcano National Park. The mountain and high ground of the area form a watershed with a reservoir nearby. The lake near the volcano is used to produce electric power, much of which is devoted to agricultural irrigation. Some of the electricity is also sent on to the nation’s electrical grid.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Lake Arenal probably rivals the nearby volcano as a sight to see and a place to experience. The lake is bordered by both tropical forests and pasture land and is Costa Rica’s largest lake.

Lake Arenal is well-known for its sport fishing, especially for the Rainbow bass, a popular local food dish. Avid fishermen look forward to a trip to these waters to take on the lake’s aggressive fish. Many visitors take advantage of the organized fishing trips from local hotels in the area.

Bass fishing isn’t the only drawing card at Lake Arenal however. Visitors also enjoy windsurfing and escorted boat tours around the lake. Many visitors also enjoy horseback riding and hiking through this rugged yet incredibly beautiful landscape.

Arenal Volcano Hot Springs

Many visitors come to the region for the Arenal Volcano hot springs.

Tourists enjoy taking in the beauty of surrounding rainforest while relaxing in the natural springs heated by the thermal activity of nearby volcano. Several hot-springs locations are open to visitors, including;

  • Eco Thermales – featuring privacy and beautiful surroundings
  • Titoku Hot Springs – featuring eight pools that connect in a cascade of water
  • Los Perdidos Hot Spring – offering a range of temperatures in the middle of lush vegetation
  • Arenal Paraiso Resort & Spa – featuring a restaurant and many modern amenities

Travelers may also want to visit Baldi Hot Springs, Los Laures Hot Springs, Los Lagos Resort and Spa or Hotel Silencio del Campo.

Whether you travel to the Arenal Volcano National Park area to experience one of the country’s most active volcanoes or come to enjoy some great fishing on its volcanic lake, you will love it. Many come here just to relax in one of the many great hot springs settings. This region of Costa Rica is definitely not to be missed.

Arenal – Part of Caravan Costa Rica Tour

Current escorted Costa Rica tours by Caravan include Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano and surrounding La Fortuna area. Enjoy Costa Rica’s famous volcano, the lake, and the volcanic hot springs while spending two nights at Magic Mountain, a popular Arenal Hotel.

Caravan’s extremely affordable 9-day Costa Rica Natural Paradise vacations include all accommodations, meals, activities, ground transportation, gratuities, and more.

For more information check out what previous travelers have to say on the official Costa Rica tour reviews page.

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